My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1927-1928

Chapter 1927

Cui Tianzhi was mentioned in the conversation between the two men, which caused Li Hang to become wary, he originally thought that this matter was unrelated to Cui Tianzhi, and now it confirmed what he thought in his mind.

“What are we going to do now?”

The hand suddenly felt a little itchy, and Li Hang felt Qin Gao’s fingers keep scratching and pulling at his palm.

The two of them looked at each other, their bodies pressed against each other in the small space, and they could even feel each other’s heartbeat and breathing rate.

Qin Gao did not speak, but she was communicating with Li Hang in Morse code.

Li Hang’s eyes blinked twice and he replied in the same Morse code, “Wait and see what happens.”

Qin Gai nodded, and to be honest, what she had seen today had greatly exceeded her expectations, even beyond her original perception.

Therefore, Qin Gai, who had always been impulsive, was now obedient to Li Hang.

Not long after, the two of them, the Pavilion Master of Linglong Pavilion and the Linglong Emissary, walked to the innermost part of the exhibition hall, and a wall at the innermost part just opened without warning, and the two of them walked straight in.

“There’s actually a mechanism in here?” Qin Gao said with a surprised face.

At this time, Li Hang had already let go of Qin Gao and the two walked out from inside the narrow compartment.

“Shall we follow them in?” Qin Gai asked again.

“Wait for me outside if you’re scared.” Li Hang said in a low voice as his eyes burned into the wall that had closed.

“What are you talking about, why would I be scared? I’m a ninth-degree black belt in taekwondo and I excelled in my shooting class at school, how could I possibly be scared?”

Qin Gao rolled Li Hang’s eyes in a good-natured manner, then, she quickly walked to the front of that wall and, following the same technique as Ling Long’s messenger just now, pressed a wall lamp next to it.

“Huh? Why is there no response?” Qin Gao muttered in confusion, then tried pressing it again, “What’s going on? I clearly saw her pressing it like this, how come it won’t open?”

As he spoke, Li Hang’s finger was already on this wall casually pointing up.

“If I’m not wrong, the secret technique of the mechanism on this wall should change from time to time.”

“What does that mean?” Qin Gao asked with a dumbfounded expression.

“It means that after every time the organ is opened, it can’t be opened again with the same method as before.”

At Li Hang’s words, Qin Gai digested them for a moment and hurriedly said, “You mean that there are several ways of opening this organ?!”

“That’s right, it’s like an electronic safe, we will set a rotating password, the password that has been used once cannot be reused again.”

“Holy shit! What kind of organ trick is this, so powerful? I know absolutely nothing about this mechanism, otherwise we should go back to the government office and find an expert in this area before coming over.”

Qin Gao’s entire body was deflated as she spoke, and, she had already turned around and was ready to leave.


Suddenly a sound of a mechanism opening came from behind her, Qin Gai turned around violently and saw that the wall that was shut tightly in front of her, was slowly opening.

“Wowse, how did you do that? Li Hang you’re too strong for that. What exactly did you do before? How come you know everything?”

Li Hang shrugged his shoulders and said with an indifferent expression, “If I say that I had special training in this area before, do you believe me?”

“I believe it. People like you are supposed to be special talents for our government offices, why wouldn’t I believe you if you said you had done special training in this area?”

Chapter 1928

Hearing this, it was Li Hang who froze instead, because all along, when Li Hang showed his amazing ability in front of ordinary people, it would make ordinary people feel incredible, and they were not willing to believe that Li Hang had the ability of ordinary people.

However, Qin Picking’s reaction was completely different from that of ordinary people, which was very similar to Xu Muqing, who was the only one who would trust him unconditionally no matter what he said or did.

After the walls were completely opened, a dark space was revealed inside, and just as Li Hang and Qin Gao walked in, the dark space suddenly brightened up.

At this moment, torches were burning on top of the walls on both sides.

This was an enclosed space similar to a tomb passage, and as far as the eye could see, there were no entrances or exits at all, but Li Hang and Qin Gai did not find the figures of the Linglong Pavilion Master and the Linglong Emissary.

“Where did the two of them go?”

“If there’s no mistake, they should have deliberately lured us to this place.” Li Hang spoke with a stoic expression on his face.

Hearing this, Qin Picking’s eyes widened and he said with a nervous expression, “Then we are not going to be caught in a trap!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the wall behind her suddenly closed, and before she could react, it began to close in on them.

As soon as the wall closed, Qin Gao and Li Hang’s bodies would be turned into hedgehogs and they would die here.

“Haha, Li Hang I’m inviting the king into the jar with this move, what do you think?”

A smug man’s voice rang out inside the space, and Li Hang heard that it was Cui Tianzhi’s voice.

“Cui Tianzhi, as a lackey of the Sword Pavilion, what are you doing running to Ningzhou to die instead of working for the Sword Pavilion outside?” Li Hang’s face did not change, as if the terrible situation at hand did not affect him in the slightest, and he spoke out indifferently.

“Li Hang, you are on the verge of death, and you still dare to be so arrogant! Now I am the master of your fate, so if you have the sense to bow down to me, I can let you off the hook if you do.”

Qin Gao’s sweat stood up, although she had thought that she would be in danger after coming in, she had never thought that she would be faced with such a bad situation right now.

She hurriedly turned to Li Hang and said, “We don’t have time, we must make the organ stop or we will be pinned into meat!”

“Now you have no way up, no way in, no way out, no way to fly, Li Hang, do you still want to guard your noble knees as the Red Sea War God? Staying alive to go home to your wife doesn’t smell good?”

Cui Tianci’s words echoed incessantly inside the narrow space, distracting Qin Gai.

Almost at the same time, Qin Gao shouted angrily at Li Hang who did not say a word: “Hey, what time is it, you still have the heart to be dull? I haven’t married yet, I don’t want to die young!”

As the words fell, Li Hang’s body suddenly flickered in the air, and Qin Picking could not even blink his eyes before he saw that Li Hang had already flown above his head.

Li Hang had his hands on the ceiling above his head, his palms just gently pushed upwards, and the wall that had been leaning towards them, didn’t move!

“What’s going on? Why did it stop?” Cui Tianzhi let out an angry shout.