My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1925-1926

Chapter 1925

Li Hang this this time palm in front of the big mother just so then a wave, the big mother’s emotions immediately calmed down, followed by, strange things happened, this big mother is like amnesia, completely do not remember what just happened.

“What’s going on here?” Qin Pick asked to Li Hang.

Without saying anything, Li Hang tapped his finger on Qin Gai’s eyebrow, and immediately, Qin Gai felt a buzz in his head, as if something had been unlocked.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Zai felt the scene in front of him change, only to see a very thick black gas lingering above the museum complex.

“This is?!” Qin Gao was startled, rubbed his eyes and looked over again, and saw the exact same scene as before.

At that moment, the line of people who were afraid of the pair at the entrance of the museum suddenly fell back like a tidal wave.

The closed doors of the museum opened and from inside came a woman, a woman with a ghastly white face, dressed in all black, who said to the crowd, “The museum is closed today, so come back another day.”

As the words fell, the people present became excited.

Someone rushed forward and pulled out several gold bars from his own pocket and said to the woman, “Emissary Linglong, I have five million dollars worth here, just be accommodating and let me in to meet with the curator, I’m really anxious!”

“Five million is nothing, I have a bronze tripod from the Shang Dynasty here, it’s worth much more than those broken gold bars of yours, the curator should see me if he wants to see me!”

“Emissary Linglong, please be accommodating, we are really in a hurry, or rather, say what the curator wants and we will do it!”

A group of people scrambled to be first, looking at Qin Picking puzzled: “When did the Ningzhou Museum become like this? It looks like a godsend scamming for money?”

“Hey, what are you talking about? Who are you calling a money scam?” The Linglong Emissary looked over at Qin Gao, she walked up to him with an unkind face and stared at him with an almost cannibalistic gaze.

Qin Gao was not intimidated by this woman facing the tragic white, but faced the other party straight on, “I’m talking about you cheating money, aren’t you?”

At these words, the crowd next to her scrambled to speak for the Linglong Emissary.

“How’s that for talking? If you’re deliberately causing trouble here because you can’t get in line, then hurry up and leave, don’t get in the way of us getting our fortunes told by the Master of Linglong Pavilion.”

“Right, don’t hinder us from getting rich! What a nuisance!”

At this point, the Linglong Emissary showed disdain and coldly snorted, “Did you hear that, the eyes of the masses are discerning, what you say doesn’t count, what everyone says does.”

Qin Pei’s face was a little unpleasant, his brows were furrowed tightly, the Ningzhou Museum had become the Linglong Pavilion, what was going on here?

There were all sorts of doubts swirling around in her heart, and just when Qin Zai was about to reveal her identity to the woman in front of her, Li Hang tugged on her sleeve.

“Why are you pulling me?” Qin Gao looked at Li Hang, with a vague look of anger in her eyes.

“Come with me.”

Li Hang did not answer Qin Gao’s question directly, but led her around the museum’s fence to the back.

“What are you bringing me here for? Does it mean you’re going to go over the wall to get in?”

When Qin Gai reacted, Li Hang had already taken the initiative to come forward and dragged her body, throwing her up high.

The sudden change caught Qin Gai off guard, and if she hadn’t been professionally trained, her body would have been unable to help but scream at that moment when she was thrown up.

Chapter 1926

His feet were picked on the ground in the enclosure, and Qin Gao didn’t even have time to catch his breath before his wrist was tightly grabbed by Li Hang, and with such a gentle tug, he was carried forward by Li Hang.

“Where exactly are you taking me?”

“We’ll know when we get there.”

Li Hang said as he led Qin Gao to the depths of the museum. Li Hang had been to the Ningzhou Museum once before, so he was quite familiar with the topography of the place, and led Qin Gao around and around, finally arriving at a room dedicated to the display of weaponry.

At this time, Li Hang stopped in his tracks, and instead of entering the weapons exhibition room immediately, he stood outside the door and looked around.

Qin Gao’s eyes flashed with doubt inside, she was completely confused as to what kind of path Li Hang was on right now.

“Li Hang, what the hell are you doing pretending to be a ghost? Aren’t we here to catch the murderer? Why are you just leading me around inside the museum?”

She blinked her eyes and looked at Li Hang, who was close at hand, and for some reason, her heart suddenly beat faster, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

Li Hang was unaware of Qin Xie’s physiological feelings at the moment. He pulled Qin Xie directly to a small compartment next to him and said in a low voice, “Someone’s coming.”

Following closely behind, the Linglong Emissary who had just argued with Qin Gai at the museum’s main entrance followed a man to the weapons exhibition room where they were.

“Your Highness, now the whole of Ningzhou already knows that our Linglong Pavilion knows astronomy from above and geography from below and can do anything, and today many rich people have already come outside, and they are all clamouring to meet with you, Your Highness.”

“But my subordinate doesn’t understand why Master is turning away these fortunes that have been sent to his door?”

The man who was called the Pavilion Master had his back to Li Hang and the others at this time, but it could be seen from his figure that the man was not very strong and even looked a little sickly.

Qin Pao muttered in his heart that it would be too far-fetched to say that this man was the murderer of those women.

After all, for a man to pierce a hard chest cavity with a single blow, if he didn’t have a very deep medical knowledge, he would have to have extraordinary abilities, and the man in front of him obviously didn’t have such abilities.

However, just as Qin Pick was having all sorts of doubts about this man in his heart, this man, who was still thin and frail, suddenly changed.

Only to see that this man’s body was like a balloon that had been blown up, bulging up more and more, and in the end, his entire body was like a giant, standing in front of the Linglong Emissary.

By now, the man had turned around, exposing his hideous face to the air, “Our Linglong Pavilion needs to grow and needs these foolish humans to have dedication.”

“Overbearing plundering like Cui Tianzhi is not suitable for our Linglong Pavilion, I will make them willingly give everything they have in full, first their wealth, then their souls, and finally their lives.”

“Killing the other person by violent means like Cui Tianzhi will create a lot of resentment, such a body is unclean, and our Linglong Pavilion does not need it.”

“What we want is the willing self-sacrifice and dedication of humans, only then can we obtain the most energy.”