My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1923-1924

Chapter 1923

“They destroyed these young women by such cruel means, supposedly so that they could create trouble and cause panic among the people of Ningzhou.”

As he spoke, a golden glint flashed inside Li Hang’s eyes, followed closely by a heavy black aura surrounding the bodies of all these victims.

Qin Gai watched in awe from the side, long ago, she had heard that Li Hang was an unfathomable man, now she saw with her own eyes that Li Hang had displayed his amazing super powers, which made Qin Gai couldn’t help but be impressed by how powerful Li Hang was.

“What kind of kung fu are you using now?” Qin Gai couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“Moro Eyes, seeing everything on earth, knowing the past and exploring the future.” Li Hang said bluntly.

After saying that, Li Hang had already taken care of himself and walked towards the door.

“Where are we going?” Qin Gao hurriedly followed him.

Li Hang said with a bland expression, “To catch the murderer!”

Hearing this, Qin Gao was shocked, knowing that this case had been plaguing the entire government office for more than ten days, without a clue, but Li Hang had only been here for a short time and already knew the whereabouts of the murderer, this was really too amazing.

Qin Gao followed Li Hang all the way to the car park, and without saying a word, Li Hang got into her car.

“Why didn’t you drive your own car?” Qin Gai asked suspiciously, obviously Li Hang’s car was dozens of times more comfortable than hers.

“I’m sleepy and want to take a nap, you’ll be the driver.”

After saying that, Li Hang directly turned back that car seat, and the whole person just lied down in a big way.

Qin Jie looked at Li Hang, who was lying flat in the car, with a complicated expression, and muttered in his heart: How big must this person’s heart be, to be able to sleep at such a time?

“But then again, are we the only two people going?”

“It’s not a matter of how many people will work.”

Qin Gao froze, then said, “Otherwise I’d better have someone follow behind, and when the time comes, have them ambush in a faraway place, just in case.”

However, after Qin Gao finished speaking, Li Hang was slow to respond, and was wondering when she heard Li Hang’s even snoring sounds.

He had actually fallen asleep!

Oh my god, what kind of person was this? How come he didn’t even know what the tension was?

After thinking about it, Qin Picking finally decided to pull out all those people under her hand, and a group of people, led by Qin Picking, just drove out of the government office.

It was only after the convoy had left the courthouse that Qin Zai remembered, as an afterthought, that she didn’t even know where to drive the car to.

“Li Hang, wake up, you haven’t said where we’re going?”

Li Hang kept his eyes closed and said lazily, “Just drive casually on this road, I’ll let you know when it’s time.”

Li Hang’s words were also transmitted to every car in the convoy through the radio inside the car, and everyone’s eyes dropped when they heard them.

“Chief, how can anyone handle a case like this? He can’t be fooling us, can he?” Someone couldn’t sink his teeth into it and questioned it out loud.

Although they all knew that Li Hang was a very powerful person, they had not seen with their own eyes how Li Hang did things, especially at this extraordinary time, they were all under a time limit from the top to get this case solved, they really couldn’t afford to waste any time.

“Yes chief, we can waste anything now, just can’t waste time, the safety of the people of Ningzhou is all on us.”

Chapter 1924

The car’s loudspeaker occasionally carried the worries of her men inside, and Qin Gai was also frowning tightly, her grip on the steering wheel couldn’t help but tighten as she took a deep breath and asked Li Hang, “Can you tell me the reason for doing this?”

“After all, human lives are at stake, and if you don’t give me a reasonable reason, there’s really no way we can cooperate with you.”

At this moment, Li Hang opened his eyes, and the moment he opened his eyes, the golden light in his eyes became more and more intense.

The moment Qin Jie and Li Hang locked eyes, Qin Jie even felt as if his body was pierced by this sharp gaze.

“Go to the museum.” Li Hang said in a deep voice.

Hearing these words, Qin Gai nodded almost instinctively, then stepped on the gas and headed straight for the museum.

The Ningzhou Museum was located across from a junior high school in the city centre, a place with a privileged geographical environment and quietness in the middle of the city.

In recent years, as nothing special had been unearthed in Ningzhou, the museum’s economic performance had always been out of reach.

When Qin Gao and his group arrived at the museum’s main entrance, they saw a crowd of people at the museum’s entrance.

“What’s going on? Since when did the museum do such good business? I haven’t heard of any national treasures coming to Ningzhou for exhibition?” Qin Pick was full of doubts.

Li Hang yawned, sat up from his seat and stretched, “It’s not only national treasures on display that can attract people.”

“What do you mean by that? Of course museums exhibit artefacts, what else can they be used for other than that?”

Li Hang did not answer, but smiled mysteriously at Qin Picking, and then got off the car by himself.

Qin Gao hurriedly followed him down from the car and said to Li Hang, “The least you can do is to tell me what to do next, so that I can tell my men in advance and prepare them mentally.”

“Just tell them to keep watch outside and not to enter the museum at will.”

Hearing Li Hang’s words, Qin Jie froze for a moment, “That’s all? Those criminals inside are vicious, the two of us going in will definitely be outnumbered, and if we let them get away then, it will be difficult for us to catch them later.”

“Who said we were going to catch them?”

“What do you mean? If we don’t go in to catch people, should we go to save them?” Qin Picking was now completely baffled by Li Hang’s path, she fiercely scratched her head and asked in a depressed manner.

Li Hang led Qin Zai to the end of the queue, he reached out and patted an older woman in front of him, only to see this older woman turn her head and turn to Li Hang with an angry look on her face, “What for?”

Qin Gai just wanted to reveal his identity, but he was met with a glare from Li Hang.

“This beauty, I just want to ask, is there any way to get in earlier?”

As soon as she heard someone call her a beautiful woman, the old lady immediately smiled and opened her mouth, saying with a smile, “Oh, young man, do you know how old I am?”

“How old are you?” Qin Jie couldn’t help but ask.

The old lady held out five fingers straight away, “Fifty, I’m fifty this year, but I feel exactly the same as I did when I was thirty.”

As she spoke, Big Mother turned in a reductive circle, her fat body in a polka dot dress shaking as she turned.

Qin Jie’s brow furrowed, this was not thirty years old, it was clearly fifty.

“Auntie, are your eyes not too good ……”

“Hey, how to talk, you ugly bitch are you jealous of me?” The big lady’s temper came up a bit.