My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1917-1918

Chapter 1917

“I already have someone I like, and this heart already belongs to that person.” The woman faltered and explained.

The smile on the corner of Cui Tianzhi’s mouth grew wider, “I only want this heart of yours, as for who you like, what does it have to do with me?”

As she spoke, the woman’s pupils suddenly tightened into black spots, and she didn’t even have time to scream before her chest cavity was pierced by Cui Tianzhi.

A freshly beating heart was just pulled out by Cui Tianzhi’s bare hands!

Immediately afterwards, Cui Tianzhi’s other hand poked directly through his own chest cavity, and he pulled out his own beating heart as well, and placed it generously inside the woman’s chest cavity.

The moment the heart was inserted, the woman, who had already lost her breath, suddenly drew a breath and came back to life.

However, the original panic in the woman’s eyes suddenly faded away and was replaced by a wickedness: “Hmph, Li Hang, just wait, I’m coming.”

Ningzhou, a high-end villa area.

“Didn’t we live in our previous villa just fine, why did we suddenly change places?”

Liu Yufen asked Li Hang with some confusion.

“Many people know about the place we lived before, the situation now is a bit different from before, changing the place to live is good for all of us.”

“Right, the house we lived in before was often harassed by some people of unknown origin, changing the place to live will save those people from bothering us.”

Xu Haoran farted down from the first floor and walked carelessly in front of Liu Yufen.

As he nibbled on an apple, he continued, “Mom! Just don’t worry, brother-in-law has plenty of money anyway, we can buy ten or eight villas in Ningzhou even if it’s not a problem.”

“Little brat, I’m not talking about you, you are a loser, you are so old, you don’t know how to buy your own house and move out, you stay at home every day, eating and drinking from home, how can you be so thick-skinned?”

Hearing his mother’s criticism, Xu Haoran felt that his head was in two places.

Originally, he thought that now was an extraordinary time and Liu Yufen would be able to nag him a little less.

What he didn’t expect was that they had just returned home and Liu Yufen had turned on her life-threatening CALL mode!

“Mom, Hao Ran has his own plans, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Li Hang interjected from the side at this time.

“It’s still brother-in-law who understands me, brother-in-law, you’re really my good brother-in-law!” Xu Haoran ran up shamelessly and patted a bunch of asses at Li Hang.

To be honest, Li Hang had no idea what to do with this brother-in-law: “Come on, don’t be poor! Hurry up and go out to help Li Liu’er carry the luggage.”

When Xu Haoran heard this, he hurriedly nodded his head, he had to behave well in front of Li Liu’er.

When he was out wandering around before, Xu Haoran hadn’t had any particular sense of crisis. After all, in those difficult circumstances, Li Liu’er, a girl, had to live comfortably and peacefully and must have had to follow their family to be able to enjoy it.

But now it was different, they had returned to the prosperous metropolis of Ningzhou, and Li Liu’er could rely on her beauty and cleverness to win everything she wanted out of life.

Thinking about it in this way, Xu Haoran’s sense of crisis could not help but grow heavier.

Xu Haoran ran outside in a frenzy and ran into Li Liuye, who was carrying a large suitcase.

“What are you doing?” Li Liu’er jerked to a halt, rolling her eyes as she had just been almost knocked over by Xu Haoran.

Chapter 1918

Without saying a word, Xu Haoran hurriedly took the suitcase from Li Liu’er’s hand and said with a wide grin, “I’m in a hurry to help you move your luggage, aren’t I?”

“You just moved it, you almost hit me just now, why are you so fussy every time?”

Li Liu’er said a word to Xu Haoran, and then, she walked in past Xu Haoran on her own.

“Auntie, I’ll be bothering you at your house for the next few days, and I promise I’ll move out as soon as I find a house.”

Although Xu Haoran’s mouth would always be above flowering Li Liu’er and calling her daughter-in-law wife at every turn, Li Liu’er still treated Xu Haoran as her boyfriend in her heart, and the two were still in the love stage of a young couple.

As a girl, Li Liu’er knew very well that before she decided to spend her life with Xu Haoran, the proper etiquette should not be compromised.

Liu Yufen reached out and grabbed Li Liu’er’s wrist, patting it gently, with a kind smile on her face, she said lightly, “Liu’er, this is your home, you can stay as long as you want.”

“Yeah, right. Although it’s said that the whole of Ningzhou is being managed very well by my brother-in-law, after all, it’s still unclear what exactly is going on in places other than Ningzhou.”

“You’re a girl, there must be a lot of inconveniences living alone out there. If you feel uncomfortable living in our house for nothing, you can just rent our house.”

“If we live together as a family, we can take care of each other, and my parents also like you to live at home.

Xu Haoran’s crackling words directly made Li Liuyi stare in amazement.

Li Liu’er had always felt that Xu Haoran was an overgrown boy who was impulsive in both his speech and actions, and would do whatever came to his mind.

But then, every time, he would not succeed in one go because of poor consideration.

But even so, after one setback after another, Xu Haoran was able to get up quickly. Then he continued to move forward with enthusiasm.

This is something that is very infectious to Li Liu’er.

Over this period of time, Li Liu’er would have some unfamiliar images come up inside her mind from time to time.

These images still had a very strong impact on her and once she described them briefly to Li Hang.

From Li Hang’s mouth, Li Liu’er learnt that she had turned out to have lived for nearly a hundred years. Just thinking about her actual age being so much older than Xu Haoran always made her feel a little twisted in her heart.

“It’s been a long journey, so everyone hurry back to their rooms and wash up, we’ll start dinner in another half an hour.”

Xu Xiaoyang, wearing an apron and holding a kitchen knife in his hand, poked his head out of the kitchen and shouted at everyone.

When they heard that dinner was about to be served, everyone was in high spirits and they hurriedly ran upstairs “thump thump”.

Li Hang’s room was on the third floor. When choosing this house for the family, Li Hang had deliberately considered that he and Xu Muqing needed a relatively private and independent space.

Therefore, this whole floor is his and Xu Muqing’s area.

Pushing the door into the bedroom, he was greeted by a familiar aroma.

Blinking his eyes, Li Hang saw Xu Muqing’s bare legs, slender waist, and that long, slender neck like a white swan.