My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1913-1914

Chapter 1913

The reason why the Governor would choose to cooperate with Cui Tianzhi was also because he saw that Cui Tianzhi could be the one to manipulate the zombies, in that case, he could use the zombies to attack humans and also use the zombies to gather people in order to achieve the goal of ruling the world.

Cui Tianzhi didn’t want to pretend anymore at this time, and smiled coldly: “Since the words have come to this point, then I have nothing to hide.”

“Originally, I wanted to join hands with you to finish off Li Hang before dealing with you.”

“But you’re not so stupid as to find out what’s in the middle, so I have nothing to hide. In fact, I had no intention of going all the way with you.”

“If you know what you are doing, you will be my subordinate now. Otherwise, I will make you the next leader of the zombie corps.”

As he spoke, Cui Tianzhi had already secretly pushed the bizarre power in his body, and the Governor’s body was suddenly lifted off the ground, and his entire facial expression became hideous.

At this moment, the Viceroy’s body seemed to be subjected to a huge pull as he wailed in pain, “Please, let me go! I will do anything for you as long as you let me go.”

“Do you mean what you say? Don’t say one thing with your mouth and another behind your back, I don’t have so much patience to play hide-and-seek with you.”

“Master, if you let me go, I will give everything for you. All I ask is that you don’t kill me and leave me a dog’s life.”

“Hahahaha, the man who claims to defeat the Red Sea War God is so unbearable, what qualifications do you have to call yourself a governor?” Cui Tianzhi’s eyes were filled with contempt, “In this way, I will give you a new name, from now on you will be called White Dog.”

“White Dog thanks his master for giving him his name!”

As the words fell, Cui Tianzhi nonchalantly threw his hand around, and the white dog was viciously thrown to the ground.

“Come on, let’s go and meet this uninvited guest.”

By the time Cui Tianzhi led the Governor to the place where Gu Yanxi was being held, the door to the room had been left open.

Cui Tianzhi’s face changed slightly, he did not expect Li Hang to be so impatient.

“Master, what do we do now?”

“Don’t you still have a secret weapon? Put it to use.”

Hearing Cui Tianzhi’s words, a frightened look appeared on White Dog’s face, for that secret weapon, even he himself had no way to control it, if he risked releasing it like this, the world would be plunged into even greater chaos.

“Master we have not yet mastered the method of controlling him, if we release him, will it cause great difficulties for ourselves as well.”

“This world is already in a mess, what’s the harm in letting it get even more messy?”

The crazy expression that appeared on Cui Tianzhi’s face as he spoke made White Dog feel extremely frightened, but there was nothing he could do but ask his men, who were specifically tasked with guarding that secret weapon, to open the gates.

Meanwhile, Li Hang had already led Gu Yanxi at a gallop along the town’s roads.

“Are we going back to the camp now?” Gu Yanxi asked a little worriedly.

Li Hang grinned at her, “If I told you that we were going home now, would you believe me?”

“Home, is it back to Ningzhou?”

Chapter 1914

“The zombies there have not disappeared, but I have asked the people below to clean out all these things that are causing trouble, so we can live well there when we go back.”

Listening to Li Hang’s words, Gu Yanxi always felt like she was dreaming, but no matter what, being able to go back was an exciting thing.

“I have sent someone to pick up your real parents, soon you will be able to be reunited in Ningzhou.”

Li Hang’s words directly made Gu Yanxi could no longer restrain her inner excitement, and almost at the same time, Gu Yanxi gave Li Hang a fierce kiss.

This sudden kiss took Li Hang by surprise, but it didn’t feel too bad.

Ever since Xu Muqing and him had a plea at the edge of the cliff, Li Hang had figured it out.

In life, he would always encounter some strange things, whether he had many or few confidants, they were all necessary encounters in his life.

The fact is that if it happens, then it will be natural, there is no need to deliberately avoid it.

Especially after the incident of Gu Yanxi leaving without saying goodbye, Li Hang knew that his attitude towards the other girls was very inappropriate.

Li Hang did not want the people he cared about to be put in danger because of his emotional avoidance.

“After we go back to Ningzhou, will everything be able to return to normal?”

In response to Gu Yanxi’s question, Li Hang pondered for a moment and said in a deep voice, “What kind of life do you think is normal? As long as you want, I can give it to you.”

“I want to return to the stage I love and let the whole world hear my songs.”

“And Wen Wen, I wonder how she’s doing now? Is she in any danger?”

“You may have forgotten who Wen Wen is, she is my ……”

Li Hang said coldly, “Wen Wen is your manager, of course I remember her.”

Gu Yanxi froze, she had never thought that a man as godlike as Li Hang could remember someone close to her.

“Xu Wenwen is a very important friend to you, how could I forget her?”

Li Hang’s words were particularly calm, and after he finished, he directly copied Gu Yanxi’s body and shoved her inside a jeep that was speeding by.

Gu Yanxi ran into an afterthought and reacted to see that in the driver’s seat of the jeep was a man she had never seen before.

“Who are you?”

“Miss Gu Yanxi, we have been ordered by the God of War to deliver you safely to Ningzhou.”

Hearing the word War God, Gu Yanxi knew that this strange man was one of Li Hang’s men.

“When did you arrive here? And through what means did you learn about our current situation?”

From his words, Gu Yanxi learned that from the beginning of the zombie outbreak, Li Hang had asked his men to rush to China day and night.

As of today. Most of China was already under Li Hang’s control.

“Miss Gu Yanxi, we are going to start a speedy journey, please fasten your seat belt, we are going to depart.”

“What’s your name?” Gu Yanxi asked in passing as she hurriedly fastened her seatbelt.

“Wang Xiaoqi.”

When the man finished, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but grin to reveal a curve that was extremely similar to Li Hang’s.