My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1911-1912

Chapter 1911

In this instant, Gu Yanxi’s whole body was struck by electricity! He does have feelings for me! He has me in his heart!

She stood on tiptoe and her moist red lips began to respond passionately to Li Hang.

Li Hang was also frozen, he didn’t expect his comforting kiss to get such strong feedback from Gu Yanxi.

“Gu Yanxi, I ……”

After some intense lip-to-tooth contact, Li Hang was the first to speak out.

As a result, a slender finger covered up above the mouth: “Don’t say anything, just let me feel this moment properly at the moment.”

“I know, I know everything, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

Li Hang had already turned on his torch at this time, and a beam of light in the darkness instantly shone into Gu Yanxi’s heart. She burned her gaze, looking at the stiff and handsome face in front of her, and a touch of determination emerged inside her eyes.

This man, no matter how good he is to any woman, Gu Yanxi will never leave him half a step again.

Keeping him was all Gu Yanxi would do in her future life!

“Take the torch and stay here, I’ll go take care of those people outside and then come back to get you.”

Li Hang did not know the thoughts that Gu Yanxi had engraved in her heart the moment she and Gu Yanxi looked at each other.

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the door.

Gu Yanxi hurriedly followed him and reached out to grab Li Hang’s arm of her own accord and said solemnly to him, “Cui Tianzhi and that man called the Governor, they have already laid a trap, just waiting for you to go through it, you must not fall into their trap because of me.”

“Don’t worry! Just this trick of theirs won’t be able to hurt me.”

Gu Yanxi nodded solemnly, she had always known how strong and excellent her beloved man was.

“Then you must be careful, I’ll wait for you to return.”

Meanwhile, the Governor’s office.

Cui Tianzhi and the Governor sat opposite each other, with a Go table between the two.

Cui Tianzhi was holding a black piece in his hand and the Governor was holding a white piece in his hand, both of them were frowning and making a state of thought.

“Governor, although you are not a Chinese, but you still have to understand the matter of falling without regret, you have just played the pieces, and then pick them up again, this is not in accordance with the rules.”

“I don’t know the rules, and I don’t want to know them. I only know that in this world, the winner is the king, the loser is the knave, the strongest is the strongest, and all the rules are written by the winner.”

Hearing these words, the smile on Cui Tianzhi’s face gradually cooled down, originally he chose to cooperate with the Governor because he wanted to teach Li Hang a lesson.

But now it seemed that the Viceroy was a very conceited person and, moreover, not easy to control.

Cui Tianzhi had secretly decided to finish off the Viceroy once he had settled Li Hang, after all, a disobedient subordinate was better than a dead one.

The Governor stared at Cui Tianzhi for a while and said in a deep voice, “Brother Tianzhi, what are you thinking? If you are so dissatisfied with me playing chess, will you be dissatisfied with me doing things in the future?”

“You are thinking too much, we are good brothers, even if we have differences, we can still discuss them.” The corner of Cui Tianzhi’s mouth pulled out a kind-looking smile.

“That’s best, I also want to do something great with Brother Tianzhi in this chaotic world.”

As he spoke, the governor had already placed the black piece on the other side of the board.

“Brother Tin Chi, it’s your turn.”

Chapter 1912

Cui Tianzhi’s gaze fell on the board, a harsh light flashed inside his eyes instantly, and his white piece fell almost at the same time.

“Oops, I’ve lost. I didn’t think I would change two places and still be captured by you in a big way.”

Hearing the Governor’s words, Cui Tianzhi said benevolently, “This is originally our game in China, and you, as an outsider, must have lost out. Even if you don’t follow the rules, there’s still no way to win against me.”

There was a dark tide between the two men’s words, and at that moment, a noisy footstep suddenly sounded outside the office.

“Master, someone is breaking in!”

The subordinate pushed his way through the door and reported with a nervous look on his face.

The Governor jerked to his feet, “Could it be Li Hang? We clearly have an appointment for 9am tomorrow, could he have arrived early?”

“Whether it is or not, this trespasser is bound to die, let’s just wait here for the good news.”

As soon as Cui Tianzhi’s words fell, the subordinate who reported the news couldn’t help but say, “Master, the Heaven’s Dragnet Formation that you set up in advance has been destroyed.”

“What?! Say it again!” Cui Tianzhi was no longer calm at this time, he had to know that this Heavenly Loans and Earthly Nets of his was condensed with all his power, ordinary people would not be able to escape once they entered this formation, let alone destroy this formation of his without a sound.

With cold sweat on his forehead, the subordinate trembled and continued, “Master, our men have been guarding it every inch of the way, and not even a fly can get in.”

“I don’t know what tactics the other side used to just straight up destroy our formation eye.”

“Damn it!” Cui Tianzhi was furious and said to his subordinates, “Activate the second set of plans, we must find out this rat that broke in!”

The Governor, however, suddenly interjected at this time, “Brother Tianzhi, do you think that there could be a spy within us?”

Hearing this, Cui Tianzhi suddenly looked at the Governor, “What do you mean?”

“I am thinking that Li Hang he is completely unaware of our plans, and at this point in time, to be able to sneak in silently and then destroy your elaborate grand formation without being discovered, it would be absolutely impossible for someone who is not very familiar with our inner circle to do so.”

As the Governor’s words fell, the subordinate who had come in to report had already shivered into a sieve.

Faced with the murderous, stern gaze that Cui Tianzhi cast over him, he repeatedly explained, “Master, we have always been loyal and have never had second thoughts! Please be clear, master!”


Suddenly there was a loud bang!

Immediately afterwards, another subordinate rushed in to report, “My Lord Governor, our weapons depot has been blown up!!!”

“What?! Who the hell is it?!!!” The Governor was going crazy, knowing that the weapons depot was their foundation in this world, and once it was destroyed, their fighting ability would be greatly weakened.

At this moment, another one of his men rushed in in a panic and shouted to the Governor and Cui Tianzhi, “It’s not good, there’s a huge wave of zombies coming from the northeast! Our men simply can’t resist the attack of so many zombies!”

“Aren’t the zombies controlled by all your spells? Why are they still attacking us?” The Governor’s face was very unpleasant as he questioned at Cui Tianzhi.

The previous controlled zombie attack on Li Hang and his group in Furong Town was Cui Tianzhi’s doing behind the scenes.