My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1909-1910

Chapter 1909

Just as Gu Yanxi appeared, a large group of heavily armed personnel suddenly emerged from inside the luxurious room, and Gu Yanxi didn’t even have time to react before she was controlled by this group of people.

“Who are you people?! Let go of me!”

“Miss Gu Yanxi, since you chose to come here, you should obey our master’s arrangement, or else you will have a hard time.”

A leading man said nonchalantly to Gu Yanxi.

Hearing these words, a flash of panic appeared on Gu Yanxi’s beautiful face, but soon, Gu Yanxi let herself calm down.

“Cui Tianzhi you come out, I didn’t come here to waste time with you!”

As soon as the words fell, a burst of applause suddenly sounded inside the room, followed by the sight of Cui Tianzhi walking out of the inner room with a winning smile on his face and a confident chest.

Cui Tianzhi walked up to Gu Yanxi and said slowly, “Miss Gu Yanxi, I didn’t expect us to meet so soon. Originally, I thought you would have delayed more because you couldn’t let go of Li Hang.”

“Cut the crap! Didn’t you say you knew the whereabouts of my parents? Now tell me where they are at once?”

“Don’t be in a hurry, since we’re here, let’s sit down and have a good chat first, in fact, your real parents are doing very well now, no matter when you go over.”

Gu Yanxi knew exactly what Cui Tianzhi was thinking and said in a deep voice, “Cui Tianzhi, if you want to use me to blackmail Li Hang, you’d better stop that idea before it’s too late. Then it’s better to dismiss this idea before it’s too late.”

“Since I’ve been able to come to your side, it’s already made one thing abundantly clear that I don’t have much status in Li Hang’s heart.”

“So your wishful thinking will definitely come to naught.”

“And I think that as a man, if you have to rely on a woman to hold another man back, even if you win in the end, it will still be a victory.”

“I would even feel ashamed for you.”

Cui Tianzhi’s face couldn’t help but twitch, for him, to win against Li Hang was an obsession in this life, an obsession that was even heavier compared to killing Li Hang.

If Cui Tianzhi hadn’t won Li Hang once in his life, Cui Tianzhi felt that even if he died, he wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.

“Brother Tianzhi, why do you still have so much nonsense with this little beauty? I’m getting impatient listening inside.”

Suddenly, another man came out from inside the room, and the moment Gu Yanxi saw this man, the first thought that flashed inside her head was that this man was more dangerous and harder to deal with than Cui Tianzhi.

“You are the Governor?”

Although it was a question, there was not the slightest doubt shown on Gu Yanxi’s face.

A touch of recognition appeared on the Governor’s face as he said to Gu Yanxi, “It’s true that the woman beside Li Hang is still a bit smart after all.”

“Since you were able to recognise me, that means Li Hang has mentioned me in front of you, I’m curious as to how he described me to you?”

A trace of caution flashed inside Gu Yanxi’s eyes, not knowing why, she felt as if she had done something very stupid, wanting to turn back but unable to do so anymore.

Between her thoughts, Gu Yanxi said coldly, “I don’t care what you want to do, I can tell you clearly right now that I will never be used by you, not even to death.”

Chapter 1910

“You claim that you won’t be used by us, but you have to get one thing clear, the moment your feet set foot on our territory, the game has already begun.” The smile on Cui Tianci’s face gradually faded as he said nonchalantly.

As the words fell, the governor made a gesture to his men, and these men directly pressed Gu Yanxi to leave.

“Let go of me! I’ll go on my own!”

Gu Yanxi now regretted it, when she left Li Hang, she was simply thinking of not dragging Li Hang down.

But now it seemed that her choice had instead become a burden to Li Hang.

Gu Yanxi was locked into a dark room where she could not see her fingers, and she cowered in the corner in fear, silently praying [八一中文网]李航不要来! Don’t ever come!

If Li Hang had suffered any harm because of her stupidity, Gu Yanxi would never forgive herself for the rest of her life.

“Are you regretting listening to Cui Tianzhi?”

Suddenly, a low magnetic voice fell into her ears, and Gu Yanxi jerked her head up, struggling to open her eyes wide to look around.

Although the surroundings were dark and nothing could be seen, Gu Yanxi still wanted to find something through the endless darkness.

However, Gu Yanxi was disappointed, and a self-deprecating smile couldn’t help but flow from the corners of her mouth as she murmured, “Gu Yanxi, what exactly were you expecting?”

“You yourself have already made the decision to leave him and betray him, so why should you expect him to leave everything behind to save you, regardless of your past?”

“I think you can expect that.”

The familiar voice rang out again, and this time, Gu Yanxi no longer doubted that she was hearing things hallucinogenically.

Before she could react, Gu Yanxi felt herself crashing into a warm embrace, a familiar strong male scent enveloping her tightly.

“Is that you?” Gu Yanxi’s voice trembled a little as she asked.

“I’m visible and tangible now, so if you don’t believe me, just reach out and touch me.”

Li Hang hugged Gu Yanxi tightly and couldn’t help but tease.

Immediately afterwards, Li Hang felt a soft hand covering the top of his cheek, and a strange feeling slowly rose up in his heart between the skin rubbing against it.

Once Li Hang thought that Gu Yanxi was a very understanding girl, who knew how to hide her emotions and take care of others’ emotions.

But Li Hang had never thought that the girl who had never let anyone worry about her would actually do something so bold.

Thinking of this, Li Hang’s arms that were holding Gu Yanxi’s body could not help but tighten.

Gu Yanxi only felt that her body was being held tightly and she even felt that she could not breathe a little.

But Gu Yanxi was coveting this tightness, and if it was possible, she wished she could stick to Li Hang’s body forever and never part for the rest of her life.

“You don’t feel bad?” Li Hang’s questioning voice came from above her head, and Gu Yanxi was somewhat unable to hear his emotions.

“It’s a little hard to catch my breath, but I like this feeling because you’re by my side with me.” Gu Yanxi mustered up the courage to say the words in her heart.

If it was in the past, Gu Yanxi would not have dared to express her emotions so bluntly to Li Hang.

When Li Hang heard Gu Yanxi’s response, hidden in the darkness, his mood was also different and complicated, and unconsciously, he printed his thick lips on Gu Yanxi’s bare forehead.