My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1905-1906

Chapter 1905

“Honey, what are you talking about, where did I?” The smile under Xu Muqing’s eyes became obvious for a few moments.

At this time, Li Hang reached out and hooked Xu Muqing’s pointed chin, and his two thick lips were printed on top of Xu Muqing’s two moist red lips.

The long kiss only made Xu Muqing feel weak, she nestled somewhat helplessly in Li Hang’s arms and said in soft tones, “Honey, Tifa has gone back to her country, when will we be able to meet our own family?”

“Soon, when I settle Cui Tianzhi and the Governor, we can go home.”

Hearing these words, Xu Muqing jerked her head up and looked at Li Hang with an incredulous expression, “Honey, are you telling the truth? We can really go home soon?”

“Of course, I already have an idea of what the zombie virus is probably about this time, next, the solution is just a matter of how long it takes.”

Meanwhile, the Governor’s office.

Cui Tianzhi kicked the door in anger and rushed straight into the office.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw the Governor sitting on the sofa, grabbing a glass of red wine in his hand and sipping it leisurely.

When the Governor saw Cui Tianzhi enter, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “Brother Tianzhi, you’ve worked hard, sit down and have a sip of wine to moisten your throat.”

Cui Tianzhi stepped forward and sat down on his butt. He grabbed the wine glass and tilted his head straight back, drinking the wine in one go, not even aware of the crimson wine running down the corner of his mouth.

“Seeing how Brother Chi is in a hurry and on fire, he must have suffered something at Li Hang’s place.”

At the Governor’s words, Cui Tianzhi’s box of words was immediately opened, and Cui Tianzhi slapped his palm on top of the coffee table, which instantly shattered in solid wood.

“Damn Li Hang! Why do I have to be led by his nose every time? Today I almost killed Li Hang inside the ancient tomb!”

“Then why didn’t Brother Tian Chi finish off Li Hang?” The governor asked in a well-guided manner.

“That goes without saying, naturally it has something to do with Pandora’s Box!” Cui Tianzhi said through gritted teeth.

The governor laughed wildly, “Don’t worry, brother Tianzhi, your trip to the tomb was a bit tortuous, but the end result is still good.”

“Tomorrow we’ll be able to take care of Li Hang, and then we can join forces to find out where the magic box is.”

“As long as we find Pandora’s Box, we will be in control of the lifeline of the entire world.”

“At that time, no matter if it’s the Sword Pavilion that Brother Tianzhi works for or any other powerful organisation, they will all be subservient to our feet.”

“Right now we just need to enjoy the moment, all the goodness is already on the way.”

Hearing these words, the unhappy look on Cui Tianzhi’s face faded away a little bit.

However, Cui Tianzhi still turned his words around, “But Li Hang is cunning, although he promised me to come to the governor’s office at nine o’clock tomorrow, we still have to be careful to make sure we don’t miss.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already laid a net, just waiting for Li Hang to get in himself, this time, I’ll make sure Li Hang has no return.”

“That’s the best, when the time comes, you can enjoy those few beauties beside Li Hang alone.” Cui Tianzhi deliberately mentioned a word.

A greedy glint immediately appeared inside the Governor’s eyes, and inside his mind, he couldn’t help but think of Xu Muqing’s beautiful face that was so captivating.

“Li Hang’s lustful fortune is not shallow, when he dies, his woman will be mine, hahaha!”

Chapter 1906

The camp was exceptionally quiet at night.

The employees of the Lingxiao Group gathered around the campfire, pouring out to each other what they had experienced during this time.

Still using her best cooking skills, Liu Yufen cooked delicious food that made mouths water.

“Madam Chairman, your cooking skills are so good that I was worried that after I got used to eating your food, I wouldn’t be used to my wife’s cooking when I got home.”

When Li Hang said that he would soon be able to take everyone back to Ningzhou, the staff were all cheering and in an unusually excited mood after hearing this.

Everyone was already looking forward to the reunion with their families when they returned to Ningzhou.

At this time, Gu Yanxi stood next to the bonfire at the strong request of everyone: “Then I will sing a song called ‘I Will’ for everyone.”

The song ‘I Do’ was Gu Yanxi’s favourite song, but only a very few people who were around her knew it.

And in public, Gu Yanxi would never sing this song, but tonight, she chose to sing this song.

Hearing that Gu Yanxi was going to sing, a look of hesitation surfaced on Xu Muqing’s face.

“Sister Mu Qing, what are you thinking about?” Li Liu’er saw Xu Muqing’s change and couldn’t help but come over and ask in a small voice.

Xu Muqing looked at Li Liu’er with an expression of wanting to say something but not doing so.

Li Liu’er thoughtfully said to Xu Muqing, “Sister Muqing, you can tell me if you have anything on your mind, my mouth is very tight.”

Hearing this, Xu Muqing could not help but reveal a gentle smile, “Liu’er, then I’ll tell you, you must not tell anyone oh, not even Hao Ran.”

“Sister Mu Qing, don’t mention the pot, I don’t have anything to do with that guy Xu Haoran.”

“Come on, if you say it’s okay, then it’s okay, no matter what, you should know what kind of person my brother is.

Li Liu’er’s face flushed slightly and she said stiffly, “Sister Mu Qing, we’re not talking about you, so don’t bring me into this.”

“Sister, what are you whispering to Liu’er? Let me hear it too.” Xu Haoran came over to join in the fun without a care in the world.

“Go away, why are you everywhere?” Li Liu’er was startled and deliberately turned mean to Xu Haoran in order to hide her inner panic.

Xu Haoran scratched his scalp and looked baffled, “Daughter-in-law, I don’t seem to have offended you, right, you’re so mean to me again?”

“I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you, to banish to the sky, even if it’s ……”

“I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you …… I’m willing for everything, I’m willing for everything, for you ……”

Gu Yanxi’s melodious and moving song kept reverberating over the camp, she sang so movingly that every word seemed to go into one’s heart, moving everyone to hear it.

And Gu Yanxi’s eyes that shone with a burning light had crystals flowing in them from time to time, about to flow down but didn’t, looking at Li Hang who was also at a loss for words.

“Li Hang.”

Suddenly, Gu Yanxi named Li Hang, and at once, everyone turned their attention to Li Hang.

Xu Muqing, who was sitting beside Li Hang, couldn’t help but tighten her two slender palms at this time.