My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1901-1902

Chapter 1901

“Nothing happened to me inside that ancient tomb under the ground, but don’t get hurt in some way on land, that won’t be a good idea.”

Hearing Xu Haoran’s words, Li Liu’er fiercely rolled her eyes and coldly squeezed, “Princess Tifa is going to be taken away, and you’re so willing to let it go?”

“What do you know? My brother-in-law will definitely leave Tifa behind, if these Persians come hard, my brother-in-law will definitely not be polite, fighting and brawling is not a big deal, be a good girl, come back to the cave with me, don’t make a mess.”

With that, Xu Haoran directly pulled Li Liu’er inside the cave, and the two of them peered into the cave entrance to observe the developments outside.

“Princess, the Empire needs you, please come back with us!”

The gallant and majestic pleas of the Persian men echoed inside the entire mountain forest, only to see them kneel down one by one to Tifa.

It was important to know that these men were all core members of the Persian Empire’s Council of Elders; they were of noble status, honourable in status, and were all born into nobility.

However, they were now all submitting to Tifa’s feet one by one, which made everyone feel very shocked.

Originally, she had expected a huge clash with the Council of Elders, and she had already thought of a tough battle.

But now this was the scene, and Tifa was caught off guard, not knowing what to do.

“What are you doing? All of you get up for this princess.”

“The Princess Empire needs you, and if you don’t agree to return with us, we will be on our knees for a long time.”

“Are you all threatening this princess?”

“Princess, [penchant] this is not a threat, this is a call from the empire. We are just a drop in the ocean among the empire, right now our country is in dire straits and urgently needs you to return to preside over the situation!”

The leader of the Council of Elders stated solemnly to Tifa, and as the words fell, a grave look passed over Tifa’s face.

Tifa turned her gaze to Li Hang, who coughed lightly and said to the kneeling Elder Council members, “What is happening in Persia now?”

“Lord God of War! Our country is suffering from the same zombie infestation as yours, we need the princess to go back and preside over the situation, please persuade her.”

Originally, Li Hang was planning to leave Tifa behind no matter what happened, but when he heard the Elder Councilor say that Persia was experiencing the same disaster as China, Li Hang hesitated.

Persia was Tifa’s homeland, and as the princess of the empire Tifa had a responsibility and an obligation to lead the country out of its predicament.

Between the flow of Li Hang’s mind, he said to the leader of the Council of Elders, “No matter what, you guys get up first, this is the princess’ order.”

As the words fell, the members of the Council of Elders looked at each other and then stood up from the ground, but they did not give up on persuading Tifa and still very sincerely requested Tifa to return to the country with them immediately.

“Brother, I have something I want to say to you.”

Tifa hooked her hand at Lihang at this time.

Li Hang froze for a moment and couldn’t help but turn his gaze to Xu Muqing who had been standing next to him without speaking.

Xu Muqing at this time said to Li Hang in a very reasonable manner, “It’s alright, you and Tifa can go and discuss whatever you want, I’ll wait for you here.”

Li Hang nodded and stepped on Tifa’s long, healthy legs, and the two of them walked towards the cave.

Chapter 1902

Xu Haoran and Li Liu’er, who had been peering over the edge of Shandong Mountain to peek outside, saw this and hurriedly ran back to their cave to hide.

The two had just entered the cave when the two of them, Li Hang and Tifa, started a deep conversation.

Tifa said, “Brother, if I leave this time, I may never come back, even so, will you still let me go back?”

Li Hang blinked his eyes and was silent for a moment before finally letting out a long sigh, “Persia is your hometown, how can you, as the princess of the empire, watch your hometown being destroyed?”

“This world is supposed to turn without anyone, you should go back, and you must.”

Tifa’s eyes were faintly filled with crystal tears, “Brother, can I say that you are really heartless? I have never asked for anything in return for staying by your side, I just want to be by your side all the time, why don’t you even give me that chance?”

“Tifa, everyone has their own mission, and your mission is to go back to Persia and do what a princess should do.”

“China is just a tour stop in your life, the journey always ends and you always have to go back to your homeland.”

“That’s where you belong.”

Tifa was naturally very clear about Li Hang’s words, but for some reason, she just didn’t want to accept this truth.

Almost at the same time, Tifa suddenly jumped into Li Hang’s arms and cried out loudly, “Brother, I understand everything you said, but I just don’t want to leave you, I don’t want to leave Sister Mu Qing, I don’t want to leave everyone.”

“And I really have a strong feeling that if I leave this time, in the future, I will never see you all again.”

In Li Hang’s eyes, Tifa had always existed like a younger sister, and feeling Tifa’s sad sobs, Li Hang’s heart also seized up.

His broad palm gently stroked Tifa’s soft black hair and said in a calm tone, “Fool, if you are worried about this, brother can assure you that when things are over here in China, I will bring everyone along to Persia to see you.”

“Really? Brother’s word is good.” Tifa snapped her head up, her teary eyes full of expectant light as she asked brittlely.

“Of course, when have I ever lied to you?”

“Brother is the best at lying, I remember one night when we were wandering in the desert as children, we were attacked by a pack of sand wolves and brother said for me to run first and that you would catch up afterwards.”

“But that night, I waited inside the desert for a long, long time for my brother, and never saw him.”

As she spoke, Tifa sucked her mouth and nose hard, as if something had suddenly gotten stuck inside her throat and she couldn’t speak for a while.

Li Hang’s head could not help but to recall the image of him fighting a pack of sand wolves on the desert at that time.

He remembered that he was only twelve years old at that time and had been released to the desert alone to struggle for survival.

By chance, he met Princess Tifa, who was persecuted by the Empire.

The first time Li Hang saw Tifa, he felt a strong desire to protect her, as if Tifa’s presence had filled a small corner of Li Hang’s heart with warmth, warmth, very sweet.