My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1887-1888

Chapter 1887

Li Hang was frozen, what was this?

At the critical moment, Xu Haoran suddenly shouted from behind, sort of completely rescuing Li Hang.

“Brother-in-law, come and take a look, what is it?”

“Here it comes!” Li Hang hurriedly shoved the half-drunk bowl of porridge into Gu Yanxi’s hand, then turned around and ran as if fleeing.

Gu Yanxi looked at Li Hang’s fleeing figure, and a look of despondency emerged inside her eyes.

“I told you, brother is a soft-hearted person, he doesn’t know how to reject people, there are some things we just know in our own hearts, you say it like this, it will be very embarrassing later.”

Tifa walked over to Gu Yanxi at this time and said a few words of comfort to her.

Gu Yanxi looked at Tifa: “I’m not like you, you and him have been together since childhood and have a deep bond, while I’m just a passing visitor in his life.”

“All I want is for him to see, as for his heart, I wouldn’t dare to hope.”

Tifa wanted to say something more to relieve Gu Yanxi, but Gu Yanxi had already turned to leave.

“Ai.” Tifa let out a long sigh.

“Princess, you can leave this predicament anytime, anywhere, and return to your Persian palace to enjoy a life of luxury, what’s there to sigh about?”

Raven had recovered her spirits, and she asked in a hushed voice as she strode modestly up to Tifa.

“Before I answer that question of yours, would you mind answering a question for me?”

“Of course.”

“Do you like my brother? Do you want my brother to keep you in his eyes and in his heart?”

Raven was surprised by Tifa’s question.

Raven froze for a moment and replied with a smile, “Now the question is not just that I like it and I want it, but that it is up to the boss.”

“As confidants, we are supposed to help the boss out, and now that the boss and the boss’s wife are having a falling out, we are supposed to reconcile from it, not add fuel to the fire.”

Tifa gave Raven a thumbs up, “I admire you, you are indeed a very good secretary, sister Mu Qing didn’t love you for nothing.”

“When you ran to our camp covered in wounds, Sister Mu Qing took care of you all night by herself, you didn’t have a single scar left on your body, all because Sister Mu Qing used her healing power to help you heal.”

“Maybe you don’t know yet, every time after Sister Mu Qing used this healing ability, she would become very weak, and for a long time afterwards, her body would be sore and weak, unable to live normally.”

Hearing Tifa’s words, Raven felt very surprised, and then she nodded heavily, “Don’t worry, I won’t make things difficult for the boss and the boss’s wife.”

“If it’s possible, I think it’s good to let everything go back to the original state instead.”

“After all, being born in a chaotic world, we don’t even know if tomorrow will come, we have to live the moment and live it to the fullest.”

Tifa and Raven’s conversation was very speculative, while at the same time, Li Hang had jumped into a deep pit.

This deep pit had been dug out by everyone along the perimeter of the camp, and it would be filled with mud paddles so that if any walkers came over, they would be the first to fall into it and lose their mobility, a swamp-like feature of sorts.

Now Li Hang was crouched at the bottom of the deep pit and was frowning at an exposed metal object.

“Boss, we were digging and dug this iron lump out, what is it?”

“Yeah, it looks like it’s a long time ago, could it be some kind of antique?”

Chapter 1888

“Wow, antiques… aren’t we going to be rich?”

“What a fortune, if we were in a better world, we’d be rich, we don’t know what kind of world we’re in, we don’t have anywhere to spend our money.”

“Hey, I wonder when the world will return to normal operation, I really hope that everything now is a dream.”

When the crowd said something, Li Hang’s eyes flashed with a hint of realization and said to the crowd, “If there is no mistake, this should be an artillery shell left over from the Second World War.”

“Artillery shells! That’s not going to explode, it’s dangerous!”

Xu Haoran suddenly jumped up and yelled from the side.

Compared to the nervousness of the people around him, Li Hang looked calm: “In theory, it’s already in a dormant state, but if it’s not handled properly, it’s likely to explode again.”

“Disperse, then let’s hurry and disperse, brother-in-law, you hurry up, it’s too dangerous!”

Li Hang said to Xu Haoran, who was standing at the edge of the pit, “Go and bring the toolbox over.”

“Brother-in-law, do you want to dismantle the shells on the spot?”

Li Hang nodded, this shell came at quite a good time, Li Hang had originally thought that he would need to go down the mountain to get some heavy line weapons over as a defence.

With this shell, if the Governor’s men wanted to come near their camp, they would definitely not be able to return.

Under the searing gaze of the crowd, Li Hang carried the shell out of the big pit with his bare hands, followed by Xu Haoran and a group of men who immediately held the shell and carefully stored it away.

At this time, someone suddenly pointed to the deep pit and said, “There seems to be something else down here!”

At those words, everyone put their attention back on it, and they saw that there was a shiny object reflecting in the sunlight.

Li Hang reached out and plucked the dirt away and saw something that resembled a copper ring, and he reached out and pulled hard.

“Click!” A sound.

At once, a sound of machinery being activated suddenly rang out.

Immediately afterwards, the whole ground began to shake violently.

“An earthquake? It’s an earthquake!”

Someone suddenly shouted, and everyone panicked and immediately scattered in all directions.

However, before anyone could run a few steps away, a huge crack appeared in the ground, followed by the deep pit where Li Hang was abruptly sinking.

As the crowd watched in horror, Li Hang’s body plummeted down and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

After Li Hang fell, the ground that had been shaking violently immediately returned to normal.

After everyone reacted, they all gathered around towards the deep pit.

“What to do? The boss has fallen down!”

Xu Muqing was so anxious that she peeled away from the crowd, she leaned over the edge of the deep pit and shouted downwards, “Husband! Can you hear me?”

However, there was no response from the huge pit. Xu Muqing was so desperate that she tried to jump down to find Li Hang regardless.

Xu Haoran grabbed Xu Muqing’s arm in time and said to Xu Muqing, “Sister, let me go.”

“Then be careful, make sure you bring your brother-in-law back safely!”

“Don’t worry, brother-in-law is lucky, he will be fine.”

After saying that, Xu Haoran leapt for life, and in full view of everyone, his body flew into the bottomless pit beneath the deep pit like a light and agile bird.

“Xu Haoran, you must come back to me in one piece! Otherwise, I will never let you go!”

Li Liu’er hurriedly rushed out of the crowd and shouted at the pit.