My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1877-1878

Chapter 1877

The subordinate who had been kicked to the ground hastily got up and said to the governor, “No, it’s the brothers who are in trouble.”

“I don’t know why the men started to have stomach pains after dinner, and now everyone is rolling on the ground in pain, unable to even stand up.”

The governor jerked up from his chair and without saying a word, he stormed out of the office.

Marshall hurriedly followed him and said to the Governor as he walked, “Someone must have done something secretly here, will we fall into the other party’s trap if we show up rashly like this now?”

The governor’s eyes flashed with a harsh murderous intent, and the moment Marshall met his eyes, he felt a chill run down his spine and his body trembled uncontrollably.

Not daring to say any more, Marshall followed the Governor to the town’s communal dining hall.

Since they had taken over the town as a stronghold, all the public facilities in the town had been cleared out to provide normal living conditions for the people below.

When the Governor entered the mess hall, he saw a hundred or so people lying on the floor.

All of them were elites that the Governor had purposely pulled out from his team in order to deal with Li Hang and the others.

Now they were all rolling back and forth on the ground with their stomachs covered in pain, and the Governor’s face became increasingly ugly.

Standing next to him, Marshall could clearly feel the dangerous aura released from the Governor and could not help but cautiously try to ask, “Governor, we still have over a hundred men to call upon.”

“Although their abilities are somewhat different from this group, it should be more than enough to deal with those few people from Li Hang.”


A fierce slap was thrown at Marshall’s face, and all of a sudden, Marshall’s face swelled up to the height of a steamed bun, and two of his teeth were chipped off.

Marshall spun in place, covering his unusually red and swollen cheek, and said tremulously, “Governor, it is all my fault that I have been ill-considered and have given someone with an agenda an opportunity to exploit the situation.”

“Don’t worry, Governor, I will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly and catch this person behind the scenes.”

From the beginning to the end, the Governor did not say a single word, his eyes flickered with a fickle light inside, and after a while, he suddenly asked the minion who had come over to report the news, “What are the results of the team doctor’s visit?”

In his mind he already had some idea, but the governor needed to hear the final result.

The minion gulped and stammered, “The team doctor said that it was unclean food that caused the mass poisoning.”

“How can that be? How could the food be unclean when we make all our food from fresh vegetables every day? How can food poisoning happen when we eat canned meat and there is no expiration date?” Marshall looked disbelieving.

At this point, the Governor snorted coldly, “The water source, it’s the water source.”

With those words, the Governor turned violently, and as soon as he was out of the cafeteria he began to run at a brisk pace, running into the town square where he leapt into a military jeep and roared away.

The jeep sped down the town road, showing no sign of slowing down at all when it reached the roadblock at the entrance and exit of the town.

Not only that, but the Governor pushed down on the accelerator, making the jeep go even faster.

Chapter 1878

In order to prevent outsiders and zombies from entering the town, the whole town was closed and the entrance and exit locations were guarded by special personnel.

Now that they saw a jeep rushing over like crazy, these people couldn’t even move the barricade before they saw the jeep rushing over a high threshold and directly the whole car flew over the barricade and landed steadily on the ground outside.


The jeep landed on the ground, and a stern murderous look emerged inside the Governor’s eyes as he cursed angrily, “Li Hang, you despicable villain! You’d better pray that you don’t fall into my hands, or I’ll make you beg for your life and die!”

As he sped along, the governor came to a small stream.

He stopped the jeep and as he got out of it, he followed the stream upstream and saw a yellowed piece of vellum at the source.

The Governor bent down and picked up the vellum, put it to his nose and sniffed it, and his brow furrowed even more.

The smell was unfamiliar and it was completely impossible to tell what kind of poison it was!

And when he turned the vellum upside down, he saw a line of Chinese characters written on it: “My men are defeated, don’t come back.

“Ah! Li Hang, you seek death!” How could the Governor not have expected that Li Hang would dare to openly provoke him!

Anger, almost set his body on fire.

The Governor turned straight around and rushed into the jeep, slammed on the accelerator and turned back to the town, he was going to gather everyone and shred Li Hang and his group into pieces!

Meanwhile, the entrance and exit of the town.

Li Hang led Xu Haoran and the two of them were cats in a big tree, and with the obstruction of the thick branches, the two of them were very well hidden.

“Brother-in-law, how long do we have to wait?”

Xu Haoran was now so excited that just the thought that he would soon be a hero in front of Li Liu’er made him leap with excitement.

“We’ll start a small clash with them later, when the time comes, you be smart.” Li Hang said coldly.

“Brother-in-law, don’t worry, I’m now a man who can take off anywhere and anytime, those humans who can only move on the ground can’t hurt me.”

While Xu Haoran dejectedly spoke, Li Hang had already gently jumped down from the tree.

Seeing this, Xu Haoran hurriedly followed along down and the two of them went straight to the turret at the entrance of the town.

Li Hang gave a wink to Xu Haoran, and the two of them went left and right directly towards the watchman to encircle him.

“Who are you …… er!”

With a small tackle, Li Hang clamped a direct grip on the other man’s throat, followed by a knife hand that slapped him unconscious.

“Strip the clothes off his body and change them.” Li Hang instructed Xu Haoran, and then approached the turret on the opposite side.

Xu Haoran looked disgustedly at the fainted man on the ground and muttered, “I thought I was going to have a big fight, but I didn’t expect that, but I actually got in disguised, no fun.”

“What are you nagging for, hurry up.”

“Yes, yes, brother-in-law, I’ll be right there.”

Li Hang and Xu Haoran then changed into the exact same clothes as the guards in charge of patrolling the town, and strutted down the town’s road.

At the beginning, Xu Haoran still felt a bit vain. But as they walked along, no one suspected them at all, which gave Xu Haoran a boost of confidence.

As they walked, Xu Haoran couldn’t help but come up to Li Hang’s ear and ask, “Brother-in-law, do we really have to walk all the way to the place where the Lingxiao Group employees are being held?”

“In case the other party gets suspicious, we are likely to be caught in a trap.”