My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1867-1868

Chapter 1867

“Li Hang he has done so much evil that I fear his own cannot remember who I really am, all I have to do is toy with him and all you have to do is answer if you submit to me?”

“You give up, I will be responsible for my own farm, my own villagers.”

What is human and what is ghost, and what is really good for him, Zhang Manke now distinguishes very clearly.

The strange man in front of her, who came and went without a trace, revealed danger all over his body, and although he had unpredictable and mysterious abilities, enough to protect her farm from the zombies, Zhang Manke would rather refuse.

Seeking skin with a tiger, the only one who would die in the end would be herself.

“Oh, you’re an interesting woman, here’s my contact information, if at any time you change your mind, feel free to ……”

“No need, you can go, my farm has little value and is worth a big shot like you having to hang around again and again.”

Zhang Manke interrupted the man in black in a cold voice, and then, without looking back, left.

The black aura around the man in black slowly dissipated, finally revealing a hideous face.

This man was no other than the man who had once had very much entangled with Li Hang.

His name was the Governor, or to be precise, since his nickname “The Governor” had spread through the world, did anyone know what his real name was?

In the vast expanse of the Red Sea, this man, the Viceroy, had fought countless times with the army under Li Hang’s command.

Although the two men had never met each other, they were rivals.

Because of Li Hang’s appearance, the man called Viceroy, who once dominated the Red Sea, was defeated and left intact.

The rise of the Red Sea God of War meant the end of the Viceroy’s reign, and there were rumours that the mysterious man had died in the vast Sahara desert, while others said that the Viceroy chose to die from a bullet because he could not bear to be defeated by Li Hang.

All sorts of rumours filled the entire Red Sea region, and now this man, called the Governor, suddenly appeared on the land of China.

“Lord Governor, our men followed Li Hang and the others all the way, and finally, at a fork in the road, we lost the car, so please reprimand the Lord Governor.”

In the void, a black hole suddenly appeared and a subordinate stepped out from it.

This subordinate was wearing a studded leather jacket and leather trousers, and his face was heavily painted with smoky make-up, so that he could not see his original appearance at all.

However, as he knelt in front of the governor and lowered his head, a section of cervical vertebrae came out of the back of his neck and was exposed to the air.

This cervical vertebrae was not wrapped under the skin, but was directly open, and the bones inside and the muscular behaviour wrapped around it were clearly visible.

The Governor did not say anything, but stretched out his hand and brushed over the top of this subordinate’s neck, and in the blink of an eye, the skin and muscle tissues that were originally cracked open were directly repaired by the Governor.

“Thank you for the Governor’s help in healing, my subordinate is grateful and will do my best to die.”

“Your abilities are below Li Hang’s, it is only natural that you were lost by him, send out the Hyena Guard, follow the smell and you will be able to find their landing place, remember one thing, come back immediately after you find them, don’t alert the snake.”


After his subordinates left, a gloomy smile appeared on the Governor’s face, he was in a very good mood and did not feel any impatience at all.

He just looked at the direction Li Hang was driving away and said slowly, “Li Hang, our contest has begun again, this time, I won’t lose to you again.”


Chapter 1868


Li Hang sneezed coldly as he casually threw a piece of firewood into the campfire.

Immediately afterwards, a blanket was somehow added to his body, and when he looked up, he saw Xu Muqing sitting down against his side.

Li Hang smiled and naturally reached out to take Xu Muqing into his arms. The two of them were covered under the same blanket, revealing their two heads and looking very intimate.

After driving for more than a hundred kilometres, Li Hang made sure that the tail behind him had been completely lost before he chose an open place to set up camp.

During the time he had stayed at the Xishan farm, Li Hang had also deliberately made some living supplies.

Therefore, although it was rather hasty to leave the farm this time, everyone’s quality of life could still be guaranteed to a certain extent.

Having enough to eat, warm clothes, a tent to sleep in, a quilt to cover them with, and plenty of ammunition, these things were all capital to survive in this chaotic world and make Xu Muqing and his family feel at ease.

At this time, Xu Haoran grabbed a roasted leg of lamb and walked up to Li Hang and said to him, “Brother-in-law, my mother asked me to bring you the big leg of lamb.”

As he spoke, the corners of Xu Haoran’s mouth were still dripping with harrumphs, and it was obvious that he was already greedy for this leg of lamb.

Li Hang reached out and took the big leg of lamb handed over by Xu Haoran and fed it directly to Xu Muqing’s moist red lips, “Wife, hurry up and eat it while it’s hot.”

Xu Muqing blushed a little, but she didn’t squirm, instead she opened her two sexy red lips and gently bit into it, “Old mother’s handicraft is getting better and better, hubby you eat it while it’s hot too.”


Li Hang naturally took a big bite right where Xu Mu Qing had bitten, and he barred his mouth while staring at Xu Haoran, who was standing next to him and always refusing to leave, with a smile on his face.

Xu Haoran gulped secretly, “Old mother is really biased, she always leaves the best food for brother-in-law and sister, at least I’m also the top ranked strong man in the family, I also need to be nourished.”

“What you have to eat still doesn’t stop your mouth.” At this time, Li Liu’er disliked Xu Haoran in a good-natured manner.

Hearing this, Xu Haoran immediately got energised, and now he was all set to stalk Li Liu’er to death.

Xu Haoran had already made a secret bet with Tifa that he would take Li Liu’er down within three days, so that Li Liu’er would admit to herself that she and the two of them were husband and wife.

So Xu Haoran hurriedly sat down next to Li Liu’er, and he pulled over a blanket from somewhere as well, to wrap himself and Li Liu’er together.

“What do you want?”

Li Liu’er didn’t eat Xu Haoran’s words and dodged away, causing Xu Haoran to grab the blanket with his two open hands, which was very embarrassing.

“So what, cover the blanket together, isn’t it warmer?”

“I’m not cold, you want to cover yourself.” Li Liu’er rolled her eyes in disgust.

“Oh.” Xu Haoran sarcastically withdrew his hand, wrapped the blanket around himself, and pitifully squatted down next to Li Liu’er.

Li Liu’er had wanted to stay away, but as a result, Liu Yufen, who had been roasting a leg of lamb, suddenly spoke up, “Ah Liu’er, there’s another leg of lamb here, you and Haoran both eat it together.”

“No, no, I’ll just eat the trimmings.”

“Mum, you’re really my own mother, I’m definitely your own son!”