My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1853-1854

Chapter 1853

Zhang Man Ke closed her eyes, this Cheng San’s fist was something she could not dodge.

However, just when the fist was a fist’s distance away from her eyes, suddenly a wide palm, blocked in front of her.

Zhang Man Ke then felt a strong wind impact her face muscles, and her entire face muscles shook.

By the time she opened her eyes again, she saw a wide palm!

Li Hang’s palm kept tightening and very casually pushed Cheng San’s fist back.


A miserable scream resounded throughout the isolation room, and Cheng San’s entire face had a very painful expression as his body squatted down unable to stand.

Li Hang towered over him and said word for word, “Apologise to my friend, or you won’t want this hand anymore.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, field master I’m wrong, please let Li spare me.”

Cheng San begged for mercy repeatedly, Zhang Man Ke’s face recovered slightly and said to Li Hang, “He already knows he was wrong, let him go.”

Li Hang didn’t say anything and released Cheng San. After Cheng San was freed, he fled into the cell as quickly as a rat, and he even closed the door behind him very consciously.

Zhang Man Ke followed Li Hang just as he left the isolation area, Cheng San was stirring things up inside the isolation area, he kept flapping at the group of villagers who were also locked up with him, causing each of these villagers to be in a very rebellious mood.

“In the beginning, we chose to stay at Xishan Farm because we could get better shelter inside the farm, but now we are being locked up by this bastard Li Hang, so let’s all judge whether this matter is justified or not?”

“Even if it’s not justified, what can be done about it? We don’t have what it takes to fight him, we can only be at his mercy.”

“There is nothing difficult in the world, only those who have the will to do so, to trip up Li Hang’s leadership position is actually not a difficult task.”

With a twinkle in his eye, Cheng San continued to speak to the crowd, “Don’t you all find it strange, why we have been living on the farm well before, nothing happened?”

“And after this family, Li Hang, came to our farm, there was a zombie virus infection.”

“If I were to say that this zombie virus was brought over by Li Hang’s family.”

The words fell, the crowd did not immediately answer, suddenly, one person said, “Oh, I remember, do you think it could be that mother-in-law of Li Hang’s? There’s something wrong with her that’s causing our whole farm to be quarantined.”

As soon as the speculative words came out, all the people recalled, and in the end, everyone was very unanimous in their opinion that this was it.

Cheng San’s eyes showed a gleam of triumph, for him, it didn’t matter who among Li Hang’s family had problems, the point was that he wanted to throw dirty water on Li Hang’s family.

Now that his goal had been achieved, Cheng San said no more, and he shook his head in a feigned helplessness.

“Even if we figure it out now, there’s nothing we can do. Zhang Man Ke is very trusting of Li Hang’s family, and it’s simply impossible for us to persuade her to come over to our side if we don’t have definite evidence.”

“That’s not easy, tell Wang Locksmith to open all the doors of this prison at night, we’ll arrest Li Hang’s mother-in-law, we’ll know if there’s any problem at a glance.”

As soon as this was said, those who were locked up in the isolation room all agreed, and all of them said, almost in unison, “Then let’s do it!”


Chapter 1854

Meanwhile, inside the barn, Xu Muqing had been taking care of Liu Yufen at her bedside.

Ever since she was a child, Xu Muqing had never seen her old mother so weak, and without realising it, tears were already running down the corners of Xu Muqing’s eyes.

“Yatou! Why are you crying? Mum, isn’t it still fine now? Little Hang the boy is very capable, he will definitely cure mum’s body.”

Liu Yufen struggled to pull out a smile to comfort her precious daughter.

Xu Muqing raised her hand to wipe away the tears at the corner of her eyes and helped Liu Yufen tuck in the corner of her blanket: “Mum, I’m not crying, I just got lost in the sand.”

“Sister, you go and eat something first, I’ll just take care of mum.”

At this time, Xu Haoran walked in, Liu Yufen strained to turn her head to look over, and saw Xu Haoran drooping with a listless look on his face.

“Brat, your old mother isn’t dead yet, why are you crying and mourning?”

Liu Yufen braced her spirits and disliked him in an unkind manner.

At the end of the sentence, Xu Haoran jerked his head around, raised his hand and wiped his eyes, then struggled to pull the corners of his mouth open and disliked Liu Yufen playfully: “Mom, you are sick and you still forget to dislike your son, am I your own son?”

“No, you were given a free phone bill.”


Xu Mu Qing looked at Liu Yu Fen and Xu Haoran’s daily dislike back, not having broken into laughter.

“Hey, that’s right, you two siblings need to be strong, old mother I still need to rely on you in the future, if you all give up, who else can I count on old mother?”

“Mom!” Xu Muqing and Xu Haoran spoke in unison as they jumped into Liu Yufen’s arms, one after the other.

“Don’t get so close to me, hurry up and let go, what if you guys get infected too?” Liu Yufen hastily reminded, obviously weak, she still pushed her son and daughter away with great force.

At this time, Li Hang walked in, he sat on his buttocks beside Liu Yufen, reached out and took Liu Yufen’s hand and carefully checked her pulse.

The problem Li Hang had to solve now was to help his mother-in-law improve her body functions, as long as her body functions became strong, her body would activate its automatic defence mechanism and clean up the zombie virus straight away.

“Honey, how is the situation? Don’t hide it from me, you must tell me the truth!”

Xu Muqing asked with a tense expression.

Xu Haoran was also staring at Li Hang with burning eyes, “Brother-in-law, tell me what medicine you need, I’ll go find it right away! If I can’t find it at the last health center, I’ll go to the big hospitals in the capital, as long as you tell me, even if I have to trade my life for my mum’s, I’ll ……”

“Your life isn’t that valuable to exchange for our mother’s life.” Li Hang said with a bland face.

“Then what to do!” Xu Haoran thought Liu Yufen was hopeless and directly howled out of emotion.

This directly drew in all the others who were standing outside the door listening to the commotion inside.

Xu Xiaoyang, with a large group of people, was the first to rush in.

“Wife, wife, you must hold on!”

Xu Xiaoyang pounced on Liu Yufen’s side with tears in his eyes, kissing and hugging her.

Liu Yufen was so anxious that she wanted Xu Xiaoyang to leave her alone, but Xu Xiaoyang refused to do so, saying “I don’t want to be born in the same year and on the same day, but I want to die in the same year and on the same day”.

The atmosphere in the room was depressing, and everyone was in tears and emotionally devastated.