My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1849-1850

Chapter 1849

The corner of Li Hang’s mouth turned up and he smiled wickedly, “You only have an extra Eternity Stone on you, and you dare to speak shamelessly and flaunt your power in front of me, I have to say that you are really as pathetic as a clown, Cui Tianzhi.”

Hearing this, Cui Tianzhi’s entire body was shocked, and he stared incredulously, “How do you know that I have the Eternity Stone?”

The so-called Eternal Stone was a substance that did not exist on Earth.

Back when Li Hang was leading the Red Sea army into battle, he had already used this energy stone, which could briefly boost the army’s combat power, on top of the strengthening of weapons.

Equipment that was equipped with the Eternal Head [would] bring its power to the utmost in the battlefield.

The army under the Red Sea War God was invincible in battle and attacked without fail, and this Eternal Stone was credited for this.

However, Li Hang ended up discarding this energy stone, although, he was the first to discover this substance and also the first to study its application, Li Hang found that energy stones had drawbacks.

Those weapons equipped with energy stones would have a 200% higher failure rate than normal weapons.

Li Hang was so wealthy that he never cared about scrapping weapons, and when they were scrapped, he bought new ones; the more advanced the team’s weapons were, the more powerful they became in battle.

But Li Hang found that the generals who fought with the Eternal Stone equipment had more or less strange symptoms in their bodies.

These symptoms all manifested as weakness and limbs, as if they had endured a great exertion and needed to rest in bed for a full twenty days before they could recover their energy.

For an army, talent is fundamental.

Li Hang realised that this Eternal Stone should have a considerable energy drain on the human body, and even with indirect contact, there was a very great loss to the human body.

Therefore Li Hang decisively discarded the Eternity Stone.

However, he did not expect that Cui Tianzhi would treat the thing he discarded as a treasure.

“What exactly do you mean, Li Hang? Say it again if you have the guts!” Cui Tianzhi was furious.

“I said that you are a pathetic clown, always living only inside your own world, your so-called precious Eternal Stone is actually the trash I don’t want, don’t you think it’s pathetic that you treat the trash I discarded as a treasure?”

Hearing these words, Cui Tianzhi’s entire being was struck by lightning!

“Impossible, this Eternal Stone was the first one I found, there is absolutely no way you could have known about it!”

“This Eternity Stone came from the future, and it was I who brought it to this present world.”

“I’m surprised that you actually strengthened it on yourself with such disregard for your own body, don’t you know that the end result of strengthening it is to be assimilated until it is destroyed, Cui Tianzhi?”

As Li Hang spoke, he had already brought Cui Tianzhi directly to the ground.

He flung Cui Tianzhi to the ground and said from a high position, “For the sake of us knowing each other for one game, I’ll give you a piece of advice.”

“From now on, don’t abuse the power of the Eternal Stone again, find a deep mountain forest to hide and recuperate properly for twenty to thirty years, you still have the possibility of recovery.”

After saying that, Li Hang turned around and was about to leave.

“Li Hang, you go to hell!”

Cui Tianzhi suddenly rose up from the ground, only to see his body turn into a blazing flame, pouncing on Li Hang with lightning speed.

However, Li Hang was walking idly as he jumped to the left with both feet, easily avoiding Cui Tianzhi’s fatal strike.


Chapter 1850

Cui Tianzhi’s entire body seemed to have lost its focus and slammed directly onto the ground, instantly the entire ground was smashed out by his body into a huge crater several dozen meters deep, the soil around the crater suddenly turned into scorched black.

Li Hang looked at Cui Tianzhi from above, “The energy stored inside your body is huge, but your body is like being crushed by a big truck, the bones all over your body probably have no way to support you to stand up, do you need me to call your subordinates for you?”

Cui Tianzhi’s eyes were filled with a resentful look inside, how could he have ever imagined that the Eternal Stone he was so proud of was such worthless rubbish in Li Hang’s eyes.

“Li Hang, don’t rejoice too early, your suffering has just begun, just you wait.”

“Even if you are the saviour, you can’t change the already predetermined ending.”

Li Hang’s brows tightened slightly, “What do you mean?”

“Back then, my father committed suicide in front of me, that pain of your closest relative leaving, you will soon taste it, hahaha!”

Cui Tianzhi laughed arrogantly, only to see him grasping a strange compass in his hand, which emitted a kind of light blue light, followed by a black hole appearing in the air.

In the blink of an eye, two men dressed in black robes burst out from inside and dragged Cui Tianzhi inside the black hole.

“Where are the men? How come they’re gone?”

Xu Haoran, who was not far away, shouted in surprise, and he hurriedly bounced to the ground and flew to Li Hang’s side.

Li Hang looked at the empty pit and his face became more and more serious. Without saying a word, he turned around and came to Zhang Man Ke: “Where are my parents-in-law now?”

“I hid them in the secret passage in the basement, by now they should have taken the other exit and returned to the surface.”

Hearing this, Xu Muqing couldn’t help but say anxiously, “Mom and Dad are old, what should they do in case they encounter those zombies that eat people without spitting out bones?”

“Don’t worry, the location of the exit is in a deep valley, where it’s safe, the zombies can’t reach it.”

As Zhang Man Ke spoke, she had already taken the initiative to lead Li Hang and his group to pick up Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen.

However, when they arrived halfway, Xu Xiaoyang was carrying Liu Yufen on his back, step by step, hobbling backwards.

“Dad, what’s wrong with mum?” Xu Muqing saw her dad carrying her mother on his back and hurriedly ran up to her.

When Xu Xiaoyang saw his daughter appear, his tense emotions were released at once, and he turned to Xu Muqing with tears in his eyes, “Your mother didn’t know what happened, she suddenly fainted, and I couldn’t wake her up no matter how much I shouted?”

“How could this happen?” Xu Muqing’s heart was overwhelmed, and she hurriedly said to Li Hang, “Honey, please take a look at what’s wrong with mum?”

As she spoke, Xu Muqing was already about to go forward and help Liu Yufen off the top of Xu Xiaoyang’s back, but Li Hang stopped her.

“Leave mum to me, you can just hold dad.”

At Li Hang’s words, Xu Muqing didn’t think much about it and nodded her head in a hurry, doing as Li Hang said.

When Li Hang carried Liu Yufen on his back, Liu Yufen opened her eyes weakly and whispered in Li Hang’s ear, “Little Hang, mum may not be able to pull through this time, the family will have to leave it to you to take care of from now on.”