Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 689-690

Chapter 689

Tenzin stared curiously at the computer screen to see who that person was ……

“Young master!”

At this moment, the sound of greeting suddenly came from outside, “Teacher is here!”

Chen Chen subconsciously twisted his head and responded, “Please come in!”

When he withdrew his gaze and looked at the computer, the good-looking figure had already walked into the villa and nothing could be seen.

Moreover, he noticed that all those bodyguards who were carrying things were actually women.

He didn’t care, though, and set his pigeon to the rest of the Akina Mountain.

After all, peeping was bad.

The door to the room pushed open and the attendant walked in with the teacher of the international economics class.

“Hello Helen-sensei!” Tatsu got up and greeted the teacher, then prepared the materials and started the class.

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Night Zhen Ting finished his morning meeting and was ready to make a trip to the project base.

Wen Li hurriedly came to report, “Mr. Night, there is an Asian Chamber of Commerce event this afternoon, do you want to go to it?”

“Didn’t we say that you and Jiang Dong would go?” Night Zhen Ting was a little impatient.

“I just got the news that that Miss Leng is going.” Wen Li said hurriedly.

Night Zhen Ting was originally signing, when he heard these words, the movement in his hand paused: “Show me the meeting information.”

“Yes.” Wen Li immediately handed over the information.

The top 101 businessmen from the Asian Chamber of Commerce were all gathered at Foothill Manor today for a series of discussions and exchanges on Asian business development, and there was a dinner in the evening.

This event, which is held once a year in a different city, is a popular event in the business community.

Many businessmen are crowded to attend. As the head of the Asian business community, Night Zhen Ting has attended in the past, only that in the past two years he has not appeared in any public occasions, so he directly asked Jiang Dong to go there.

Now when he heard that Leng Qianxue was going, he immediately changed his mind.

“Okay, I’ll go over.”

Thinking that he would be able to meet Leng Qianxue right away, Night Zhen Ting felt a little excited in his heart.

“The event is held for two days, and according to the routine, you are to stay over there tonight.” Wen Li reminded to, “Do you want me to prepare something?”

“Night Fai will prepare.” Night Zhen Ting looked at his watch, “Take the relevant information with you and come with me.”

“Yes.” Wen Li took out her itinerary, “You still have a few more trips to catch up on, we should leave at 4pm which should be about right, tonight is mainly the welcome dinner, the meeting is tomorrow.”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting nodded, “Night Hui is out, you help me inform him to get ready.”


Because of the change in schedule, Night Zhen Ting had to hurry up and finish the work at hand, leaving little time to think about anything else.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Night Fai packed his luggage from home, took his bodyguard with him and accompanied Night ZhenTing to the Foothill Villa.

Wen Li as well as a few secretaries sat in that car at the back, preparing the relevant materials for the meeting.

Night ZhenTing leaned back in his seat and looked at the documents intently. Recently, Leng had not only taken the South Sea waters, but also poached a few big clients, to which the company’s senior management attached great importance.

He wondered what kind of tactics Leng had used to poach Shengtian’s old clients in such a short period of time.

“Leng’s strikes are quite sharp.” Night Fai sighed, “I heard that that Miss Leng personally visited these three clients, met with them one by one, and after leaving, the three clients indicated to our side that they would not renew their contracts.”

“That impressive?”

Night Zhen Ting could never connect this powerful woman with great tactics to the stupid and dumb Feng Qian Xue back then.

“We’ll find out after today’s meeting.” Night Fai was also curious.

“Night King, look.” The driver, Ah Hai, suddenly exclaimed.

Night Zhen Ting whipped his head around to see a silver Les Phantom driving past, a golden L logo on the car, it was the Leng family’s car.

“Drive faster!” Night Zhen Ting ordered.

“Yes.” Ah Hai immediately accelerated and caught up with that car.

Chapter 690

Ah Hai was the best driver among all the bodyguards, so he was basically the one who drove for Night Zhen Ting.

The bodyguards of the Night Family were all experts in their respective fields, and they could be considered top professionals.

Ah Hai had never met a rival so far, but today he ran into a nail.

The silver Rolls-Royce Phantom weaved in and out of the traffic like a flowing river, cutting in and out of traffic, keeping a steady lead.

No matter how much Ah Hoi chased, he was left behind by a distance of more than ten metres.

“Ah Hoi, what’s wrong with you? Quickly catch up with it.” Night Fai was anxious.

Sweat seeped out of Ah Hai’s forehead as he accelerated to catch up, but, no matter how he drove, he was always left behind by that car.

He instantly felt insulted and gritted his teeth as he accelerated with all his might.

“Come on, don’t lose to a woman.”

Night Fai thought about being topped by the female bodyguard in that car yesterday, and to this day a fire was still burning in his heart, he had to win it back today.

Silver Rolls Royce Phantom.

The female bodyguard wore sunglasses and drove the car almost to the point of flying.

Leng Bing in the passenger seat, staring at the rear-view mirror, sneered smugly: “No way to catch up with us, no way.”

Leng Qianxue was resting her eyes and ordered indifferently, “Pay attention to safety.”

“Yes, Miss Leng!” Leng Bing hurriedly responded.

Leng Mo, who was driving, stared at the black Rolls Royce that was gradually approaching in the rear view mirror and couldn’t help but frown.

“Leng Mo, what’s wrong with you? Quickly accelerate.” Leng Bing was anxious.

“I know.” Leng Mo frowned, “I can’t see that brat still has two tricks up his sleeve.”

“Speed up, don’t let them catch up.” Leng Bing shouted lowly in exasperation.

Leng Mo slowly accelerated, but he was still caught up by the black Rolls Royce behind him.

The two cars drove on in tandem, side by side.

“Steady!” Night Fai admonished Hai.

“Got it.” Hai gave his best effort, not too fast nor too slow, and just kept parallel to the silver Rolls-Royce.

There was only a metre between the two cars, a very close separation.

Nightquake Timothy turned his head to stare at the vehicle next to him, trying to get a clear view of the person in the car, but he could only vaguely see a shadow.

One could tell that the person was also looking at him.

“So that’s Night Zhen Ting?”

Leng Qianxue narrowed her eyes and stared coldly at the shadow in the car next to her, although there was only an outline, she had an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

“It should be.” Leng Bing carefully padded over to look, “It’s not too clear to see.”

“Drive slower.” Leng Qianxue instructed.

“Yes.” Leng Mo began to slow down.

The car next to him followed suit and slowed down, anyway, no matter how this side drove, they all stayed parallel.

“What a nuisance.” Leng Mo gritted her teeth and cursed angrily.

The speed slowly dropped.

Leng Qianxue lowered one of the car windows, revealing a pair of clear and soulful eyes.

The car next to her likewise lowered its window, revealing half of her face.

Both of them looked at each other, but their eyes were completely different.

Leng Qianxue’s eyes were cold, haughty, and with a hint of provocation ……

The gaze of Night Zhen Ting, on the other hand, was complicated and unspeakable. The past instantly rushed to his mind and strong emotions surged in his heart ……

That longing, guilt, and deep emotions form a complex light flashing in his eyes.

However, he was trying to restrain himself ……

To be calm, to be composed!

The pair of eyes in front of him are all too familiar, they are clearly Feng Qianxue.

However, Feng Qianxue had never had such unfamiliar eyes, even though she had once been arrogant in front of him, but it was completely different from now ……

But somehow, Night Zhen Ting still firmly believed in his heart that she was Feng Qianxue!

Leng Qianxue looked at the pair of eyes in front of her and inexplicably her heart trembled, as if a thorn was lodged in her heart, every time she saw this person, she would be stabbed.

She coldly skimmed her eyes and closed the car window: “Speed up!”

“Yes.” Coldly, she began to accelerate.

The car next to them was also accelerating, seemingly fighting them off.

“Lose him!” Leng Qianxue ordered.