Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 687-688

Chapter 687

“What are you looking at?” Old Master Night was playing a card game with Long Long and Yue Yue when he saw that Night Sen kept lifting the curtain to look out, so he asked.

“There was a car of the same type that crossed our path just now, it was silver.” Night Sen said mysteriously, “I watched them drive towards the northern part of the Mid-Levels Villa.”

Old Master Night was slightly stunned and his brow furrowed, “This car, there are only seven of them in the world, not many people can afford it, silver …… could it be the Leng family?”

Leng Di Feng, as his name implied, liked to use silver for almost all his cars.

Their Night Family, on the other hand, liked to use black cars.

“No way?” Night Sen was very surprised, “That Leng Di Feng is secretive in his movements and very private, he wouldn’t come and live next door to Young Master, would he?”

“Go and check.” Old Master Night ordered.

“Yes.” Night Sen immediately called and sent someone to investigate.

“Great Grandpa, which family is the Leng family?” Long Long tilted his little head and asked curiously, “Is it very powerful?”

“It’s our night family’s arch rival.” Old Master Night looked at Long Long and said seriously and solemnly, “When you meet people from the Leng family in the future, stay away from them, understand?”

“Mm-hmm.” Long Long nodded repeatedly, his face grim, as if he was facing a great enemy.

“Our Night Family still has deadly rivals?” Yue Yue asked with a small frown and a puzzled look, “Isn’t our Night Family invincible in the world? I heard that Daddy is very bullish, more so than the Bull Demon King!”

“Pff–” Old Master Night almost spewed out a mouthful of hot tea, choking and coughing.

“Great Grandpa ……” Long Long hurriedly stood up and patted Old Master Night’s back with his little hand, “Is everything alright?”

“Yue Yue, you’re so cute, you’re laughing at Grandpa Zeng, hahaha ……”

Old Master Night covered his heart and laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha, childish words, childish words!” Night Sen also followed suit and laughed.

“Hee hee, did I say it wrong?” Yue Yue was a little embarrassed and said with a red face, “Our teachers, classmates, as well as Grandma Rong and the uncles and sisters at home, all said that Daddy was very powerful, I always thought that there was no one more powerful than Daddy in this world.”

“Yeah, I thought that too.” Long Long seriously agreed, “I always thought that in the future only Dabao would be able to surpass Daddy!”

“Chen Chen is very good, and will definitely be better than blue in the future.” Old Master Night was full of pride when he thought of Chen Chen, “However, there are people outside the sky, and your daddy has rivals too!”

“It’s that Leng family guy?” Long Long came over and asked curiously, “Is it a man or a woman? How old is he? Is it a bad guy?”

“Nonsense!” Yue Yue gave him a blank look and looked at him like he was a fool, “They all say they are our deadly rivals of the Night Family, so of course they are bad guys.”

“The Leng family is dangerous.” Old Master Night solemnly reminded, “If you accidentally meet them, make sure to stay away and don’t get close to them. No matter what they say, make sure not to believe them, got it?”

“Got it!” The two children nodded their heads repeatedly.

As Night Sen listened on the sidelines, he was very uneasy in his heart; Old Master Night was afraid that the people of the Leng family would know that these three children had their bloodline and would come to rob them one day, which was why he said such things to the children.

But this kind of thing, how long could it be covered up?

It’s a good thing that Chen Chen is not here today, otherwise, he would have raised a lot of questions and might have been able to follow the trail and find out what ……

“Remind Night Zhen Ting.” Old Master Night was very worried.

“Yes.” Night Sen called Night Fai and told him about the wrong car just now.

And at this time, Night Zhen Ting’s car was about to drive to the company, so Night Hui hung up the phone and hurriedly reported the situation.

As soon as he heard it, Night Zhen Ting was very surprised: “What? They’ve moved to Mid-levels North? Is it Leng Qianxue?”

Chapter 688

“Not sure yet.” Nightfury said, “Uncle Sam has sent someone to check.”

“Call immediately.” Night Zhen Ting ordered hastily, “Tell them I’ve sent the Night Army to keep an eye on it, so they don’t interfere.”

“Yes.” Night Fai immediately called Night Sen.

Hearing Night Fai’s words, Night Sen covered the microphone and said to Old Master Night, “Young Master said that he had already sent the Night Army to take care of it and told us not to interfere.”

Old Master Night frowned, but still nodded, “Alright, this is a small matter, let him handle it himself.”

Night Sen conveyed the old dowager’s meaning.

Night Hui in turn conveyed the meaning to Night Zhen Ting.

Night Zhen Ting finally let out a sigh of relief and ordered, “Have the Night Army check it out.”

“Yes.” Night Hui informed the Night Army.

Night Zhen Ting twirled the wedding ring on his left ring finger, his eyes filled with anticipation, perhaps, she wanted to come back to see him and the children, to be closer to them ……


Chen Chen was alone in the study reading a book.

The attendant came to report, “Young master, the teacher of the international economics class is already on his way over, but it may take an hour and a half because the road is a bit far.”

“Understood.” Chen Chen responded indifferently.

The attendant retreated.

After finishing reading the all-English International Economics book in his hand, Chen Chen rubbed his brow and got up to walk to the window, looking out at the dense woods in the distance to improve his visual fatigue.

However, his eyes were soon drawn to a silvery colour in the distance ……

On closer inspection, it appeared to be a car.

The Night Family’s cars were all black, and the private doctors and teachers they hired were all transported by the Night Family’s special cars, so why did a silver car suddenly come?

Could it be that a guest had arrived?

Tenzin pulled over the binoculars beside him and looked at the silver one in the distance.

It was a silver stretch Rolls-Royce, the exact same model as the Night Family’s car, which drove into the north area opposite and was soon hidden by the dense woods.

However, following that direction, Cinnabar could probably tell that the car had driven into the villa in the north area opposite.

He had heard Night Fai mention that there were two villas on this Qiu Ming Mountain, one to the south and one to the north.

The villa in the south was his house, while the north side had been empty, and now probably a new neighbour had moved in.

Judging from that car, the new neighbour’s wealth was not to be underestimated.

Tenzin put down the binoculars and didn’t look down; from the angle of this room, he could only see a section of the roundabout, and to see the north villa, he would probably have to go to the attic.

But it was not good to spy on people.

Tatsu wasn’t interested either.

When the teacher didn’t come, Tatsu was a bit bored and had finished his book, so he started fiddling with his machine pigeon.

It was his new research experiment, originally a toy pigeon he had bought at a market, and he had taken out the parts inside and fitted it with an electronic manipulator.

Then, from the window, he released this pigeon ……

Tenzin wanted to try how far the pigeon could fly and whether it could capture the panoramic view of Mount Akina.

If it could, it would be the equivalent of a drone, but his pigeon had a few more features than a drone.

Tenzin then turned on his tablet and opened the software to check.

The views captured by the pigeon are synced to the computer software.

First, it captured the front yard of the Night House, then it slowly rose up and captured the entire Night House in an overhead perspective, then it all became smaller as the surrounding forest began to leap into the shot, followed by a panoramic view of Mount Qiu Ming ……

Tatsumi curled his lips in triumph, it had worked!

He used the computer to manipulate the pigeon to see if he could fix the shot, so he guided the route for the pigeon to fly towards the villa to the north.

He wasn’t trying to spy either, he just wanted to test the sensitivity of the control.

The pigeon flew towards the north villa and caught the silver Rolls Royce in mid-air, with a couple of black-clad bodyguards getting out of the car and moving luggage into the house ……

A good looking figure was walking towards the house, as if sensing something, the figure looked back ……