Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 685-686

Chapter 685

“I have a sense of proportion.” Night Zhen Ting responded indifferently, “You are not well, recuperate more, so don’t worry about the company’s affairs.”

“In the past two years, I haven’t asked any more questions about what you do.” Old Master Night said in a serious tone, “But Leng’s attack on the domestic market, you must pay attention to it, Leng Di Feng almost monopolizes the Southeast Asian market, and has also enlisted a lot of people, if you ……”

“I know.” Night Zhen Ting interrupted the old man of the night, put down his wine glass and asked indifferently, “Is there anything else? If not, I’ll go back to rest first.”

The old man helplessly turned his face away and made a gesture of “go away”.

“Rest early, staying up late hurts your body.” Night Zhen Ting got up and left.

Looking at his back, old Mrs. Night sighed deeply, with infinite sadness in her eyes ……

“You just don’t worry too much.” Night Sen poured him a cup of tea and said soothingly, “Although the young master has a cold and arrogant nature, he has always been measured when it comes to official matters.”

“If he had a sense of proportion, he wouldn’t have let Leng’s people get the upper hand today.” Old Master Night said coldly, “I see that his mind is not at all on his work, he thinks about finding that woman all day long ……”

“That’s also human nature.” Night Sen advised cautiously, “It’s fine if he can pull himself together.”

“How meddlesome.” Old Master Night bellowed in exasperation, “Just like his old man, childish, how can you do great things like that?”

Night Sen didn’t dare to say more, he just silently covered Old Master Night’s legs with a blanket.

“It’s just that, push me back to rest.”

Old Master Night knew that apart from throwing a tantrum, there was nothing he could do, nothing he could do.

He was old, and many things still had to be weighed by Night Zhen Ting himself, and it was useless for him to say more.

Night Sen pushed Old Master Night back to his room, and when he passed by the living room, he saw the door to the study on the first floor was hidden, and the light inside was bright.

Night Fai took the documents and hurried in to report.

Night Sen hurriedly said, “Look, the young master is still working this late, which means he is still attentive.”

“It’s good to be attentive ……,” Old Master Night nodded his head gratefully.

In the study on the first floor, Night Hui handed the information to Night Zhen Ting: “Night King, this is all the information on that Miss Leng.”

Night Zhen Ting took it and looked it over carefully, smiling coldly, “Impeccable!”

“Yes, there is hardly any flaw to be found.” Night Fai said, “The school information is complete, from primary school to university, to postgraduate PhD students, even the schools attended in kindergarten are recorded, and every academic result is clear ……”

Night Zhen Ting did not say anything, continued to look through the information and photos, there are various records of Leng Qian Xue from childhood to adulthood, there are even photos of her childhood and teenage years, really can’t find any problems ……

“Maybe, she really isn’t Miss Feng?” Night Hui said tentatively, “Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such complete traces of growth.”

“Heh!” Night Zhen Ting laughed coldly, “Even our Night Family can remove all traces of a person’s growth, how hard would it be for Leng to shape a person’s growth traces?”

“This ……” Night Fai was speechless.

“Did you find out where she lives?” Night Zhen Ting put down the information, not wanting to read any further.

“No.” Night Fai shook his head, “It seems that the secrecy was done on purpose, it’s not really possible to find out for a while, the night army is already looking into it, he must have a way.”

“Tell the Night Army to stop looking into it.” Night Zhen Ting immediately said, “Since people intend to keep secrets, if we investigate, it will look like I have a hidden agenda.”

“Yes.” Night Hui hurriedly informed the Night Army.

“Leng has already taken the South Sea waters and intends to attack the domestic market, then, in future, we will inevitably have to deal with each other in the shopping mall, I believe that soon, we will meet!”

Night Zhen Ting tapped his knuckles on the table top, although he couldn’t wait inside, he forced himself to be calm, he must not be too hasty ……

Chapter 686

Before going to sleep at night, Night Zhen Ting received another text message from Ling Yun, concerned and warm.

Ling Yun is really persistent, for two years, she will send text messages to Night Zhen Ting every day to say good morning and good night, tenderly care for him ……

Before, Night Zhen Ting would choose to ignore it, but today Feng Qian Xue has returned, and remembering Chen Chen’s words, Night Zhen Ting decided to talk to her clearly, so he sent back a text message, “Let’s have dinner together tomorrow.”

“Okay okay, see you tomorrow night!”

It was almost a second reply, which showed how surprised and excited Ling Yun was on the other end of the phone.

Night Zhen Ting put down his phone and closed his eyes to sleep, the figure of Feng Qian Xue came back to his mind, tonight’s dream, she is going to appear again ……

In the early morning, Night Zhen Ting accompanied the children after breakfast and prepared to send them to school.

For two years, no matter how busy he was, Night Zhen Ting would send them to school, and the forty minutes on the road was the most precious parent-child time every day.

And today, Old Master Night wanted to do it for him.

He smiled and said lovingly, “Children, is it okay if you let Grandpa Zeng take you to school today?”

Night Zhen Ting looked at the children, asking for their opinion. Remember the website

“Yes, Grandpa Zeng is taking us to school!” Yue Yue clapped her little hands and cheered happily.

“Yes, Grandpa Zeng, you haven’t been to our new school yet, so go around today.” Long Long was also happy.

For his part, Tenzin responded indifferently, “Whatever!”

“Then you’ll let Grandpa Zeng send it off?” Night Zhen Ting looked at Chen Chen.

“Mm.” Chen Chen nodded, not even lifting his eyelids.

“Good work.” Night Zhen Ting admonished Old Master Night, “Don’t be too tired, come back and rest after you deliver.”

“Got it.” Old Master Night had obviously not slept well and was in poor spirits, but the thought of being able to send the children to school made him happy.

“I’ll go first.” Night Zhen Ting gave the three children a hug and left in a hurry.

“Children, have you eaten?” Old Master Night greeted with a smile.

“Finished eating!” The children began to pack their school bags and pushed Old Master Night’s wheelchair out the door.

“I suddenly remembered that I have an international economics class today, so I won’t be going to school, so you guys go ahead.”

Tenzin put down his cutlery and wiped his mouth elegantly with his napkin.

“Little Young Master ……”

“Good, then you behave at home.”

Night Sen wanted to persuade Chen Chen, but was interrupted by the gentle words of Old Master Night.

“Mm.” Chen Chen nodded, didn’t even look at him and went straight upstairs, and instructed his attendant, “Inform the teacher to come over early.”

“Yes, young master!”

Old Master Night looked at Chen Chen’s back, his mood was a bit lost, he knew that Chen Chen was deliberately distant from him, he was sad in his heart, but he also knew that some things could not be rushed ……

“Dabao, isn’t your international economics class in the afternoon?”

Long Long looked at Chen Chen’s back, his handsome little face full of doubts.

“Whatever about him, Dabao has finished teaching himself the primary school curriculum now anyway.” Yue Yue urged with a small frown, “Hurry up, you’re going to be late!”


The stretch Rolls Royce slowly drove out of the green lane and surprisingly met an identical car at the mid-levels junction, but that one was silver.

The two cars crossed paths, and the driver and the bodyguard on the passenger side both looked at each other in unison.

The Night Family was full of suspicion, while the other was cold and condescending.

“Could it be that a new resident has arrived at the villa on the northern side of Mid-levels?”

Night Sen looked at the stretch Rolls-Royce through the car window.

The Night Family’s villa was established halfway up Qiu Ming Mountain, and there were just two villas in total in the mid-mountain villa area, divided between the north and south.

The Night Family’s was on the south side, while the north side had been left vacant.

Therefore, this section of the mountain road was almost exclusively used by the Night Family, and it was unexpected that today they would meet an intersecting vehicle at the mid-mountain junction, or a Rolls Royce that was exactly the same as theirs.

Night Sam looked at the direction the car was leaving, and it was north.

It seemed that he had guessed correctly, there was a new person moving into the villa to the north!