Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 683-684

Chapter 683

“Yes, yes, me too ……,” Yueh said as she hurriedly raised her hand, “I’ve been dreaming about Mummy and Granny a lot lately, and sometimes in my dreams I seem to hear Granny calling me to get up and Mummy making little piggy buns in the kitchen. ”

“Yes, I still remember that Mummy’s little piggy buns are salty ……” Long Long looked a little sad when he said this, “I would like to eat salty little piggy buns every day as long as Mummy and Granny come back, uncooked glutinous rice chicken, and watermelon juice with onion flavour ……”

“Me too.” Chen Chen looked up at Night Zhen Ting, “We may be young, but we’ve never forgotten mummy and mother-in-law ……”

“I haven’t forgotten either!” Night Zhen Ting rubbed Chen Chen’s little head, “Don’t worry, Mummy will be home soon!”

Old Master Night once said that children over three years old do not remember things, and before long, they would forget about Feng Qianxue and accept a new mother from a new ……

But two years had passed, these three children had not forgotten Feng Qianxue, instead they had been looking forward to her return.

And recently this feeling has become stronger and stronger, the three children are even dreaming of her at the same time, this is probably the mother and child connection!

“Daddy ……” Yue Yue suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked ahead in dismay.

The night Zhen Ting raised his eyes to look, not far from the car park, Ling Yun stood by the car, holding a pile of gifts, waiting for them expectantly, seeing them walking over, she greeted them with joy.

Tenzin frowned and let go of the hand holding Night Zhen Ting.

Longlong was playing with the Rubik’s Cube while walking, and when he saw both Chen Chen and Yue Yue stop, he felt puzzled, but when he saw Ling Yun, he couldn’t help but freeze. Remember the website

Ling Yun ran over quickly and gave the three children the gifts she had carefully prepared.

The children did not want to accept it, but she was so full of sincerity and smiles that they could not refuse, so they took it and politely said, “Thank you!”

Ling Yun was all smiles as she did the mumbling, “From today onwards, you are primary school students, so study hard in the future, oh, and if you need any help with your studies, you can always ask me.”

Although Ling Yun could not speak, he had a double doctorate in education and medicine, and was also a first class psychologist.

So there was a reason why Elder Night had chosen her to be Feng Qianxue’s understudy in the first place.

Not just because she couldn’t speak and had a soft personality, but more importantly, she had certain abilities that would be helpful in educating the children as well.

“Thank you!” The three children didn’t seem to have anything else to say to Ling Yun apart from these words.

“Have a heart, go back.” Night Zhen Ting made a gesture.

Night Fai personally stepped forward and escorted Ling Yun to the car.

Ling Yun smiled and waved goodbye to the children before following Night Fai into the car.

As they watched the car leave, the children finally let out a sigh of relief.

Yue Yue beamed and lamented, “Actually, Auntie Ling is quite nice, if she doesn’t become our mummy, I can treat her as a good friend.”

“Yes, she prepares gifts carefully every time, if she doesn’t accept them, she has to persuade her for half a day, and if she does, she feels embarrassed.” Long Long frowned a little with a sad face, “It makes me feel a bit guilty.”

“Daddy, I don’t think you can do that.” Cinnabar thought most clearly, “If you don’t like her and don’t plan to marry her, then make it clear to people properly so she doesn’t waste her mind on you and us, otherwise it won’t be good for everyone when Mummy comes back later.”

“Hmm, you’re right.”

Night Zhen Ting nodded, in fact he had said it before, but Ling Yun said that he did it all willingly, without any intentions, and hoped that he would not have a psychological burden.

He could not say anything else.

But now that Feng Qianxue had returned, he felt it was all the more necessary to make it clear to her, hoping that she would not appear in his and the children’s sight too often in the future ……

Chapter 684

When they returned home, the old man of the night was already waiting in the living room, he had also prepared gifts for the three and had flown over from M to celebrate them today.

“Great Grandpa ……”

The children all ran over with glee when they saw Old Master Night.

“Hey!” When Old Master Night saw the children, a warm smile immediately lifted up on his pale face.

In the past two years, Old Master Night’s health had been deteriorating and he was now basically unable to leave his wheelchair. After all, at the age of 98, it was a blessing that he still had the spirit to enjoy the blessings of his children and grandchildren.

“Great grandpa, when did you come back?”

Yue Yue squatted down to give Old Master Night a leg-pump, that cute look warmed people’s hearts when they looked at him.

“Grandpa Zeng, you are not in good health, don’t go back to the US these days, just stay here at ease, we can still keep you company every day ……”

Long Long gave Old Master Night a squeeze on his shoulders and accompanied him in his small talk.

Only Chen Chen, poured a cup of tea for Old Master Night, then said lightly, “Grandpa Zeng, I still have a code to finish, so I’ll go upstairs first.”

With that, he went straight upstairs ……

Old Master Night held his cup of tea and looked at Chen Chen’s gradually growing back, his complexion turned gloomy.

He knew in his heart that Longlong and Yueyue did not understand many things, so they could still remain as close to him as usual.

But Chen Chen, although he didn’t say anything, he was clear in his heart that the departure of his mother in the first place was entirely caused by Old Master Night ……

He knows that Old Master Night is good to them and probably has his own reasons for having to do that, so he doesn’t hate it too much, but he can’t be as close to his old man as he used to be.

This indifference and distancing was his way of expressing it.

“Such a trivial matter, and a special trip to fly back, are you tired?”

Nowadays, when he spoke to the old man, his tone had become serious and calm, and he no longer laughed and quarrelled with him like before.

“The children have officially entered primary school, so I had to come back to see them.” Old Master Night said indifferently, “I heard that the South Sea waters were shot away by Leng today?”

“Business matters are to be discussed in the study.” Night Zhen Ting patted Long Long and Yue Yue’s little shoulders, “It’s very late, go to your room and rest.”


“Good night great grandpa, good night daddy!”

“Good night children!”

After the children went upstairs, Night Sen pushed Old Master Night to the study.

Night Zhen Ting changed his clothes, then came over and sat down as Night Fai handed over the blended iced wine.

“Still drinking?” Old Master Night frowned at him, “You forgot about the previous alcoholism that caused your stomach to bleed?”

After Feng Qianxue’s accident, Night Zhenting was decrepit at home for half a year, not eating or sleeping every day, using wine every day to renew his life, resulting in health problems, and was later hospitalized with stomach bleeding ……

The old lady of the night watched over him in the hospital overnight and aged a lot overnight.

Since then, the night old lady’s attitude towards night ZhenTing is not even as strong as before, no matter what night ZhenTing does, as long as it is not too much, he will no longer say much.

“A small amount!” Night Zhen Ting was in a good mood today, and his attitude towards Old Master Night was not as cold as before.

“The South Sea Sea is so important, why don’t you go and bid for it yourself?”

Old Master Night said this topic again with a very serious attitude –

“Two years ago, the Leng Clan wanted to take the South Sea Sea, at that time you brought down the Chu and Si Clans, and I subdued the Ling Clan and cut off their left and right arms, so they did not succeed.

Today they struck again and took it in one go, it is said that that Leng Di Feng even sent a young girl to bid for it, and people won it in one go, which caused quite a big reaction in the business world ……”

“You went to investigate again?”

Night Zhen Ting frowned, he didn’t want Old Master Night to know about Leng Qianxue, or else he would have to make trouble from it again ……

“Does this still need to be investigated?” Old Master Night bellowed lowly in displeasure, “The news has all spread.”