Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 677-678

Chapter 677

“Hello!” Night Zhen Ting’s low voice came with the usual seriousness.

“Mr. Night, Leng’s price is up to thirty billion, do we need to increase it?” Wen Li hastened to get to the point.

“Someone from Leng’s is here?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows, “Leng Di Feng?”

“Not Mr L, it’s ……”

“Time’s up!” The girl’s cold voice suddenly came, interrupting Wen Li’s words and questioning unhappily, “What? Are you guys trying to break the rules of the line for Night?”

“No no ……” the person in charge hurriedly explained, “I see that Chief Wen’s phone has already been called.”

“So what?” The girl bellowed arrogantly, “Time is up, now, immediately, immediately, give me the clap!”

“Yes, yes!” The man in charge made a gesture to the master of ceremonies.

The MC immediately made a final query, “Thirty billion for the first time!”

“Thirty billion ……”

“Mr. Night, do we have to raise the price?” Wen Li asked anxiously, “Mr. Night, Mr. Night ……” Remember the website

At the other end of the phone, Night Zhen Ting was shocked, for a long time, he finally spoke, “Who was the one who just spoke??”

“That one is ……”

“Thirty billion for the third time!”

“Mr. Night, do you want to raise the bid????? It’s already the last ……”

“Sold !!!!”

Before Wen Li could finish her words, the master of ceremonies struck the hammer.

The scene was silent, everyone was dumbfounded, this was the first time ever that Night’s had missed out.

It was also the first time that Leng had struck out in the country and won against Night right out of the gate.

It was the equivalent of, Leng’s first stop, Leng’s win!

“Congratulations to the Leng Clan for winning the South Sea Sea.” The MC formally announced, “Afterwards, we will contact your company for the relevant procedures.”

“Thanks!” The girl hooked her lips into a smile, got up, and walked out in a condescending manner.

A thunderous applause came from behind her as everyone applauded for the girl.

It was probably the first time they had seen the Night defeated and losing at the hands of a young girl, and everyone was shocked.

At the same time, they were also marvelling at the girl’s drive, the way she shook the scene at a critical moment, and the way she justifiably fought for her interests in order to keep Night down!

“Please wait.” Jiang Dong hurriedly chased after him.

“Jiang Dong, something wrong?” The girl turned her head to look at him, and although her tone was polite, her expression gaze was very clear and cold.

“Excuse me, are you, Feng Qianxue?” Jiang Dong asked in a soft voice.

“My surname is Leng.” The girl hooked her lips in a smile, “Called Leng Qianxue!”

With that, the girl proudly left ……

Jiang Dong was stunned in place, staring blankly at her back.

“Jiang Dong.” Wen Li hurriedly ran over, “Chief Night left on site to rush over and asked me to keep the girl, what did you say to her just now?”

“I asked her if she was Feng Qianxue, she said her surname was Leng and her name was Leng Qianxue.” Jiang Dong shook his head and sighed: “It’s just too similar, not only do they look alike, even their names look alike ……”

“It must be her.” Wen Li hurriedly chased out.

Leng Qianxue’s pace was elegant and valiant, striding forward with eight female bodyguards following behind her.

The group walked out of the auction and was about to get into the car when Wen Li hurriedly chased them out, “Please wait, Miss Leng!”

Leng Qianxue stopped in her tracks and turned back, looking at her with cold arrogance.

“Miss Leng, I am Wen Li, Vice President of Shengtian Group, do you still remember me?”

Wen Li finally followed, panting slightly as she introduced herself.

“Why would I remember you?” Leng Qianxue coldly curled her lips.

“I ……” Wen Li was stunned for a moment and changed her words in a panic, “Sorry, sorry, I said the wrong thing, I meant to say that our General Manager of the night is very eager to meet you, I wonder if you could please wait for a moment, he is on his way here now ……”

“Night Zhen Ting?” Leng Qianxue raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Wen Li nodded her head repeatedly.

“Make an appointment with my secretary.”

Without half a moment’s hesitation, Leng Qianxue left these words and went straight to the car.

Chapter 678

“Miss Leng, Leng ……”

Wen Li still wanted to call out to her, but she was stopped by a cold-faced female bodyguard.

Wen Li could only retreat to the side and watched as Leng Qianxue left in the stretch Rolls-Royce ……

Wen Li sighed and turned around to go inside, but found that many businessmen had already gathered around, taking in the scene just now, and at the moment, they all had complicated faces and were whispering.

I never thought that one day, there would be a time when the Night’s would take the initiative to offer their hospitality!

This Miss Leng is truly blessed with a unique opportunity, the first one!

It seems that after two years of inactivity, Leng’s entry into the domestic market is now a must, and will definitely become the most powerful rival of the Night’s!

“Gone?” Jiang Dong walked out slowly, looking at Wen Li’s embarrassed look, he smiled and asked, “Bumped into a nail, did you?”

“Mm.” Wen Li nodded in embarrassment, “I’ve said that Mr. Night is on his way here and asked her to wait for a moment, guess what she said?”

“What?” Jiang Dong asked.

“She told Mr. Night to make an appointment with her secretary.” Wen Li cried and laughed.

“Hahahaha ……” Jiang Dong laughed, “This little girl is something, that calm and collected aura at the auction just now, not in danger, she is definitely not in the pool!”

“Yes.” Wen Li nodded her head and sighed, “It’s really impressive!”

“This is completely different from that dumb and dumber Feng Qianxue back then.” Jiang Dong’s expression turned grave, “But how in the world can there be such a resemblance?”

“The personalities are indeed completely different, even the little actions between their mannerisms are different.”

Wen Li thought back carefully and couldn’t help but sigh ……

“When Feng Qianxue followed me to work, we spent every day together, I know her too well, she is the cute and nerdy kind.

And this Miss Leng in front of me, there is a domineering and arrogant aura between her hands and feet that one cannot underestimate, and that look in her eyes, I don’t dare to look at her at all.”

“Yes.” Jiang Dong nodded, “That incident back then was a big blow to the General Manager of the night, he was silent for most of the year before he got over it, but his whole person became even more reticent.

That past incident, the whole company except for Night Fai Night Army, only you and I know, nowadays, although there is a new Mrs. Night, but we all know very well that Mr. Night still has his real wife Feng Qianxue in his heart.”

“Yes ……” Speaking of this, Wen Li also couldn’t help but sigh, “I was really shocked to see Miss Leng earlier …… ”

As we were talking, a Maybach sped up like the wind, the car had just stopped, and Night Zhen Ting rushed down, “Where is everyone? Where is it?”

“Already gone.” Wen Li weakly reported, “I have tried my best to retain her, but that Miss Leng is just too high and cold ……”

“Did you leave any contact information?” Night Zhen Ting eagerly pursued.

“No.” Wen Li shook her head and said timidly, “She said that if you want to see her, you have to make an appointment with her secretary first.”


Night Zhen Ting froze, this didn’t sound like something Feng Qian Xue would say.

“Mr. Night, calm down and listen to me.” Jiang Dong said soothingly, “Although this girl looks exactly like Feng Qianxue, her temperament and aura are very different ……”

“Get in the car and talk.” Night Zhen Ting could not wait any longer and instructed Night Hui, “Find the person in charge of the auction and transfer the surveillance.”


When they got into the car, Wen Li and Jiang Dong told Night Zhen Ting everything that had just happened, in great detail.

As Night Zhen Ting listened, his brow furrowed ……

The girl was indeed not Feng Qianxue according to this description, which Feng Qianxue has that aura, she would only pull his sleeves, timidly hiding behind him, curiously looking around ……

The actual fact is that you are really mistaken?

“Night King, the surveillance is transferred.” The night Hui brought the tablet computer.

Night Zhen Ting opened the video and took a look, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded, immediately confirmed: “It’s her, it’s her, it must be her!”