Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 675-676

Chapter 675

Country E, the Leng family.

Leng Di Feng used all his means and changed doctors one after another before finally hiring the right medical team to treat Feng Qianxue.

During the three-month-long treatment, the residual toxins in Feng Qianxue’s body were finally removed.

However, due to the side effects of the Western medical treatment, coupled with psychological factors, Feng Qianxue was left with serious after-effects.

She lost her memory ……

Forgetting everything about her adult life, she only remembers her father and Zhu’s mother, and the happy times of her childhood ……

At the same time, every time there is a thunderstorm, she gets a splitting headache.

But it doesn’t matter, everything will start again.

Leng Di Feng hired a professional team to fully build Feng Qian Xue, teaching her like a child from scratch, making her learn various skills and business management, bound to make her a real Leng family member!

Two years later ……

Hai Cheng, the scene of the auction.

After several years of development, Hai Cheng had become the number one city in the domestic economy, every inch of land was golden, every piece of land had been developed, and there was hardly any spare land to develop.

Only the South China Sea waters have become a project that the world’s major business communities are desperately campaigning for!

Today’s auction will not only auction off several pieces of land around the area, but also the right to own the South China Sea Sea!

Because of the importance attached to this piece of land, many groups have come to bid for it, including the Shengtian Group, which is one of the most popular groups in the world.

This time, the company’s newly appointed Vice President, Wen Li, accompanied the Director, Jiang Huiang, to attend the auction.

The auction was in full swing and competition was fierce. The Shengtian Group people arrived ten minutes late, but despite this, they were still the centre of attention!

At this moment, several important businessmen were competing to bid for the sea area, which had already fetched a sky-high price of twenty billion dollars, and several of them were sweating like rain and no longer dared to raise the price further.

Only one newly promoted businessman, Mr Han, called for 20.5 billion.

At this point, Shengtian Group made its bid, and under the instruction of Jiang Dong, Wen Li directly raised her bid: “Twenty-five billion!”

At once, the whole room was in an uproar. The previous bidders had already made the atmosphere very tense by adding five billion each time they bid, but Wen Li directly called for twenty-five billion!

This made it impossible for the others to raise their bids any higher.

After all, the Night Clan was so rich and powerful that no one could beat them.

That General Manager Han looked at the auction stage with regret, and then at Shengtian’s people, and had no choice but to close his hand.

He knew that he couldn’t fight Shengtian!

“Twenty-five billion for the first time!”

“Twenty-five billion for the second time!”

“Twenty-five billion third ……”

“Thirty billion!”

Suddenly, a clear and cold voice came out, breaking the atmosphere of the scene.

Everyone was stunned and all turned around to look.

Eight black-clad female bodyguards walked in, lining up in two neat and orderly rows, clearing a path.

A cold and charming figure walked with an elegant stride, proudly walking ……

The white slim suit, hair casually tied into a low ponytail, light and light make-up, embellished that naturally beautiful face with a slightly high and cold look, the stunning face has a different and arrogant air ……

This girl, as soon as she came out, became the focus of the room!

“Oh my God!” Wen Li saw the girl and was dumbfounded with shock, “Isn’t this …… Miss Feng?”

Jiang Dong’s eyes widened in shock and looked at the girl without blinking, he suspected he had seen the wrong girl, rubbed his eyes and looked over again, the girl had already walked proudly.

Elegantly taking the seat next to Night’s, the sign read Leng’s!

“It’s someone from the Leng Clan.” The merchants in the audience were shocked and many were whispering, “The legendary Mr. L never shows his face, I wonder who this girl is?”

“Could it be his fiancee?”

“This ……”

“Miss Leng has bid 30 billion, is there anyone else bidding?”

Chapter 676

The emcee asked excitedly.

Everyone on the scene looked at Sheng Tian, of all those people present, only the Night family could compete with Leng’s.

Wen Li took her stunned gaze back from the girl and moved to Jiang Dong’s ear, whispering, “Mr. Night has said that the maximum cannot exceed twenty-six billion, should we ask him?”

“Give him a call.” Jiang Dong instructed in a low voice.

“Okay.” Wen Li immediately walked to the side to call Night Zhen Ting.

Everyone at the scene was waiting to see Night’s reaction, while the girl rubbed her brow and questioned overbearingly, “What, do we have to wait for them to have a meeting to discuss it?”

“This ……” The emcee looked to the head of the auction.

That person in charge hurriedly explained, “That’s not true ……”

Halfway through the sentence, when he met the girl’s cold eyes, the person in charge immediately said, “According to the formal procedure, we can only wait for sixty seconds at most.”

The girl made a cold and arrogant gesture.

The person in charge immediately said, “Start the clock.”

“Yes.” The big screen began a sixty-second countdown.

At the same time, the emcee asked, “Leng’s opening bid is thirty billion, is there anyone else raising their bid?”

There was a lot of chatter on the floor, none of them dared to raise their bids, and some merchants even put their cards back, just waiting for a good show.

Jiang Dong looked at the girl carefully from a distance of a few metres, the face was simply the same as Feng Qianxue’s back then, only that the temperament was completely different.

Those cold, arrogant, domineering little gestures just now were in no way the same as the stupid, dumb Feng Qianxue would have ……

Who the hell is she?

Wen Li looked at the screen countdown and couldn’t help but feel anxious, urging to herself, “Chief Night, pick up the phone, pick up the phone.”

The girl leaned back on the sofa in a cocky manner, took the wine glass handed to her by her attendant and shook it slowly and deliberately, waiting until the countdown reached the last thirty seconds.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly as she mocked, “If the president of Shengtian Group attaches so little importance to this piece of sea, why waste time?”

“Little girl, our president has not attended any public occasions for the past two years, not that he doesn’t attach importance to it.” Jiang Dong’s voice carried a sense of cordiality as he said gently, “Commercial bidding, fair competition, we will all abide by the rules, please don’t be in a hurry!”

“I’m not in a hurry.” The girl raised her eyebrows and smiled coldly, “Even if Night Zhen Ting was present, he couldn’t afford to offer thirty billion!”

The moment these words were spoken, the atmosphere instantly became stiff and awkward.

The Night Family had been running the mall for decades, and everyone was respectful and deferential, and these people here, not to mention provoking, did not even dare to be half-hearted.

And this girl, she had a lot of nerve!

But no wonder, she was a member of the Leng family.

The Leng Family and the Night Family were old enemies, equal in wealth and status, neither of them obeyed the other, neither of them was afraid of the other, except that for the past twenty years they had been at peace with each other, but now was this a war?

“It’s not right for a young girl to talk like that.” Jiang Dong’s brow wrinkled up and corrected seriously, “In business, we talk about business, we Night’s ……”

“Shut up!” The girl frowned, her face full of boredom, “Is the time up?”

“Miss Leng, there are still ten seconds left.” The female bodyguard beside her reported in a low voice.

On stage, the MC asked again to ease the awkwardness, “Leng’s bid is thirty billion, does anyone else want to raise their bid?”

The stage was silent, no one dared to respond.

“If no one raises their bid, we will have to wait for a response from Shengtian’s side.” The MC looked at Jiang Dong.

And Jiang Dong frowned and looked at Wen Li.

Wen Li pointed to her mobile phone, looking very anxious, the phone kept going unanswered, at this time, the president should be in the company, why didn’t he answer the phone?

“There are only three seconds left ……” reminded the emcee.

“Can you wait a little longer ……” Wen Li had just finished speaking when the call was answered ……