Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 673-674

Chapter 673

Night Zhen Ting had checked all the suspicious characters who had had dealings with Feng Qian Xue, but there was still no trace of them.

Chu Zihan was already in jail, Si Hao Xuan was too busy with his own lawsuit and begging for help every day to leave the country, much less come to Chiang Mai to harm anyone.

As for Ling Long, she had no entry or exit records in the last few months either, and the evidence indicated that she had been busy with her project in Haicheng.

Night Zhen Ting could only continue to investigate from elsewhere ……

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

If she hadn’t, she would have been found out by Night Thunder.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


The next day, three months have passed.

The company is still unable to find Feng Qiuxue.

The children could not see their daddy and mummy, at first they were at home every day chasing after them, then they started to cry, and finally they were cruelly told by the old man of the night that their mummy had fallen ill and died!

When the children heard the news, they were like thunderstorms and cried until they broke down, refusing to accept the reality.

Longlong’s little face was taut and red as he cried out in agitation, “It can’t be, Mummy is fine, how could she die? You guys are lying, lying.”

“I don’t care, Mummy is not dead, Mummy is not dead.” Yue Yue tilted her little head and cried so hard she couldn’t catch her breath, “I want Mummy, I want Mummy ……”

“There must be something wrong with this matter.” Chen Chen was shaking with excitement, clenching his little fist and questioning, “The day Daddy and Mommy got married, you guys suddenly took Mommy away, saying you wanted to cure her, and later when we said we wanted to visit Mommy, you wouldn’t let us.

Did you send Mummy away? Where did you send Mummy? Did you send her away on purpose because she was from a bad family and you didn’t want her to marry Daddy? Did you not?”

Faced with the crying and questioning of the three children, the old man of the night felt very hard in his heart, he had long been mentally prepared for this, but now that he saw the children in this state, he still felt very guilty ……

But, he still had to fight, serious and earnest explanation, “since great grandpa has agreed to daddy mummy to get married, he will not mind her birth, mummy is really sick, the day of the wedding had a lot of nosebleeds, we had to send her to treatment immediately, just did not expect later on …… ”

“I don’t believe it, it’s not like that, it can’t be.” Chen cried and shook his head, “Mummy won’t die, Mummy can’t be dead, you guys lied to me, lied to me, I want to find Mummy ……”

With that, Chen Chen ran outside in excitement.

When Longlong and Yueyue saw that Tenzin ran, they both ran out after him as well.

“Chen Chen ……”

“Little Young Master!”

The bodyguards and maids hurriedly went after them.

“Hurry up, don’t let anything happen.” Old Master Night was in a hurry.

“Yes.” Night Sen led the men and chased after them personally, but just as he ran out of the doorway he froze.

Night Zhen Ting, who had been away from home for three months, had returned, stepping out of the car, winded and dusty, his face full of vicissitudes.

His beard had grown, his hair had grown longer, his skin had darkened, his eyes were bloodshot, and he looked like a zombie who had not slept properly for a long, long time.

When the three children saw him, they first froze for a moment, and then, all of them jumped over and hugged Night Zhen Ting’s legs ……

“Daddy, great grandpa said mommy is dead, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

“Daddy, mommy is not dead, right? Mommy is still fine right?”

“Daddy, take us to Mummy, we want Mummy!”

“Right.” Night Zhen Ting bent down and wiped the tears from the three children’s noses, “Mommy is not dead, she is still alive, she just got lost, Daddy is looking for her everywhere, one day, Mommy will come back!”

When he said this last sentence, his voice choked up and he held the three children tightly in his arms, not wanting them to see the tears in his eyes ……

Chapter 674

Seeing this scene, Old Master Night felt very guilty in his heart, he wanted to say something, but he touched the hateful gaze of Night Zhen Ting.

Old Master Night immediately straightened his back and said in a pretend serious manner, “It’s good to be back, don’t run around anymore, you are not alone, you are the heir of the Night’s and the father of the three children, you have to be responsible for them!”

Without a word, Night Zhen Ting took the children into the house.

All of his hatred for Old Master Night was suppressed in his heart and did not explode out, for no other reason than for the sake of the children.

After all, children’s world was simple, they had just lost their mother and mother-in-law, if they lost their great grandfather again, they would only be more upset ……

“What attitude?” Old Master Night shouted lowly in exasperation.

“The young master is able to be so calm, which is already very unexpected.” Night Sen advised in a serious tone, “Just give him some time.”

“I’m doing this all for the sake of this family, for the sake of the children …… Am I really wrong?”

With these words, Old Master Night was asking Night Sen as well as himself.

He was also reflecting, was he really wrong?

“Alas …… it is a mistake of fate and creation.” Night Sen sighed deeply, “The fault does not lie with you, but we are indeed responsible for Miss Wind’s death, and it is already considered good that the young master did not mention it in front of the children.” Remember the website

Hearing these words, Old Master Night was silent ……

In fact, he was already well prepared, thinking that when Night Zhending returned, he would have a big fight with him and make a fuss, but Night Zhending did not ……

Instead, he became even more upset.

“Don’t worry, the young master is strong.” Night Sen knew what Old Master Night was thinking and soothed in a low voice, “With the three children around, he will pick himself up again.”


Old Master Night nodded, thinking of those three children made it all worthwhile.

“Time will wash everything away ……,” Night Sen pushed Old Master Night away.

The old man looked up at the first floor, the light in the master bedroom was not on, but the light in the study was on.

He let out a deep sigh, “Prepare the special plane and return to M tomorrow.”

“Not staying to watch the young master?” Night Sen was a little surprised.

“He’s so old, he’s not a child, he needs to be watched?” Old Master Night said in an unpleasant manner, “In life, how can everything go smoothly and experience a little setback and then fall flat on your face, that’s not what our Night Family’s children and grandchildren do!”

“Alright.” Night Sen nodded, “What about the children? Are you really at ease? I’m afraid the young master can’t take care of them in his current condition, why don’t we take them to America for a while?”

“No need.” Old Master Night shook his head, “Just because there are children around, he has to pull himself together as soon as possible ……”

“Alright, understood!” Night Sen and the bodyguard helped Old Master Night into the car.

“Tell Ling Fengye to come to the house, I need to talk to him.”



Night Zhen Ting soothed the three children to sleep and returned to his bedroom alone.

Three months away from home, everything was still set up as it was on the day of his wedding, and no one dared to touch it without his order.

Only, all the wedding photos about him and Feng Qianxue had been taken away.

In the whole house, there was no picture of her, but every corner seemed to have her shadow, her scent, her traces ……

It was as if he saw her sitting at the dressing table blow-drying her hair and smiling back at him, “Go and take a shower.”

It was also as if he saw her gently greeting him and taking off his coat: “You’re back, are you tired today? I’ve put the water on for you, go and have a bath ……”

Her figure walked around the room, close at hand, but when he reached out to embrace her, she turned into smoke and disappeared ……

His hands froze there, his heart, too.

He lowered his eyes, and his heart was infinitely sad ……

But he always had an inexplicable confidence that she was still alive, that she must still be alive ……