Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 663-664

Chapter 663

Time pa*ses one day at a time ……

In the blink of an eye, Feng Qianxue had stayed in Qing Mai for nine days.

The antidote in the small silver case was down to the last bottle, and for the past few days, Feng Qianxue hadn’t had any more attacks, which was probably the only comforting thing for her at the moment.

As long as she drank this last bottle of antidote tomorrow, the toxins in her body would be completely cleared ……

In the morning, Zhu’s mother was drying clothes in the courtyard, and incidentally brought in Feng Qianxue’s custom-made wedding dress.

It has been rainy lately and the clothes never dry, especially when the wedding dress is so thick and heavy.

Zhu’s mother had washed it all day and tried various methods to clean the blood stains on it, and it had been hanging out here for nine days ……

Today it can finally be taken back.

Zhu Ma found a large hanger and hung the wedding dress on the wall, then used the steam iron to smooth it out bit by bit.

“I’ll do it.” Feng Qianxue took over the steam iron and carefully ironed the wedding dress.

As a rule, this wedding dress, worth tens of millions of dollars, should not be washed or ironed like this, but the conditions in this town were limited and Zhu’s mother was afraid that sending it to the dry cleaners would ruin it, so she had to wash it herself.

Little by little, Feng Qianxue carefully ironed the wedding dress, and it took her more than an hour to finish it, and she took a few steps back and looked up at the dress.

Under the breeze, the dress swayed gently, seemingly the same as before, nothing had changed, yet it seemed different ……

The broken diamonds on the wedding dress emitted a bewitching luster in the sunlight, only, lacking the fairy’s backing, the wedding dress became dull like an angel that had fallen from heaven to earth ……

The wedding dress is like an angel that has fallen from heaven to earth, and has become dull, just like Feng Qianxue’s eyes.

She lowered her eyes gloomily and looked at the wedding ring in her hand, in a terrible mood ……

“Miss, don’t think nonsense.” Zhu Ma carefully comforted, “At least your illness is almost healed, tomorrow when you finish the last bottle of medicine, the toxins in your body will be completely cleared, that’s a heavenly good thing.”

“Hmm.” Feng Qianxue lifted the corners of her lips, “It’s possible to live.”

But what was the difference between her losing everything and being trapped here and dying?

“As long as life is still there, there is hope for everything.” Zhu Ma encouraged her, “The young master will definitely come to pick us up.”

Feng Qianxue looked blankly at the wedding dress, her mood was very complicated, she had two moods every day, waking up in the morning full of hope, thinking that Night Zhen Ting would not leave her alone, and going to bed at night disheartened before she went to bed, resenting his heartlessness ……

Now, she herself is confused.

Not sure if she should still trust him or not ……

“I’ll go and cook, you take a rest.” Zhu Ma went to the kitchen.

Feng Qianxue looked at her wedding dress and was dumbfounded. For a long time, she took off her wedding dress and changed into it, looking at herself in the floor mirror, not as beautiful and noble as she was on her wedding day, but became haggard and tired ……

In just ten days, she had lost so much weight that her wedding dress looked loose.

“Oops, the sun was out just now, why is it raining again?”

Zhu Ma ran out of the kitchen and went to collect the clothes in the courtyard, when she suddenly noticed several black cars driving outside, that was clearly the Night Family’s motorcade ……

Zhu Ma thought that it was the Night Family’s caravan coming to pick them up, she was overjoyed and hurriedly shouted to Feng Qianxue, “Miss, Miss, come out quickly, the Night Family is coming ……”

When Feng Qianxue heard the shout, she couldn’t even put on her shoes before she ran out barefoot.

“Miss, look, is that the Night Family’s caravan?” Zhu Ma pointed at the cars outside the courtyard wall, “It looks like them to me!”

“Yes, it’s them.” Feng Qianxue carried her wedding dress hem and ran over, pushing open the courtyard door and saw another face ……

“Feng Qianxue, long time no see!” Ling Long got down from the car with an eerie cold smile on his face, “I didn’t expect it, you’ve still fallen into my hands.”

Chapter 664

Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened in shock as she stared at Ling Long in a daze, and soon, she reacted by turning around and quickly closing the courtyard door and locking it behind her.

“Miss, what’s wrong ……”

“It’s Ling Long, go!”

Feng Qianxue pulled Zhu Ma and was about to flee through the back door, but Zhu Ma ran towards her room, “Wait.”

Zhu Ma rushed into the room and took the small silver case and held it tightly in her arms, “The last bottle of antidote, we can’t lose it.”

“Hurry!” Feng Qianxue anxiously pulled her away.

There was a loud “bang, bang, bang” behind them, they were banging on the door.

The two of them ran out of the back door and ran into Ah Bao, carrying a durian and bringing it to them: “Zhu Ma, this durian is delicious ……”

“Someone is trying to kill us, call the police.”

Feng Qianxue shouted at Ah Bao before she pulled Zhu Ma and ran past him.

Po froze there and before he could react, several black men rushed over and knocked him straight to the ground.

Just as Po got up from the ground, he was hit by a couple of black men again, and the durian in his arms rolled to one side and was stomped on by the group of black men this way and that ……

A Bao was so angry that he got up from the ground and tried to argue with them, when a tall, big black man glared at him menacingly, with a gun in his hand.

Po cowered to one side in fear.

“Mind your own business!” The black man gave a vicious warning and followed quickly.

“Get her!”

A woman’s voice came and Bao whipped his head around to see a tall, pretty woman stomping up after her in high heels, followed by several black bodyguards escorting the line.

“Ah…” came Feng Qianxue’s miserable scream from not far away.

Bao shivered and wanted to rush over, but as he watched a dozen people form a high wall around Feng Qianxue and Zhu’s mother, he ran away in fear again.

“You guys, what do you want?”

Zhu Ma was pushed down to the ground, but still protected Feng Qianxue.

“What for?” Ling Long sneered mockingly, “Revenge of course!”

“I have never hurt you, how can I talk about revenge?” Feng Qianxue questioned angrily.

“You didn’t hurt me?” It was as if Ling Long had heard the world’s funniest joke –

“Obviously I am the fiancee of Night Zhen Ting, but he defends you at every turn, sneaking into your room to sleep with you in front of me, I see it in my eyes, but I still can’t show it, do you know that feeling of having your heart cut like a knife?”

“I can’t figure it out, I’m rich and fit, what’s not as good as you? Why doesn’t he want me and wants you?”

“My marriage to him was announced to the public, but it was cancelled on the spur of the moment, and I became the laughing stock of the whole world!”

“I cut my vein to kill myself in front of him, but he showed no mercy and didn’t even bother to look at me ……”

At this point, Ling Long’s voice became hoarse and her expression became sad, but soon, she raised an eerie cold smile again and squatted down, her sharp knife slapping Feng Qianxue’s face ……

“Isn’t all this because of you? Hmm?”

“This is between you, it has nothing to do with me.”

Feng Qianxue frowned and carefully avoided the knife, afraid that the blade would scratch her face.

“Nothing to do with you?” Ling Long fiercely pinched Feng Qianxue’s cheek and lifted her head, gesturing with the knife on her face, “Are you sure??”

“What are you doing? Let go of my miss ……”

Zhu Ma was about to lunge to the rescue when she was kicked to the ground by a black bouncer.

“Ah-” Zhu Ma let out a scream and spat out a mouthful of blood from the corner of her mouth.

“Zhu Ma-” Feng Qianxue roared in agitation, “The person you are looking for is me, don’t move her!”

“Fine, then I’ll move you.” Ling Long looked up and down at Feng Qianxue’s wedding dress, “Yo, still wearing your wedding dress, what? Still reminiscing about your wedding to Night Zhen Ting? Too bad, he doesn’t want you anymore ……”