Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 659-660

Chapter 659

“Night King ……” At this time, Night Hui hurriedly came to report, “The news has been completely blocked, Gao Ting and all other related people have been settled to ensure that no matter about Miss Feng will be leaked.

The video footage of the wedding scene has also been completely erased and only one copy has been left to be sent to your email address. In addition, regarding the traces of Miss Feng’s past life, the old man’s side is already dealing with it.”

Hearing these words, Night Zhen Ting was silent, the old master was trying to erase all news related to Feng Qianxue, as if she had never existed in this world ……

Only in this way would it not affect the children’s future, would not allow the Leng family to discover Feng Qianxue’s existence, and would not trigger a new round of the Leng-Ni battle!!!

“Night King, you’ve been tired all day, go and rest.” Night Hui advised cautiously.

Night Zhen Ting lowered his eyes and seemed to be dazed.

Night Hui didn’t dare to say it a second time, he just looked at each other with Night Jun, both of them were very worried.

After a long time, Night Zhen Ting finally spoke, “Gather all relevant information about Leng’s, and that L, I want to have full information about them!”

“Yes.” Night Jun immediately went to do it.

“Contact the Four Great Clans and the Seven Great Chambers of Commerce for me, I want to see them.” Night Zhen Ting ordered again.

“What do you want?” Night Hui frowned and did not do as he was told, instead he advised anxiously, “Are you trying to deal with the Leng Clan in full? Remember the website

You think that as long as the Leng Clan is settled, the Night Family can be free from threats and Miss Feng can be brought back?

But have you thought about how easy it is to deal with the Leng family? Their financial power is not in any way below the Night’s, not to mention ……”

“Shut up!!!” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Do as you are told.”

“Night King ……” Night Hui was about to persuade, but was stopped by the Night Army.

Night Fai could only bow his head and take orders, “Yes.”

The two men retreated together, and Night Fai asked in exasperation, “What are you dragging me for? Why don’t you join me in persuading him?”

“Did it work?” Night Army asked rhetorically, “What does the Night King want to do, is it not something we can stop?”

With a single sentence, it rendered Night Fai speechless.

It was also true that even if he talked through his throat, Night Zhen Ting would not listen, and in the end, he might take a few punches and still go about his business as usual.

“Don’t worry, the old man won’t let him mess around.” Night Jun turned his head to look inside the house and said in a low voice, “The old master mobilized all the powerful generals of the Night Family to Hai Cheng, bound to press the Night King and stabilize the situation.”

“It seems that the old master is determined to purge Miss Feng.” Night Hui frowned, “After all, the impact is too great, we can’t just let the Night King’s nature run amok.”

“Leng’s power is not to be underestimated as he has surged forward these days.” Night Jun sighed, “Now that General Yun has already divided some of his power, the Night King is suffering from internal and external problems, and his power is thin, at this time, he must not act impulsively!”

“Yes ……” Night Hui sighed helplessly, “Really how could I have thought that Miss Feng would actually be a descendant of the Leng family …… alas ……”

“This so-called descendant, I’m afraid, does a hundred harms rather than one good.” Night Jun looked grave.

“What do you mean?” Night Fai hurriedly pursued the question.

Night Jun moved closer to Night Hui and whispered, “Now Leng is in charge of Mr. L. It is said that he is ruthless and in order to get to the top, he actually took out his own brother, Miss Feng is only his cousin, if he knows her identity, I am afraid that she is also a tool to be used against the Night family.”

“No wonder …… no wonder the Night King will compromise ……” Night Hui suddenly realized, “in fact, if he really wants to rebel against the old man, it is not completely without means. But, if Miss Wind’s identity is leaked out, then she will really …… be in trouble!”

“Yes.” The night army nodded, “In fact, the current method of handling the situation is the best for Miss Feng, let her rest and recuperate peacefully in Qingmai town for two years, the night king will slowly think of a way to always bring her back ……

If you don’t compromise now and go against the old man, and if Chief Yun makes trouble from it again, the disappearance won’t be sealed, and when things get out, the consequences will be unthinkable ……”

Chapter 660

“Understood ……,” Night Hui sighed deeply, “The Night King is really well-intentioned, just in case Miss Wind doesn’t know anything and has nothing but resentment against him in her heart.”

“That’s just it, what I’m most afraid of is that those three children are going to resent him too.” Night Jun shook his head helplessly, “He has resisted all the pressure all by himself, yet he has a mouth to feed, sigh ……”

The two whispered a bit and went off to their respective busy schedules.

Although they knew it was all useless, they just had to do as they were told, but they also expected that halfway through, things would be pressured by the old man’s people.

When the time comes, the old man will then personally come and suppress Night Zhen Ting ……

The first thing that you can do is to compromise for the time being for Feng Qianxue’s comfort and for the sake of the overall situation.

Even if you are reluctant, you can only do so.

Now it is necessary to first grind time, until this time, after all traces of Feng Qianxue have been cleared away, the night family will return to normal.

And at that time, Night Zhen Ting could also use business means to slowly deal with Leng.

Until one day, the Night’s will completely suppress the Leng’s, the Leng’s is no longer a threat to the Night’s, the Night Zhen Ting can pick up Feng Qianxue back ……

Only, that day, I’m afraid, will not be too early.

This is a very good idea, and even the night army and night Hui understand it, so how can the night Zhen Ting not know? He is just concerned, his heart is anxious ……

On the other hand, in the Chinese garden villa in the northern suburbs.

Night Sen pushed Old Master Night out of the children’s room and headed for the study.

Old Master Night looked grave, his eyes downcast in deep thought.

“You were having a good time with the children just now, what’s wrong with this?”

Night Sen carefully watched Old Master Night’s face.

“Longlong and Yueyue are innocent, but Chen Chen, who has been preoccupied, just now asked me what kind of illness mum has and which hospital she is being treated in. I think, this child is really too smart, I am afraid he cannot hide it ……”

Old Master Night looked grave and full of melancholy.

“They are still young, they don’t remember.” Night Sen said in a low voice, “Maybe they will be sad for a while, but as they slowly grow up, they will forget ……”

“I hope so.” Old Master Night sighed deeply, “I’m not worried about anything else, but I’m afraid that these three children will be hurt.”

“Yes.” Night Sen understood perfectly, “I see, no matter what is done, it is always inevitable to grieve once.”

“A sinful fate!” Old Master Night sighed helplessly.

“Old Master.” At that moment, the maid hurriedly came to report, “Mr. Ling is here.”

“It’s so late, why is he here?” Old Master Night frowned slightly, “Ask him to go to the study.”


Night Sen pushed Old Master Night to the study on the ground floor, Ling Fengye was sitting on the sofa drinking tea, when he saw the Old Master coming, he hurriedly got up and saluted, “Old Master.”

“Sit.” Old Master Night made a gesture, “Fengxiao, it’s so late, do you have something to do?”

Ling Fengxiao bowed his head in thought for a moment and said cautiously, “There are some things that I am not at liberty to interfere with, so I dare not say much, but I just suddenly remembered something and felt that the situation was serious, so I rushed here to tell you personally.”

“Go ahead.” Old Master Night made a gesture.

“A while ago, Zhen Ting took that Miss Feng to attend Si Hao Xuan and Chu Zi Han’s wedding, and it seems that, that Mr. L of the Leng family also went ……”

Before Ling Fengye could finish his words, Elder Night’s face changed drastically, “What?”

“Of course, maybe they didn’t meet up.” Ling Fengye hurriedly said, “That Mr. L has been in the shadows without showing his face, maybe ……”

“Go check it out right away.” Old Master Night hastily ordered.

“Yes.” Night Sen immediately went to investigate.

“This matter has only just occurred to me.” Ling Fengye said softly, “The way I see it, that Mr. L hasn’t taken any action since the wedding, so he shouldn’t have seen Miss Feng, maybe he just saw a shadow ……”

“If you see it, it’s all over.” Old Master Night’s face became unusually ugly.