Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 655-656

Chapter 655

“Let Zhu Ma stay at the Night Family.” Feng Qianxue did not feel happy to see Zhu Ma, instead she said to Night Zhen Ting, “Let her stay and take care of the three children.”

“What stay at the Night Family? What do you mean?” Zhu Ma panicked, “What’s going on?”

“I’m relieved that she’s following you.” Night Zhen Ting was very insistent, “The children will be safe at the Night family, you don’t have to worry ……”

“But ……”

“It’s settled, get in the car.”

Night Zhen Ting opened the car door and forcibly shoved Feng Qian Xue into the car.

“Young master ……” Zhu Ma was about to go forward to ask, when Night Sen suddenly called out to her.

“Zhu Ma, this is your luggage.” Night Sen handed the suitcase to Zhu Ma, and by the way, he also handed her a silver case, “Inside this is Miss Feng’s antidote, take one bottle every day, when the medicine is used up, the toxin in Miss Feng’s body will be cleared, remember, make sure you keep it well, not even one bottle is missing!!!”

“The antidote?” Zhu Ma was ecstatic, “Really? Drink it and you’ll be cured?”

“Yes.” Night Sen nodded and once again urged, “Make sure you keep it well, there’s only one copy of the antidote, if you lose it, you’ll never have it again.”

“Fine, fine, I know.” Zhu Ma clutched the small silver case, “I will protect it with my life.”

“This was given to Miss Feng by the Old Master.” Night Sen handed another bank card to Zhu Ma, “The pa*sword is the birthday of the young master and princess.”

“This ……”

“Take it.” Night Sen shoved the card directly into Zhu Ma’s hand, “Take care, see you later!”

With that, Night Sen made a gesture and the bodyguard opened the door of the back seat and invited Zhu Ma to get into the car.

Zhu’s mother put her bank card away and got into the car with her small silver suitcase, the bodyguard helped her put the suitcase into the trunk.

Night Zhen Ting was about to get into the car, but Night Sen stopped him, “Young Master, you should sit with me in this car at the back.”

“Why?” Night Zhen Ting frowned.

“The old master’s orders, I am only following orders.” Night Sen said cautiously, “Miss Feng has a deep misunderstanding of you now, and if you get together to go, it will only add to the sadness, so why bother ……”

Night Zhen Ting glanced at Feng Qianxue in the car and got into the car behind him.

In order to get the antidote, he had already let the old man of the night’s people control the whole situation, now if he resisted again, it would only cause extra trouble.

The car started and drove out slowly.

Zhu Ma pulled Feng Qianxue up and down, “Miss, are you alright? Does it still hurt?”

Feng Qianxue leaned back against the seat, numbly shaking her head.

“What’s happened? Where are we going here?” Zhu Ma asked apprehensively, “Just now Old Man Sen handed me this box, saying that it was your antidote and instructed me to keep it well, adding that you would get better after drinking it ……”

“Antidote?” Feng Qianxue froze and said as an afterthought, “Could it be that he compromised for the antidote ……”

“What compromise? What do you mean?” Zhu Ma was confused.

Feng Qianxue didn’t say anything, but just looked through the car window to the back, as if a new hope had been kindled.

In the back car, Night Zhen Ting was answering the phone, and the night army reported that Night Zhen Yun had been under the control of the old man, and should not move any more.

Night Zhen Ting finally put his mind at ease and hung up the phone, looking at the information on the airline tickets in Night Sen’s hand, he frowned and said, “As far as having to send it so far to Thailand?”

“Just in case, it’s better to go abroad.” Night Sen explained, “Young Master, don’t worry, we have arranged everything for Miss Feng over there, including medical treatment, she will get by just fine.”

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything more, it didn’t matter where it was sent to now, what was important was the problems behind it ……

Soon, the car arrived at the airport, the old man of the night had prepared a special plane for Feng Qianxue, along with the medical staff accompanying her.

Everything seemed particularly well arranged, and it looked, not like a complete farewell, but rather like sending her on a holiday ……

Chapter 656

Getting off the car, Feng Qianxue realised that the sky was overcast and drizzle sprinkled down, as if telling of the sorrow of parting.

The night family’s bodyguards stood in two neat and orderly rows, seemingly seeing Feng Qianxue off.

Feng Qianxue carried her wedding dress and walked slowly towards the special plane. There were patches of blood stains on the hem of her wedding dress, as if a mandala was blooming vividly with the strangeness of life.

A fine rain drizzled over her, soaking her hair and dress ……

She walked forward with her head bowed, numbly.

Zhu’s mother followed her, holding the silver case tightly in her arms ……

Night Zhen Ting stood by the car, watching her quietly, he wanted to walk over and hug her, but he didn’t ……

He was afraid that if he held her, he wouldn’t want to let go.

He looked at her beautiful back and said in his heart, A short parting is for a long reunion, wait for me, I’ll definitely pick you up!

“Young master, get in the car.” Night Sen advised softly, “I’ll send someone to escort her away, the crew on the special plane are all our people, it will be fine.”

Night Zhen Ting did not speak, his gaze still following Feng Qian Xue, until he watched her ascend the escalator, step by step up and before she walked into the cabin, she finally could not help but look back over. Remember the website

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The only thing he told her with his eyes was “trust me”!

Feng Qianxue looked at Night Thunder and tears came to her eyes again, she wanted to hear him say something, even if it was just a word, but he chose to be silent ……

Her father looked at him, for a long time, he still did not say anything, she turned around in despair and walked into the cabin.

“Chisetsu ……”

The moment he watched her turn around, Night Zhen Ting finally couldn’t help but shout, but she didn’t hear him.

Zhu’s mother walked in holding the small silver case, the bodyguard following behind with her luggage.

The cabin closed and the ground handler waved the scene away.

Night Sam pulled Timothy Night into the car.

Night Zhen Ting looked at the special plane that slowly took off, his heart full of regret, yet full of hope, he was convinced that it wouldn’t be long before he would be there to pick her up ……

Feng Qianxue leaned back in her seat and watched the night family’s motorcade depart through the cabin in despair.

Her heart was filled with confusion, not understanding why this had to be done, the old man had clearly agreed, the wedding had been held, why in the end was she suddenly sent away so decisively?

What exactly did that woman say to Old Master Night?

What was the fatal problem with her that they could not tolerate?

Or that her marriage to Night’s Chen Ting would bring disadvantage to their family?

She couldn’t figure out how to think about it ……

“What the hell is going on here?” Zhu Ma asked the night family’s bodyguard in a panic, “Where are we going here?”

The bodyguard didn’t say anything, just stood there like a statue.

“Say something.” Zhu’s mother got anxious and pushed the two bodyguards with her hand, “The wedding is not over yet, the guests are still in the church, and ah, we will be anxious if the three children are missing ……”

The bouncers still didn’t say anything.

“Oh my god, are you guys dumb?”

Zhu’s mother was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

But no matter how much she asked or how much she made a fuss, the bodyguards just didn’t say anything.

Zhu’s mother asked the flight attendants again, but they only said that they were responsible for taking Feng Qianxue to Chiang Mai, but they didn’t know anything else.

Zhu’s mother was so anxious that she returned to her seat and asked Feng Qianxue, “Miss, what is going on?”

“Can’t you see ……” Feng Qianxue finally spoke, her voice low and hoarse, “The Night Family is going to leave their mother and son.”

“Sh, what?” Zhu Ma froze and took a moment to react, “No way, you and the young master are married ……”

“You can even get divorced if you’re married, let alone, we haven’t registered yet.” Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly, “They only want the children, not me.”