Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 653-654

Chapter 653

“I don’t want to go ……” Feng Qianxue cried and trembled, “I don’t want to leave alone, if you night family can’t accommodate me, then I’ll take the children with me, we’ll go back to the countryside, we’ll go to another city, we don’t care about the night family give everything, we used to live happily even when we were dependent on each other ……”

“Stop it and listen.” Night Zhen Ting hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear, “Listen to me, it’s only temporary, I’ll definitely go get you, trust me! Believe me!”

He said “believe me” twice in a row, and she almost believed him ……

At this time, there was a sudden knock on the door outside, followed by the anxious voice of Night Sen, “Young master, young master Chen Chen has found out, the old master asks you to send Miss Feng away immediately!”

With that, several bodyguards pushed the door open and walked in, stepping forward to take Feng Qianxue away.

Feng Qianxue’s emotions rose again and she struggled excitedly, “No, I don’t want to go ……”

However, before she could finish her words, the two bodyguards forcibly dragged her down.

“Don’t ……”

“Let her go!”

Night Zhen Ting shouted angrily, when suddenly, a childish voice came, “Let go of my mommy!”

Chen Chen rushed in and lifted his little feet to kick and punch the bodyguards, roaring in agitation, “Don’t touch my mommy, don’t touch my mommy!” Remember the website

The bodyguards only had to let go and retreat to the side.

“Dabao ……”


Mother and son hugged each other tightly.

Feng Qianxue had always been strong in front of her children, but today, she couldn’t restrain herself from crying out, she couldn’t let go of her children, she had never really been separated from them since she was a child ……

Now they were going to be torn apart, separated from their flesh and blood.

“Daddy, what are they going to do? Why are you acquiescing to their bullying of Mommy?”

Tenzin was a smart and perceptive child, and when the wedding came to a sudden stop near the end, and then suddenly took the three of them away, he knew something was going to happen.

So, he slipped backstage to look for Mummy when the others weren’t looking and didn’t expect to see this just in time ……

“This matter, daddy will explain to you later.” Night Zhen Ting squatted down and held Chen Chen’s shoulders and said, “Listen, you leave with Uncle Hui first.”

Saying that, Night Zhen Ting made a wink, signaling for Night Hui to take Chen Chen away.

“Little Young Master ……”

“No!” Chen Chen opened his hand, then spread his arms to protect Feng Qianxue, “Don’t think you can bully my mommy by supporting me, none of you should touch my mommy! Get the hell out of my way!”

This aura of his was very much in the style of Night Zhen Ting.

“Little Young Master ……”

“Chen Chen!” At this moment, Old Master Night’s voice came.

Chen Chen looked up and questioned with red eyes, “Great grandpa, is it that you want to kick my mommy out? Didn’t you already accept her? Why are you doing this to her now?”

“Grandpa Zeng is not trying to kick your mommy out, your mommy is sick and she needs to go for treatment.” Old Master Night lied without even blinking, “Look, there’s still blood on your mummy’s clothes, she’s so sick, if she doesn’t go for treatment, it will be dangerous ……”

Chen Chen looked up, indeed, there was a lot of blood on Feng Qianxue’s body, he associated it with the fact that Feng Qianxue had indeed not been in good health for a while, and began to half believe the words of Old Master Night ……

Night Zhen Ting even admired in his heart the skill of Old Master Night in coaxing the child, just like he had coaxed him when he was a child.

“Your daddy mommy is already married, how could I possibly want to kick her out?” Old Master Night continued to coax Tenzin, “I just want to send her to therapy.”

“Really?” Chen Chen looked up at Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue looked at Old Master Night.

Old Master Night looked at her with a smile on his face, but his gaze was full of warning.

Feng Qianxue skimmed her eyes, already in tears ……

Chapter 654

Of course Feng Qianxue knew that this was a ploy by Old Master Night to coax the child, but she knew even better that she could not argue with the Night family, and even if she was more reluctant, she still had to go ……

The emotions that erupted just now are now gradually returning to reason when faced with the child.

Having witnessed Si Mu Feng’s change with her own eyes, Feng Qianxue knew very well that she must not let her own affairs affect the child and hurt it ……

She was now suffering from a severe poison and could die at any time, so she could not take care of the child at all.

It is better to let the child stay with the night family than to follow herself around.

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue nodded with tears in her eyes, “Yes! Grandpa Zeng is right, Mummy is sick and has to be treated.”

“Then why did you …… just now,” said Tenzin, puzzled.

“Idiot, it hurts to get an injection.” Feng Qianxue squatted down and gently stroked Chen Chen’s hair, squeezing out an ugly smile, “Mommy is afraid of pain, Mommy doesn’t want to go to the hospital for the injection ……”

“Mommy is not afraid.” Chen Chen hugged Feng Qianxue and gently patted her shoulder, “After the injection, you’ll be fine, be brave!”

“Mmm!” Feng Qianxue nodded her head with tears in her eyes, biting her lower lip to death to keep from crying out.

“You see, Great Grandpa didn’t lie to you, did he?” Old Master Night lovingly beckoned to Chen Chen, “Good boy, come over to Grandpa Zeng’s side, let Daddy send Mommy to be treated!”

Chen Chen raised his head to look at Night Zhen Ting.

Night Zhen Ting gently pushed his little head, “Go on!”

No matter what grudges the adults had against each other, they could not involve the child.

This was the silent tacit agreement between him and Feng Qianxue.

Therefore, both of them cooperated with Old Master Night to finish the play.

Chen Chen turned towards Old Master Night, holding Old Master Night’s withered old hand.

The two bodyguards stepped forward and respectfully said to Feng Qianxue, “Miss Feng, please!”

This time, Feng Qianxue did not resist, did not struggle, just carried her long skirt and followed silently away ……

As she passed by Tenzin, she couldn’t help but look at him, her eyes clearly in tears, but the corners of her mouth lifted into a gentle smile, “Dabao, take good care of yourself and bring up your younger siblings, understand?”

Her voice was trembling and her heart was trembling too ……

She didn’t understand why the night family had to send her away, why Night Zhen Ting, who had always protected her, would suddenly turn back at this time ……

She didn’t understand, really didn’t understand!

But she knew that she could not resist.

She could only pray that the children would stay with the Night Family and live well.

“I know.” Chen Chen nodded with tears in his eyes, “Mummy, you take good care of your illness, and I will bring the second and third treasures and the little fourth treasure to see you at night.”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but shake with tears, she lowered her head, not wanting to let Chen Chen see her sad face, and walked out quickly.

“Daddy ……” Chen Chen shouted, “Aren’t you going?”

Night Zhen Ting came back to his senses and quickly followed him out.

As he walked out the door, Chen Chen admonished, “Daddy, take care of mommy ……”

Night Zhen Ting did not turn around and nodded with his back to him, but his eyes were a little red.

The child was bugging him like this because of his unconditional trust in him, but unfortunately, he was about to be a father whose words were not true.

Old Master Night gave a wink, and Night Sen immediately led the men to follow.

Night Zhen Ting took Feng Qian Xue and left through the back door, avoiding the guests and also Long Long and Yue Yue who had come looking around for her ……

“Miss!” Zhu Ma saw Feng Qianxue and hurriedly greeted her, “What the hell happened? Ah?”

Half an hour earlier, Elder Night’s men had escorted Zhu Ma to this place to wait.

Zhu Ma was at a loss for words and asked them about the situation, but was told, “Just wait here, Miss Feng will come over in a moment.”

Zhu Ma’s mobile phone had been confiscated and she knew nothing about it, so she could only wait here anxiously until she saw Feng Qianxue, then she was relieved ……