Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 647-648

Chapter 647

“What killing heart?” Night Zhen Ting questioned in shock, “What the hell happened?”

Old Master Night didn’t say anything, he just made a hand gesture.

Two bodyguards immediately came over and stared at Feng Qianxue with one left and one right, “Miss Feng please!”

“Unrestrained, stand down.” Night Zhen Ting shouted angrily.

“Are you trying to get me to kill her?”

Old Master Night had lost his patience and his gaze became murderous.

Night Zhen Ting frowned, it had been twenty years since he had seen the old man like this, the last time his eyes turned like this was when something happened to his father, the old man’s eyes showed a fierce light and with that, all the relevant people went down to be buried with him!

“Night Fai ……” Night Zhen Ting ordered, “Take her to the lounge and wait for me.”

“Yes.” Night Fai immediately stepped forward and respectfully said to Feng Qianxue, “Miss Feng, please!”

Feng Qianxue’s heart was in turmoil and panic at this moment, she took Night ZhenTing’s hand and looked at him with fear and anxiety, afraid that he would really give up on her ……

“Don’t be afraid.” Night Zhen Ting held her hand tightly and said tenderly, “No matter what happens, I will not give up on you, be good and go wait for me in the lounge!” Remember the website

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue was promised and secured, she bowed to Old Master Night and followed Night Fai to leave.

“The wedding is cancelled, go mother leave son, this is my last mercy.” Old Master Night ordered bluntly.

“Grandpa you ……”

“Nothing you say will help ……” Old Master Night directly dismissed Night Zhen Ting’s thoughts and shouted angrily, “Unless your father can come back from the dead and appear before me, there is no way this woman will enter the Night family!!! ”

“What are you talking about?” Night Zhen Ting was confused, “What does this have to do with father?”

“She is the daughter of your father’s murderer, do you think it has anything to do with that??”

Old Master Night held up the picture.

“。。。。。。” Night Zhen Ting was dumbfounded and stunned in place for a long time before he responded, “What are you talking about? How is that possible?”

“Look for yourself.” Old Master Night made a gesture.

Night Sen handed all those information and photos to Night Zhen Ting.

When Night Zhen Ting opened them and took a closer look, his whole head was about to explode, panicking and at a loss, he said, “This is impossible, it must have been fabricated by Night Zhen Yun ……”

“Is it a fabrication, can’t you see?” Old Master Night sneered and asked rhetorically, “Stop deceiving yourself and others, she is Condensing Frost’s daughter.

Her mother killed your parents, their Leng family is the arch enemy of our Night family, you married her? Do you want your parents’ souls to die in peace? Or do you want the Leng family to annex the Night family??”

Night Zhen Ting’s brow furrowed, holding those information, not saying a word ……

He couldn’t believe this fact, there must be a mistake somewhere, it must be.

“For the sake of the three children, it’s already the greatest mercy for me to keep her alive.” Old Master Night was almost trying desperately to hold back as he gritted his teeth, “Otherwise, just because of that face that looks exactly like Condensing Frost, I would have had her shredded to pieces!”

“Old master, calm your anger.” Ling Fengye cautiously advised, then reminded, “This matter, I’m afraid, must be concealed first, otherwise, if the Leng family side knows about it ……”

Old Master Night was shaken, and hurriedly instructed Night Sen, “Immediately block the news of the wedding, and do not let the video and photos out.”

“Yes.” Night Sen immediately went to do it.

“You saw it?” Old Master Night bellowed angrily, “If Leng learns of her identity in the future, have you thought of the consequences? You can still block out the news now, but what about later? Can you cover up her face? And those three children, if the Leng’s people know that they are the descendants of their Leng family ……”

Speaking of this, Old Master Night was all anxious, “No, they must not be allowed to know!!!”

Chapter 648

“As long as that woman is gone, the identity of the three children can be concealed ……” The old man of the night frowned, “Now, not a moment can wait, leave this matter to me, I will have the woman sent far away ……”

“No!” Night Zhen Ting interrupted Old Master Night, “She can’t go ……”

“It’s come to this, and you still want to keep her around?” Old Master Night was so angry that his face turned blue, “Are you out of your mind? Can’t weigh the priorities, can you?”

“What happened in the previous generation has nothing to do with her.” Night Zhen Ting’s thoughts were clear, “She lived with her father, never met her mother, and apart from a name, she has no idea who her mother is, let alone her relationship with Leng. Why should she be made to bear the hatred of a previous generation?”

“You ……”

“Besides Leng, if you are afraid that people will know about her relationship with the Leng family, I can do my best to block the news and remove all traces so that no one will know, and as for her looking like Condensate, then let her keep a low profile in the future and never appear in public, that will do …… ”

“You’re really crazy.” Old Master Night was so angry that his face turned blue and he roared in agitation, “Do you think paper can wrap up fire? This woman has traces of survival in the society, you can erase all those information?

Even if you do, those who have dealt with her may still leak out.

Her father, too, had a presence in the business world. It is impossible to erase all that information, as long as some traces are revealed, the Leng family will be able to find out.

On the contrary, the three children, because she used to be brought up alone and did not announce it to the public after she was identified with you, there are very few traces of their existence in the world, we can just rearrange an identity for them ……”

Hearing these words, the night Zhen Ting silent, the old man is not without reason, from a rational point of view, Feng Qianxue can not be kept in any case ……

However, he couldn’t let go, couldn’t let go.

“Now is not the time to be emotional.” Old Master Night continued to advise, “Even if not for my sake, not for the revenge of killing my father, not for the benefit of the Night Clan, then you should at least consider the three children, right? For the sake of the children, this woman can’t be kept either.”

“Stop it ……”

Night Zhen Ting sat paralyzed in his chair, as if there were two hands pulling in his heart, one called reason and one called emotion, both trying desperately to pull him into his camp, that fierce tearing, as if to tear his heart into pieces ……


Meanwhile, on the other side ……

Night Zhenyun was about to bolt when Night Jun quickly arrived with a group of bodyguards and surrounded her.

“Mr. Yun, please hand over the antidote.” Night Jun stepped forward and bargained directly.

“What if I don’t hand it over?” Night Zhen Yun sneered, “You still dare to make a move with me?”

“It seems that there really is an antidote.” Night Jun was overjoyed, “Mr. Yun, you’d better hand it over, don’t force us to do it.”

“You try?” Night Zhen Yun raised his eyebrows.

With a wave of his hand, several people immediately surrounded Night Zhenyun, and a dozen guns were pointed directly at her.

Night Zhenyun’s face fell, she didn’t expect them to actually dare to point a gun at her, she angrily shouted, “Night Jun, are you tired of living?”

“Sorry, Mr. Yun, I was also following orders.” Night Army waved his hand, “Take it away.”


“Old Master Night.”

At this moment, a bodyguard hurriedly came forward and reported something in a low voice.

Old Master Night frowned and raised his eyes to question Night Zhen Ting, “What are you doing arresting your aunt? She just came to explain the situation and didn’t do anything, release her immediately.”

“She gave Feng Qianxue a severe poison, causing her to suffer from a miserable illness.” Night Zhen Ting said coldly, “Exactly, you asked her to hand over the antidote.”

“Yes.” Old Master Night replied readily, “But you have to completely separate from that woman.”