Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 645-646

Chapter 645

“Father, although a long time has passed, but I have never forgotten, how big brother died ……”

Night Zhen Yun said sadly, “The car had a car accident, exploded, and he and his sister-in-law were blown to nothing …… so that the funeral service could only use his relics in the coffin ……”

“That’s enough, don’t say it!” Old Master Night suddenly shouted angrily.

The people around him were all stunned and looked at him in dismay.

He knew that there was nothing good about Night Zhen Yun coming, but he didn’t know what she had said that had caused the old man to become so furious.

The old man made a gesture and Night Sen immediately pushed him aside, and also had his bodyguard call for Ling Feng Yang.

Many guests at the venue noticed this detail and wondered what was happening, but everyone was more focused on Night Chen Ting and the bride ……

The wedding was still going on and the three children were still walking towards the stage. That angry shout from Old Master Night just now had scared them, but they thought that he was just teaching that bad woman next to him and didn’t think much of it.

“Old Master, what’s wrong?”

Ling Fengye had also come to the wedding today and had been sitting in the row behind Old Master Night.

“I seem to remember you mentioning to me that Feng Qianxue looks like a person?” Old Master Night did not want to waste time and directly handed that photo to Ling Fengye, “Is it her?”

Ling Fengye took the photo and took a look, her face changed greatly, but she didn’t dare to speak.

“It seems to be true ……,” Old Master Night found the answer from Ling Fengye’s reaction, “You knew it long ago, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I did think she looked like Condensing Frost, but not being sure of her identity, plus her relationship with Zhen Ting, I was not at liberty to say much.” Ling Fengye frowned and asked, “You have already investigated her identity? Could it be that she is really ……”

“She is Condensing Frost’s daughter.” Night Zhenyun directly revealed the truth.

This one sentence, as if five thunderstorms, sent a shock through everyone ……

“What??” Night Sen’s eyes widened in shock, his face full of disbelief.

Ling Fengye was also stunned, although he had had his doubts, he was still shocked to hear these words in person.

Old Master Night’s face was as dark as a cloud, his eyes instantly turning stern.

“This is proof.” Night Zhenyun handed a piece of information to Old Master Night.

Old Master Night took a look at it, and his face became even more gloomy and frightening ……

Ling Fengye and Night Sen didn’t even dare to let out their breath, both of them looked at each other with a very grave expression.

Seeing that his purpose had been achieved, Night Zhen Yun immediately said, “Father, the Leng clan is pulling in the power of the clans to try to suppress our Night clan, while at the same time allowing Condensate’s daughter to seduce Zhen Ting, really bad intentions, if we let them have their way, the consequences would be unthinkable, Zhen Ting is still too young, simply not fit to sit in this position… …”

“Shut up!” Old Master Night bellowed angrily, “Get out!!!”

Night Zhenyun was stunned for a moment, and then sneered, “I’ve been doing this for the good of the Night family, and this is how you treat me? Fine, you don’t appreciate it, I’ll just leave.”

With that, she left angrily ……

Old Master Night looked up and saw that the children had already walked up to the emcee’s platform, holding the rings aloft and looking at their mother and father with smiles on their faces.

“Thank you Dabao!”

Feng Qianxue smiled as she took the ring and put it on for Night Zhen Ting, her eyes full of deep emotion.

A round of applause rang out from the stage as everyone wished them well.

Night Zhen Ting kissed her forehead tenderly and couldn’t resist hugging her.

“It’s the groom’s turn to put the ring on the bride.” The priest reminded.

“Daddy, the ring.” Dragon held up the ring box.

“Thank you Erbao!” Night Zhen Ting took the ring and prepared to put it on Feng Qian Xue.

“Hold on!”

Suddenly, Old Master Night snapped, his voice carrying the dominance, strength and indifference of yesteryear, somewhat out of place in this romantic and warm atmosphere ……

Chapter 646

Night Zhen Ting paused in his movements and turned his head to look at him, and the children looked at him in dismay.

All the guests on the stage froze, looking at the old man in uncertainty.

Night Sen looked grave as he pushed Old Master Night back to the stage.

Ling Fengye wisely avoided it and retreated to his seat.

“Babies, Grandpa Zeng has something to say to Daddy, you guys go play with Grandpa Sen in the back room first, be good!”

As Old Master Night looked at the children, his gaze returned to its former loving nature, with a gentle smile on his face.

The three children raised their heads in unison to look at Night Zhen Ting and Feng Qian Xue.

“Go on.” Night Zhen Ting stroked their little heads, he knew that something was about to happen and that Old Master Night was just trying to protect the children.

“Good boy!” Night Sen hurriedly stepped forward and coaxed the three children, “Grandpa Sen will take you to eat ……”

With that, a few medical nurses hurriedly arrived and took the three children away under the escort of the bodyguards.

Chen Chen looked back at Feng Qianxue, who smiled and waved at him, signaling him not to worry.

But in fact, she was very apprehensive, her hands were intertwined and she couldn’t help but twirl her wedding ring, for some reason, she had an ominous feeling in her heart, as if something was going to happen ……

“Grandpa, what’s going on can be discussed later.” Night Zhen Ting’s eyebrows were slightly pressed, but he remained calm and said to the priest, “Let’s continue!”

Then he took Feng Qianxue’s hand and prepared to give her the ring ……

“There’s no need to continue.” Old Master Night interrupted Night Zhen Ting once again, and also said to the guests present, “Everyone, you can go to the front hall for dinner, please forgive me for the poor greeting!”

The guests were bewildered, not understanding why they were suddenly interrupted and sent away before the wedding was even wrapped up.

However, when the old lady gave the word, no one dared to disobey.

The guests hurriedly got up and headed for the front hall.

“Grandpa ……” Night Zhen Ting frowned inquiringly, “What are you doing?”

“The ring hasn’t been put on or registered yet.” Old Master Night announced bluntly, “I declare this marriage null and void!”

Feng Qianxue’s body shook and looked at Old Master Night in dismay, “Grandpa, why?”

“Don’t call me grandfather.” Old Master Night shouted angrily.

Feng Qianxue’s body shook with fear, not understanding what she had done wrong.

“What did Night Zhen Yun say to you?” Night ZhenTing questioned in exasperation, “You should have known that she was up to no good ……”

“No matter what her intentions are, but that is all true.” Old Master Night interrupted Night Zhen Ting’s words and roared in agitation, “I tell you, I will not allow this woman to enter the door, even if I die!!!”


Night Zhen Ting was shocked, in the past, even if the old man hated Feng Qian Xue and opposed the marriage, he would not say the words to such a death, this time, the old man was very determined ……

“I’m asking you ……,” Old Master Night ignored Night Zhen Ting, but coldly questioned Feng Qianxue, “Your mother, is her name Condensing Frost?”

Feng Qianxue was shocked by the old man’s aura and instinctively replied, “Yes ……”

Hearing these words, the information in Night Sen’s hand fell to the ground, and Ling Fengye behind him also opened his eyes wide in excitement and subconsciously said, “So it’s true ……”

Old Master Night closed his eyes tightly, the last trace of fluke was completely shattered ……

“Does this have anything to do with us getting married?” Feng Qianxue asked apprehensively, “Grandpa, what exactly happened? Didn’t you already agree to it? What did I do wrong?”

“Your mistake is that you shouldn’t have known Night Zhen Ting.” Old Master Night no longer wanted to talk to her anymore, skimming his eyes, he ordered blatantly, “You leave now and disappear quickly before I start to kill you!!!”

Feng Qianxue was so frightened that she took a half step back and the bouquet in her hand fell to the ground ……

You’re not going to kill me? The old man never accepted her, but now he has a killing heart?

What the hell is going on here?

What did she do wrong to make him want to kill her?