Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 643-644

Chapter 643

Feng Qianxue stepped on the red carpet and slowly walked towards Night ZhenTing.

With tears in her eyes, she looked through her veil and smiled at Night Zhen Ting not far away.

He was all glowing, his suit was straight, like a god descending from heaven, waiting for her not far away, watching her ……

Thinking back to the two people from meeting to falling in love, the scene after scene of the past began to come to mind –

“From today onwards, for three months, you have to give half of your daily income to me, Feng Qianxue, as compensation for that year.”

“I tell you, from now on, your duty is to be a good duck and try to pay off your debts!”

“I met a demon boss, you don’t know how perverted he is ……”

“You’re a woman, you’re greedy for money and lust, you can’t change your deadly nature ……”

“Send it to the 66th floor conference room within half an hour!”

“I’m not doing it anymore !!!!”

Thinking about this, Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but laugh while tears fell out of her eyes again.

She remembered when she teased Night Zhen Ting like that, and was in turn made difficult by him, during that time, she really hated him to the point of gnashing her teeth, and all she wanted to do was to escape ……

The only thing she never expected was that one day, she would marry him.

Perhaps, this is fate!

Night Zhen Ting looked at Feng Qian Xue anxiously, the distance of just a few dozen meters seemed as far as a century.

Every step, it touched his heart.

His heart was beating along with her pace, so nervous that his palms were sweating.

He wanted her to walk faster, faster, to come to him quickly ……

Finally, Feng Qianxue came closer, two meters apart, and Night Zhen Ting couldn’t wait to go forward and take her hand, that eager movement, which drew a roar of laughter from the stage ……

The old man of the night was at the guest of honour’s table, and when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips as well.

He didn’t understand before why Night Zhen Ting had to be so stubborn, no matter what he said or did, he couldn’t be dissuaded, but now that he thinks about it, it turns out that marrying a woman you love dearly is a completely different mood.

The woman you love is a completely different feeling.

This is good, very good!

The old man sighed with a smile, looking back on his life, he too had regrets, but now looking at Night Zhending and his three youngest grandchildren, he again felt that it was all worth it.

“Dear guests, friends, love is sacred, today, this couple’s love has been sown in spring, cultivated in summer, ripened in autumn and tested in winter, and finally the melon is ripe ……”

After the MC said a few words of officiating, the priest began to formally ask –

“Miss Feng Qianxue, may I ask if you are willing to marry Night Zhen Ting? For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in the good times and the bad times of life, will you never leave him and stay with him forever and ever.”

“I am willing!” Feng Qianxue replied without hesitation.

“Mr. Night Zhen Ting, may I ask if you are willing to marry Feng Qian Xue? For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in the good times and the bad times of life, will you never leave him and stay with him forever and ever.”

“I ……” Night Zhen Ting was about to speak when the door of the church suddenly opened and an uninvited guest came striding in.

Everyone turned to look over, and the light shone on the man’s face, and instantly, many were stunned ……

“Excuse me!”

Night Zhenyun, dressed in a black slim-fit suit with an extraordinary air, walked in with a dashing, cold and arrogant stride, followed by his right-hand man, Night Yan, and two black bodyguards.

“My own nephew is getting married, how can we do without me as an aunt?”

Night Zhen Yun looked meaningfully at Night Zhen Ting.

Feng Qianxue looked at this terrible woman and became emotional all of a sudden when she thought of the severe poison in her body ……

Night Zhen Ting held her hand tightly and stared at Night Zhen Yun with cold eyes, “What are you doing here?!”

Chapter 644

“Naturally, I’m here for your wedding, my good nephew!” Night Zhen Yun sneered at Night Zhen Ting, “What? You’re not welcome?”

Night Zhending’s brow was furrowed and his expression was as cold as an iceberg.

Outside, the bodyguards hurriedly arrived, originally wanting to intercept Night Zhen Yun, but unexpectedly she had already barged in ……

Bodyguard Ah Hai hurriedly explained, “Night King, Chief Yun she ……”

Night Zhen Ting frowned, and the night army immediately told them all to stand down.

At this time, the old master of the night spoke indifferently, “Since you are here, enter the table and observe the ceremony!”

“Yes, Lord Father!” Night Zhenyun was about to enter the table when Old Master Night spoke again, “Family, why are you sitting so far away? Come sit next to me.”

Night Zhenyun was slightly stunned, and then, obediently, he sat next to Old Master Night.

The guests in the audience could not help but suck in a cold breath, everyone knew that Night Zhenyun and Night Zhenting did not get along, so Old Master Night was trying to suppress Night Zhenyun.

“You few, stand down.”

Old Master Night ordered to Night Yan and the two bodyguards. Remember the website

Night Yan looked at Night Zhenyun.

Night Zhenyun made a wink and the three of them hurriedly retreated.

“Continue!” Old Master Night made a gesture.

On the stage, the priest once again asked the question he had just asked, “Mr. Night ZhenTing, please ask if you are willing to marry Feng QianXue ……”

Just as the priest was speaking, Old Master Night lowered his voice and said to Night Zhen Yun, “Today your own nephew is getting married, no messing around, otherwise, don’t blame me for being ungracious!”

“Father, it’s wrong for you to say that.” Night Zhenyun had a sad look on his face, “I am also a member of the Night family, bent on the good of the Night family, why do you always treat me as an outsider?”

“Kidnapping ZhenTing’s girlfriend is also for the good of the Night Family?” Old Master Night asked rhetorically.

“Father ……” Night Zhen Yun was about to speak when on stage, Night Zhen Ting answered with an oath, “I do!”

Thunderous applause rang out from the stage as all the guests gave their blessing to Night ZhenTing.

“Now, please exchange the rings between the two.” The priest announced.

At this point, three little flower girls slowly walked in to the sound of music, Yue Yue in a princess dress walking in the middle, holding champagne-coloured roses, and Chen Chen and Long Long walking on either side, holding their wedding rings.

The three children looked exquisite and lovely, like little princes and princesses in fairy tales, and immediately attracted the attention of the whole audience.

Night Zhen Ting and Feng Qian Xue watched the children walk towards them step by step, their faces raised with a happy smile ……

When Old Master Night saw the three children, he also had a loving gaze and a smile on his face.

“These three children are ZhenTing’s flesh and blood?” Night Zhenyun suddenly asked.

“That’s right.” Old Master Night’s face turned serious, “These are the flesh and blood of the Night Family, no one can touch them.”

“Don’t worry, I definitely don’t have that intention.” Night Zhenyun smiled slyly, “As a member of the Night Family, one will always put the interests of the Night Family first, and it is because of this that I want to tell you a secret!”

“What kind of tricks are you trying to play again?” Old Master Night frowned tightly.

“How dare I play tricks in front of you?” Night Zhenyun said rather profoundly, “I just don’t want the Night Family to fall into the hands of the Leng Family!”

“What do you mean?” Old Master Night had a puzzled look on his face.

“You’ll know when you take a look.” Night Zhenyun took out a photo and handed it to Old Master Night, “This is back then, a photo of Big Brother and that woman from the Leng Family.”

Old Master Night took it and took a look, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded, he blinked, looked at the photo carefully, then looked up to see Feng Qianxue ……

The woman in the photo, looked exactly like Feng Qianxue!

“This photo, where did it come from?” Old Master Night suppressed his excitement and questioned in a low voice, “It couldn’t be that you synthesized it, could it?”

“How could I possibly play such a carving trick in front of you?” Night Zhenyun sneered to himself, “Night’s was started by electronic technology, so you should be able to tell if the photos have been synthesized or not. If you don’t believe me again, ask Ling Fengye, he has seen Condensing Cream!”