Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 637-638

Chapter 637

“Miss Feng, can we start now?”

The stylists in charge of Feng Qianxue had been waiting in the corridor for a long time.

“Yes.” Feng Qianxue was ready to go to the dressing room.

“Miss, Miss ……” At this moment, Zhu Ma shouted from downstairs, “Ting Ting is here!”

“Tingting?” Feng Qianxue turned around to see that Gao Ting was standing timidly downstairs.

“Sister Qianxue!” Gao Ting ran up happily, “Congratulations!”

“Thank you!” Feng Qianxue pulled Gao Ting and looked her up and down, “Are your wounds all healed?”

“Yes.” Gao Ting smiled and nodded, “Thank you sister!”

“We’re all family, don’t be polite to me all the time.” Feng Qianxue took her hand.

“Miss, I’m going to greet the master’s old friends today, let Tingting accompany you.” Zhu Ma said anxiously, “I have to go first, call me if you need anything.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Feng Qianxue nodded and watched as Zhu’s mum left.

The house was very lively today, everyone was preparing for the wedding and this festive atmosphere put everyone in a good mood.

Everyone was busy with their own, preparing for the wedding.

The only one who had been sitting in the study waiting for the phone call was Night Zhen Ting.

“Night King, everything is ready, the old man has gone ahead to the church to welcome the relatives of the Night Family ……”

Night Jun hurriedly came to report, seeing Night Zhen Ting looking at his phone in a daze, he cautiously asked, “What is, what is wrong with you?”

Night Zhen Ting was silent for half a second before speaking, “Any news from Night Zhen Yun?”

“No.” Night Jun shook his head gently and asked tentatively, “Could it be that Miss Feng she ……”

The latter words, Night Jun didn’t dare to ask out, but he had already found the answer from the look on Night Zhen Ting’s face.

“Don’t worry, I just spoke to Lei Yu on the phone this morning, she said that Dr. Hua is already looking up and should wake up soon.” Night Jun gently reassured.

“It seems that she won’t show her face unless we push her.” Night Zhen Ting rotated his phone, his eyes lifted with an overriding cold light flickering, “Order it down, attack the Yun Zhong Group with all your might!”

“Night King, think twice!” Night Jun hurriedly advised, “You and General Yun reached a reconciliation long ago, well water does not offend river water, you are breaking a taboo by attacking her now.”

“Then it was also her who messed with me first.” Night ZhenTing was burning with anger when he remembered what Night ZhenYun had done, “Is there any more taboos she has broken?”

“Yes.” Night Jun did not dare to say this again, and could only discourage in a gentle manner, “But you are getting married today, so why rush? It’s not too late to think of a solution after the wedding has been successfully held first.”

“It won’t affect the wedding.” Night Zhen Ting stared at the time on his watch, “When she sees the consequences and then rushes over, it will be almost time!”

“But ……”

“Do as you’re told!”


Night Army did not dare to go against Night Zhen Ting’s wishes, and only had to pass down the order.

Shengtian Group was a high-tech company with an elite team of professional hackers who could destroy all of Yuntian Group’s systems in an hour.

Once the Cloudy Sky Group’s systems were breached, every second would be a huge loss!

Previously, Night ZhenTing had more or less left some mercy, thinking that Dr. Hua’s disciple could cure Feng QianXue, so he didn’t make things worse, but now, Feng QianXue had relapsed into toxicity again, and Dr. Hua was unconscious, he contacted Night ZhenYun through Broken Sky, and Night ZhenYun still didn’t respond ……

He just couldn’t care less.

It must be painful and ruthless to force that woman out!!!

After the order was conveyed, a chemical reaction would soon occur.

Night Zhen Ting changed into his groom’s outfit and was about to go see Feng Qian Xue and the children when a call came from Old Master Night: “You did the system of Yun Tian Group?”

“I didn’t expect you to call before she did.”

Night Zhen Ting thought it was Night Zhen Yun’s call, and was left empty-handed.

“Are you out of your mind? Making all this up on a big day?” Old Master Night burst out in anger, “You’re resenting yourself for being too smooth, aren’t you?”

Chapter 638

“She was the one who told you the news, right?” Night Zhen Ting was very calm, “You should ask her what she did ……”

With that, he hung up the phone and lifted his steps and walked into the children’s dressing room ……

“Daddy!” When Long Long saw Night Zhen Ting come in, he hurriedly ran over and struck a handsome pose, “Look, am I handsome!”

“Handsome!” Night Zhen Ting rubbed his little head.

“Erbao, you’re so stupid.” Chen Chen was sitting on a chair, having his hair fixed by the make-up artist, “Didn’t we agree? Don’t talk, let Daddy guess who’s you and who’s me.”

“Er, I forgot.” Dragon tapped his head, “When I talk, I’ll reveal my identity.”

“Haha, yes.” Night ZhenTing laughed brightly, “Yes, although you two look exactly the same, your tone of voice and small gestures are completely different.”

Chen Chen was more like Night Zhen Ting’s haughty, cold and rational wisdom, while Long Long was like Night Zhen Ting’s personality before he was six years old, lively and cheerful and innocent ……

“Next time I’ll do what Dabao does, so you can’t guess.” Longlong put on his little face and frowned, pretending to be deep, “Daddy, I’ve come up with another new technology software that can help kids find their way home ……”

“Hahahaha, learning it like it is!” Night Zhen Ting pinched Long Long’s cheeks.

“It’s not like that at all, I’m not that serious.” Tenzin got anxious and slid off his chair, hurriedly running over to say, “I look like this when I talk ……” Remember the website

Then, he frowned slightly on his little brow and repeated the words that Long Long had just said with a serious face.

“Dabao, you said I don’t look like you when I imitate you, so try imitating me.” Long Long demonstratively threw a set of punches.

“Uh ……” Tatsu froze for a moment and frowned, “Forget it, I give up, I can’t learn your boxing!”

“Hahahaha, that means I’m still good.” Long Long laughed in triumph.

“Erbao you’re bad ……,” Tenzin said, his little face flushed with anger.

“Alright, you two are both awesome.” Night Zhen Ting immediately rounded up the situation and then asked, “Where’s San Bao?”

“Daddy, I’m here ……,” Yue Yue’s milky voice came from behind her.

Night Zhen Ting turned around and looked, she was carrying a long white princess dress, wearing a diamond crown, pulling up her long, naturally slightly curly hair, also a mini version of little Qianxue ……

Breathtakingly beautiful!

“Wow, San Bao is so beautiful!” Chen Chen and Long Long exclaimed in excitement.

“Yes, yes, it’s so beautiful!” The make-up artists and stylists couldn’t help but marvel too.

“Daddy, am I beautiful?” Yue Yue held her little dress in both hands and twirled around the stage.

“Beautiful!” Night Zhen Ting stretched out his big hand to take Yue Yue’s little chubby hand and helped her down like a knight, “My Yue Yue is the most beautiful!”

“Daddy’s hug.” Yue Yue stretched out her arms.

Night Zhen Ting twisted her up and then raised her high above his head.

“Wow, it’s so high, daddy wants to lift it up high again!”

Yue Yue cheered happily and unfolded her arms, just like a happy little angel.

Night Thunder tossed her into the air and then caught her steadily, like an acrobatic act.

Yue Yue let out a giggle so loud that she couldn’t stop laughing.

The make-up artists next to her were very nervous, always worried that Yue Yue would fall off, feeling that this was so dangerous.

“Daddy, I want it too, I want it too ……”

Dragon also raised his hands, wanting to hug and hold high.

“Okay, it’s your turn!”

Night Zhen Ting put Yue Yue down and lifted Long Long again, this time, tossing him even higher and almost hitting the ceiling.

“Ah, it’s so high, daddy is so good!!!”

Dragon squealed in excitement, spreading his arms like a little superman.

“Daddy, I want it too!”

Tatsuya couldn’t help but ask as he watched his younger siblings having fun.

“Good!” Night Zhending had obliged and went crazy with the three children.

Night Jun, holding his mobile phone, stood at the door, not daring to interrupt Night Zhen Ting, but could only withdraw and whisper to Old Master Night: “Old Master, King Night is ……”