Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 635-636

Chapter 635

“No ……” Feng Qianxue struggled and refused to go, “I’m getting married tomorrow, how can I go to the doctor now …… ”

“Shut up!” Night Zhen Ting gritted his teeth and shouted low, carrying Feng Qianxue to the car.

“Young master, is it okay if I go along?” Zhu Ma was uneasy.

“Get in.”

As the car started out, Night Fai also called to inform Lei Yu to prepare.

Lei Yu learnt that Feng Qianxue’s condition had returned and immediately sought out Little Flower and his young apprentice.

Night Zhen Ting brought Feng Qian Xue and Zhu Ma to the hospital. Lei Yu was already prepared and still gave Feng Qian Xue herbal infusions and needles in the same way as before.

But this time there was hardly any dirty blood draining out, and Little Flower frowned, not saying a word.

Lei Yu pulled Little Flower outside and asked anxiously, “Little Flower, did Dr. Hua deliver any other treatment plan before? Is there another way out?”

“Doctor Lei, you’ve asked me many times, there really isn’t.” Little Flower cried, “Master was still working on a new plan at the time, and something happened before he could work it out ……”

Hearing these words, Lei Yu was silent, now unless Dr. Hua got better, there was really nothing that could be done at all. Remember the website

“When will Master wake up?” The young apprentice asked after him, “If he wakes up, Miss Feng will be saved.”

“I’m also hoping that his old man will wake up, but now, alas ……”

Lei Yu sighed, not knowing what to say anymore.

“Miss, how do you feel? Is it better?”

Zhu Ma looked at Feng Qianxue’s pale face and was very distressed.

Feng Qianxue leaned drowsily in the bath tub, weak and feeble.

“It’s alright, it will soon be fine.” Night Zhen Ting stroked Feng Qianxue’s face, gently soothing, “Go to sleep, you’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue answered and closed her eyes as she fell into a deep sleep.

“Night King ……”

Lei Yu walked in, wanting to explain Feng Qianxue’s condition, but not knowing how to speak.

“Clean her up, I’ll take her back.”

Night Zhen Ting didn’t ask anything, he already had an idea in his heart.

“Yes.” Lei Yu and Xiao Hua cleaned Feng Qianxue’s body and dressed her.

Night Zhen Ting carried her away, and all the way there, he held her tightly in his arms, afraid that if he let go, she would disappear.

Zhu’s mother could not help but wipe her tears as she watched.

When he returned home, Night Zhen Ting carried Feng Qianxue to his room and put her on the bed, when she suddenly woke up and said in a daze, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine after a nap.”

“Mmm.” Nightquake Timbers kissed her forehead and lay down next to her.

In the dim light, he looked at her beautiful face, his heart was like five seas turning over, a hundred different feelings ……

He hated himself for not protecting her properly, for not realizing the problem sooner with hindsight, for not cherishing those good times ……

He went round and round, made her suffer so much, and now she is still suffering from her illness.

He swore in his heart that he would find the antidote.

The night Zhen Ting just guarded Feng Qianxue, in a trance all night long, and it was almost dawn when he fell asleep in a daze ……

The first time he fell asleep, he woke up with a start and found that Feng Qianxue was not with him.

The sound of water coming from the bathroom, Night Zhen Ting rushed in with one arrow step ……

“Good morning!” Feng Qianxue was taking a shower and washing her hair, the glowing and radiant woman in front of her was a complete contrast to the weak and feeble her from last night.

“You, are you alright?” Night Zhen Ting looked at her in a daze.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Feng Qianxue wiped the water off her face and revealed a bright smile, “I want to be the most beautiful bride today!”

“You’re already beautiful.” Night Zhen Ting raised the corners of his lips and looked at her gently, “Take your time washing, I’ll go to the other washroom.”


Chapter 636

Night Zhen Ting knows that this poison is like this, when the attack is unbearably painful, after the attack, it is just like a person who is fine.

But as the poison invades the bone marrow, the attacks will become more and more frequent later on, until the blood is completely soaked with the poison, and then he will lose his life characteristics.

Even if he wakes up at this time, it will take him some time to recover before he can treat Feng Qianxue.

It would take at least a month or two, and Feng Qianxue could not wait any longer.

The only hope was Night Zhenyun!

Perhaps, she had the antidote in her hand!

Thinking of this, Night Zhen Ting called Broken Sky ……

During this period of time, Night Zhenyun played disappearing, how could he not find anyone, nor could he contact him, but Night Zhen Ting knew other contact information of Broken Sky.

Soon, the call came through, and a heartfelt voice came from the other end of the line, “Big brother ……”

“Tell your mother to hand over the antidote, whatever the terms are!”

“What? What’s happening?” Broken Sky had a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Just pass this on to her.”

After saying these words, Night Zhen Ting hung up the phone.

He knew that even if no one in the whole world could find Night Zhen Yun, Broken Sky would definitely be able to find her, and as long as he relayed this message to her, Night Zhen Yun would naturally take the initiative to contact him.

“Night Zhen Ting, are you ready?” Feng Qianxue shouted from outside, “The make-up artist stylist is already here, I’ll go over first oh.”

Night Zhen Ting opened the bathroom door and saw Feng Qian Xue’s body full of glow, his lips raised in a satisfied curve, “Go ahead, let them do a skin care first, then take your time to dress up.”

“Mmm.” Feng Qianxue came over and kissed him, “I’m so happy today, hehehe!”

“Me too.” Night Zhen Ting gave her a hug, “I’m going to go get ready for other things first later, so you can dress up at ease, okay?”

“Mm-hmm.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head repeatedly and reminded, “By the way, my family’s relatives and friends over there ……”

“I’ll have Night Fai take Zhu Ma to greet them personally, I won’t be neglected.” Night Zhen Ting pinched her cheek, “Just don’t worry!”

“That’s good.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head with a smile.

At this time, the excited shouts of the children came from outside, “Daddy, mummy, get up, a lot of people are coming, we need to start getting ready.”

“Haha ……” Feng Qianxue laughed.

Night Zhen Ting opened the door, the three little babies were standing outside the door in their pajamas, Yue Yue was still holding her white alpaca in her arms, Long Long was holding a toy gun in his hand, and Chen Chen was also holding a tablet ……

Each one also had a serious face and looked very busy worrying about the adults.

“Get up, get up!” The little four-pack fluttered their wings and kept flying around the crystal chandelier.

“It’s so noisy!” Even though Night Zhen Ting was saying this, his face was beaming with a big smile.

“Why don’t you three change your clothes?” Feng Qianxue squatted down and asked the children.

“The stylist sister in charge of us said that we need to have a kid’s spa, a haircut and a skin care before we start styling, so we’re wearing pajamas first ……”

Tatsu said it with a smile on his face.

It seemed that he, a precocious child, was also curious and looking forward to such things.

“Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve got a hair treatment to do.” Yue stroked her long, curly hair and imagined herself dressed up, “I’m going to be the prettiest princess today!”

“Hee hee, San Bao was supposed to be the prettiest princess!” Feng Qianxue gave her a hug, “Alright, you guys go now.”

“No disturbing mummy today.” Night Zhen Ting admonished, “Go and play by yourself, got it?”

“Got it.” The children bounced away and a few maids immediately took them to the stylist .