Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 621-622

Chapter 621

“What’s happening?” Feng Qianxue hurriedly inquired.

“I… I owe someone money and I’ve been arrested ……” Gao Ting was crying, panic evident in her voice, “Please, help me or I’ll die.”

“Where are you? Tell me the address.”

Feng Qianxue wiped off the foam and quickly went out to change her clothes.

“It’s in the alley behind the night.” Gao Ting said in a trembling voice, “You, you come alone or they will kill me ……”

After saying that, she hung up the phone ……

Feng Qianxue changed her clothes, grabbed the phone and rushed out.

“Miss Feng, breakfast ……” Before the maid could finish her words, Feng Qianxue brushed past her shoulder and quickly ran downstairs.

“Miss Feng, Miss Feng ……,” the maid shouted twice after her.

“I have to go out for something, I’ll be back soon.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly ran downstairs and instructed the bodyguard who was parking outside the door, “Quick, take me to the night.”

“Ah? Night?” Bodyguard Ah Hai froze.

“Yes, now, immediately.” Feng Qianxue was in a hurry.

“Yes.” Bodyguard Ah Hai didn’t dare to be slow and immediately opened the car door.

“Miss, where are you going?” Zhu Ma was coming out of the kitchen with breakfast, seeing this scene, she hurriedly chased out and asked, “We’re going to the beach to take wedding photos later ……”

“Zhu Ma, I have to go out for a while, I will be back in a while, help me to tell Night Zhen Ting.” Feng Qianxue was already in the car when she spoke, urging anxiously, “Drive quickly!”

“Oh.” Bodyguard Ah Hai only had to start the car and drive out.

In the study on the first floor, Night Zhen Ting was accompanying his three children in their morning reading when there was a sudden knock on the door outside and the maid cautiously reported, “Night King, Miss Feng has gone out.”

“Hmm?” Night Zhen Ting took his gaze away from his book, “Where to?”

“I don’t know yet, it looks like she’s in a hurry, I don’t know if something has happened.” The maid said eagerly, “I’m afraid you’re worried, so I came over to tell you.”

Night Zhen Ting closed the book and said to the three children, “We’ll continue reading to you in the evening, okay?”

“Okay, daddy!” The children nodded their heads obediently.

“Daddy, insert the bookmark or you won’t be able to remember what page it is at night.”

Yue Yue handed the pretty leaf bookmark to Night Zhen Ting.

“Page 234.” Night Zhen Ting curled his lips and gently scratched Little Yue Yue’s nose, “Don’t worry, Daddy can’t forget!”

He then got up and walked quickly outside, “Play by yourselves for five minutes and come downstairs for breakfast.”

“Got it, daddy!”

The three children replied in unison, their milky voices sounding great.

“Dabao, what is over-learning?” Yue Yue tilted her little head and asked Tenzin innocently.

“It’s when you look at something and you remember it.” Chen Chen explained as he sorted through the books, “Our daddy is a genius!”

“Alas, only you inherited daddy’s intelligence, neither me nor San Bao inherited it.” Long Long held his chin and lamented a little.

“You inherited daddy’s athletic cells and hands ah, San Bao inherited mommy’s artistic cells ah these are also advantages, don’t presume ……”

“What is presumptuous?”

“It’s ……”

In the study, the three children were discussing idioms.

Outside the door, Night Zhen Ting sought out Night Fai to ask, “What’s going on?”

“I sent a message to ask Hai, Miss Wind just said she was going to Night, didn’t say anything about it.” Night Fai reported, “The Night Army has already brought someone to follow them.”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting frowned slightly, this Feng Qian Xue, every time something happened, she was always in a breeze, she didn’t know to discuss with him ……

Really did not grow up.

“Night King, don’t worry, with the Night Army around, it will be fine.” Night Hui said soothingly, “First stay with the child for breakfast, later I will have the night army take Miss Feng directly to the rendezvous at the beach.”


Chapter 622

Night Zhen Ting was about to accompany the children to breakfast when the sound of a car came from outside and his attendant hurriedly came to report, “King of Night, Old Master Night is here!”

“So early?” Night Zhen Ting was a little surprised, but still took the children out to greet them.

The car door opened and Night Sen, together with his bodyguard, helped Old Master Night down and into his wheelchair.

“Grandpa Zeng! Grandpa Zeng!”

The three children ran over together, shouting “Grandpa Zeng”, their milky voices were very pleasant to the ear.

“Hey!” Old Master Night was all smiles, seeing the children made him feel especially good, “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“Just about to eat.” Yue Yue raised her little chubby hand, with a hard-boiled egg in her hand, and handed it to Old Master Night in a good manner, “Grandpa, Yue Yue just peeled it, you try it!”

“Good, good!” Old Master Night took the egg and took a bite, “Mmm, delicious!”

“Just ordinary eggs, what’s so delicious about them.” Night Zhen Ting teased him.

“What do you care? It was given to me by my precious great-granddaughter.” Old Master Night gave him a fierce glare before rubbing Yue Yue’s little head, “This little braid is so pretty today!”

“Hee hee, it was mother-in-law who combed it for me.” Yue Yue pulled her own pigtails and happily introduced them, “This is called Princess Isha’s braid, just like Princess Isha in the ice and snow world.”

“Our little Yue Yue is also a princess.” Old Master Night doted and pinched Yue Yue’s little chubby face.

“Great Grandpa, Great Grandpa …… See how handsome my suit is today?” Long Long immediately came over to show off his new suit, “Today we are going to take wedding photos as a family and we have put on our little suits especially.”


Old Master Night was stunned for a moment and looked up to give Night Zhen Ting a fierce glare, brat, again preempting a wedding photo shoot without permission!!!

“Great grandpa, you’re also here to go with us for the wedding photos, right?” Tenzin smiled and said, “Grandma and Little Four Treasures are going too.”

“Want to go, want to go!”

Little Four-Bo squealed as she flapped her wings excitedly and hovered above their heads.

“Hey, I’m going to join in the fun too.” Zhu’s mother was a little embarrassed, “We haven’t taken any family photos as a family yet.”

“Let’s go take them today.” Yue Yue ran over and took Zhu Ma’s hand, “Grandma, why don’t you change your clothes?”

“Those clothes are too tight, it’s weird to wear them, so we’ll change when we get there.” Zhu’s mother blushed as she talked about the dress she had prepared for her, and covered her mouth as she said to Yueyue, “The fabric is too small, the designer is so mean, a big piece is missing from the front and back.”

Night Sen snorted out a laugh, but immediately held it back.

The old man also raised the corners of his lips, but managed his expression well and said to Night Zhen Ting, “Push me to the study, I have something to tell you.”

“Good ……” Night Zhen Ting was about to speak when Night Fai’s watch alarm went off and his face changed dramatically, “It’s Ah Hai!”

Each of the Night Family’s gold-medal bodyguards had a unique watch that would sound an alarm when they were in danger so that their companions would receive the information and quickly rush over to rescue them.

“Prepare the car, quick.” Night Zhen Ting thundered an order.

The bodyguards quickly brought the car over, and Night ZhenTing himself rushed there, and Night Hui was about to follow when he ordered, “You stay behind to protect the old man and the child.”

“Yes.” Night Fai watched them leave and turned back to find the three children all with wide eyes and open mouths, staring in amazement at the direction in which Night ZhenTing had left.

“Bring the children inside first.” Old Master Night gave a wink.

“Yes ……” The bodyguard was about to take the children inside.

However, Chen Chen shook off his hand and questioned excitedly, “Is something wrong with Mommy? In the morning, sister Xiaoqin said that brother Ahai drove mommy away, if something happened to brother Ahai, mommy would also, also ……