Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 619-620

Chapter 619

“I just thought about it carefully, I don’t think it was instigated by someone.” Old Master Night sneered mockingly, “Those two adults aren’t as smart as the boy, they’d be damned if they could teach him that!”

Night Sen laughed out loud, “You can’t say that about young master, he’s very smart.”

“Yes, he has a lot of bad intentions.” Even if he couldn’t teach those words, he was still trying to get the children to convince me.”

“That’s right, or else why would the young master and princess come home half an hour early.” Night Sen could see that too.

“Alas ……” the old man of the night thought of the children and once again fell into anguish, “It was that brat’s trick, but the children meant what they said… …”

“I’ll say something unpleasant.” The young master, the young master and the young princess are of one mind. If you force them apart, the whole family will hate you.

Those three children are opinionated again, especially little young master Chen Chen, in case he really goes with his mother ……”

“You old thing, don’t you think I’m bad enough? You still come to scare me?” Old Master Night was so angry that he cursed, “You do something for me!!!”

His cane pounded on the ground with a loud “thud”.

Night Sen was so frightened that he took a half step back and said in a frightened voice, “Old Master, I don’t dare to say anything about this, I’m afraid I’ll make you angry ……”

“You say, forgive you for not being guilty.” Old Master Night was really at a loss and wanted to find someone to discuss the matter with.

“Actually, I think ……” Night Sen stammered, and only after half a second did he tell the truth, “The young master is determined to marry Miss Feng, and they have three children, and those three children are still pleasing to the eye, this situation, you really can’t You can’t forcefully break them up …… or you can make them whole?”

“You old thing, I asked you to help me come up with ideas and solutions, but you’re acting as their lobbyist instead?”

Old Master Night was so angry that he hit Night Sen with his walking stick, but of course, the force was much less than when he hit Night Zhen Ting.

After all, Night Sen was almost eighty years old and could not withstand a beating.

Unlike Night Zhen Ting, who was thick-skinned, he was fine even if he hit him.

“You yourself told me to speak and said that you forgive me for not being guilty, and now you are losing your temper.” Night Sen looked aggrieved, “How can you still talk back at such an old age ……”

“You still dare to talk back? It’s revolting.” Old Master Night was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

“I dare not dare.” Night Sen hurriedly apologized, “Old Master, to be honest, I wasn’t impressed by what the young master said, I was thinking of our mister ……”

The last two words, Night Sen said with extreme care.

The gentleman he was talking about was Night Zhen Tian, the father of Night Zhen Ting, that was a world-famous talented man with all the talent in the world, who just didn’t like business and had his own opinions in matters of relationships.

The old man forced him to study business and forced him to give up his beloved girlfriend to marry a royal daughter of the right family. In the end, Night Zhentian’s career did not take off and his relationship suffered a setback ……

The young man passed away unexpectedly along with his wife.

This incident has become a permanent pain in the heart of the old man of the night.

In the past, if someone mentioned Night Zhentian, Old Master Night was bound to be furious, but now, when Night Sen mentioned it, he wasn’t angry ……

Because, his biggest concern, is also this.

“Although the Leng family has an unshirkable responsibility for what happened back then, but if we hadn’t imposed a block, perhaps ……”

Night Sen’s words were halfway through and did not dare to continue.

After a pause, he carefully looked at Old Master Night’s face, pressed his voice, and continued to say-

“I see that the young master’s feelings for Miss Feng are no lighter than Mr. Leng’s feelings for that demon girl back then.

I am really afraid that if we forcefully stop this time, if anything happens to the young master again, then ……

Although the night family has been succeeded by someone, but you are already 96, how many years do you have left? Can you still train the young master like you did back then ……”

Chapter 620

“Stop it ……,” the old man interrupted Night Sen, bowing his head and not saying a word.

“I’m sorry, I’ve talked too much tonight.”

Night Sen gave himself three slaps on the mouth, he knew that his words were like knives stabbing into Old Master Night’s heart.

If it were usual, Old Master Night would have been angry long ago, but today, he let him finish his words.

In fact, he wanted to use his mouth to uncover this scar, so that he could take a good look at it himself, so that he could recognise the mistakes he had made back then and avoid repeating them.

“Let me think, think again ……” Old Master Night let out a long sigh, “What are you doing standing still? Don’t push me in yet.”

“Yes!” The night Sen hurriedly pushed the old man into the house, “Are you hungry? Do you want the kitchen to cook some porridge for you?”

“No need.” Old Master Night was in a depressed mood, “There’s no way I can eat.”

“When I was leaving, that chubby Zhu Ma stuffed a bag of stuff for me, I opened it and it was the little piggy bags that the young masters and princesses like, I’ll have the kitchen heat it up for you?”

Night Sen asked tentatively.

“Zhu Ma?” Old Master Night thought back for a moment, “Oh, it’s the children’s mother-in-law.” Remember the website

“It’s actually an old maid from the Wind family’s past.” Night Sen explained, “It is said that she followed Miss Feng’s father when she was young, and has since been taking care of her and then the three children, Miss Feng and the three children all treat her as family, so the children call her Granny ……”

“Hmm.” Old Master Night said thoughtfully, “An old servant who is willing to take care of them for three generations, and the family has never left them even when they are down and out, it shows that this Zhu Ma is a loyal servant, and it also shows that, the Feng family has love and righteousness.”

“Yes!” Night Sen smiled and nodded.

“You old thing must have taken a favour from that brat and helped him as a lobbyist.” Old Master Night quickly reacted and angrily chided, “You are a treacherous servant!”

“Old Master, you must speak from your conscience, I have been with the Night Family for four generations ……”

“Shut up!” Old Master Night glared at him fiercely, then he covered his stomach again and said, “A bit hungry, heat up some buns.”

“Yes, I’m on my way.” Night Sen was overjoyed and hurriedly sent someone to the kitchen to heat up the buns, and reminded, “By the way, heat up a glass of milk for the old master.”

“Two servings!” Old Master Night added, “It’s no fun to eat alone.”

“Then I’ll eat with you.” Night Sen smiled.


In the morning, when Feng Qianxue woke up, the sunlight was already casting through the floor-to-ceiling windows and spilling in, shining on her face with a faint warmth.

She blocked the light with her hand and squinted, staring out at the shade of green in a daze.

“Awake?” Nightquake came out of the bathroom, dressed in comfortable, casual clothes.

“Mmm.” Feng Qianxue stretched, “Why are you up so early?”

“Accompanying the children to their morning reading.” Night Zhen Ting tied the buttons of his shirt, his charming and handsome side face looked particularly charming in the sunlight, “You want to sleep a little more? We’re leaving at ten.”

“I’m up.” Feng Qianxue lazily sat up and stretched out her arms to him, “Hugs!”

Night Zhen Ting hooked his lips and walked over and bit her on the chest.

“Ah, it hurts~~~” Feng Qianxue punched him on the back, “Nasty!”

“Spirited now, are you?” Night Zhen Ting smiled badly and kissed the spot he had bitten, “Get up, I’ll have breakfast brought over.”

“Thanks ……,” Feng Qianxue kissed him on the cheek and jumped up from the bed.

Night Zhen Ting patted her bottom, straightened his collar and walked out with big strides.

Feng Qianxue was brushing her teeth in the bathroom when suddenly, her phone rang, she glanced at the caller ID and hurriedly answered the call, “Hey, Ting Ting!”

“Sister Qianxue ……” Gao Ting’s voice came from the other end of the phone and seemed to be shaking, “Help me, help me …… ”