Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 613-614

‏Chapter 613

Hearing these words, Old Master Night hesitated a little, and at that moment, Little Four Treasures also fluttered their wings and flew over and said, “Stay, stay!”

“You see, even Little Four Treasures is asking you to stay.” Yue Yue hurriedly stretched out her hand and beckoned Little Four Treasures, “Little Four Treasures, call Grandpa Zeng!”

“Grandpa Zeng, Grandpa Zeng!”

Little Four Treasures imitated Yue Yue’s milky voice and called out to Old Master Night.

“Haha ……” Old Master Night finally laughed, “Good, just stay and dine with you guys!”

“Yay, great!” Yue Yue raised her hands in the air and cheered.

The little four treasures in her hands fell into Old Master Night’s arms, and her little head was dizzy for a moment, rolling her eyes and saying, “Drunk, drunk!”

“Hahahaha ……”

Old Master Night burst out laughing when he saw Little Four Treasures’ cute appearance, and the others followed suit.

Night Zhen Ting’s lips curled up in a triumphant arc, he knew that the children would touch the old man!

Night Hui hurriedly went to the kitchen to inform Yung Ma to prepare some dishes that Old Master Night loved to eat.

Rong Ma said in a low voice, “Do you still need to tell me about this? The young master has already said that the old master will stay for dinner tonight, and I prepared it a long time ago.”

“Ah? So the Night King had prepared for this.” Night Fai slapped his head, “I was the one who neglected to do so!”

“You guys play with Grandpa Zeng for a while, dinner will be served in half an hour.” Night Zhen Ting greeted the children.

“Got it, daddy!” The children responded in a well-behaved manner.

Chen Chen even said in an understanding manner, “You and Mummy go upstairs and change, while you can still rest.”

“Yes, I see mummy is tired.” Yue Yue ran a flying kiss to Feng Qian Xue, “Mummy, go and rest.”

“Mummy remember to eat the little piggy bun, don’t let it get cold.” Long Long tilted his little head to remind.

“Okay, thanks babies.”

Feng Qianxue took the two little piggy buns and walked upstairs on the arm of Night Zhen Ting.

Old Master Night gave them a look and played with the children in the hall, “Long Long, come and show Grandpa Zeng your kung fu, Grandpa Zeng has never seen it before.”


Longlong bit the little piggy bag in his mouth and flipped a few heels, then unfurled his little fists to perform martial arts.

The movements were superb and the speed was fierce, very much like the style of Night Zhen Ting when he was a child!

Old Master Night looked very happy and praised him repeatedly, “Not bad, not bad, very impressive!”

“Great Grandpa ……” Long Long was about to speak when the little piggy bag in his mouth fell off, Little Four-Boy flew over and took the little piggy bag, so angry that Long Long chased after it, “Stinky Four-Boy, give me back my little piggy bag! ”

The little four treasure is very smart, not to say anything, flew around the living room twice, then fluttered his wings and flew out.

“Stinky Four-Bo ……” Long Long followed him out, jumping up to grab Little Four-Bo as he ran.

“Don’t chase.” Tenzin shouted after him, “Erbao come back!”

“Boys are so childish.” Yue Yue beamed with a condescending look on her little mouth.

“Hahahahaha ……,” Old Master Night laughed out loud, a very cheerful laugh.

Behind him, Night Sen and a few attendants also laughed along with him.

Night Sen couldn’t help but sigh, “This family, reunited and lively, how nice!”

Hearing this, Old Master Night’s laughter gradually stopped and seemed to fall into deep thought, but then he changed the subject and pulled Chen Chen and asked, “Chen Chen, show Grandpa the new software you’ve researched.”

Immediately, Chen Chen brought his tablet computer, opened the software he had designed and showed it to Old Master Night –

“This software is for children under six years old, as long as mum and dad enter their fingerprints into it, they can know their whereabouts.

If they get lost, get lost, meet a bad person, or have a sudden accident, an alert will go off in mum and dad’s phone and the address of where the child is will be sent over ……”

Chapter 614

“It’s great, let’s see.”

Old Master Night opened the software to take a closer look and found that the details inside were well set up and the code was comprehensive, a completely mature piece of software.

It couldn’t be compared to that kind of advanced high-tech software, but to design it from the hands of a three-and-a-half year old was pretty impressive!

“Daddy said to register it as a patent for me, and from now on the name of this software will be Dabao, and the marketing department is going to put it on trial next month.” Tenzin raised his little head proudly, “Daddy also said that the money earned from this software is kept in my account and I can dispose of it freely!”

“Very good!” Old Master Night stroked Chen Chen’s little head and exclaimed, “It’s really worthy of being our night family’s child!”

“I think I have to thank Mummy.” Chen Chen said as he operated the computer, “Researching this software was inspired by Mummy, I used to talk about it when I chatted with Mummy and she gave me a lot of advice, but at that time I wasn’t in a position to develop it until after I met up with Daddy …… ”

Chen Chen said very seriously, the old man of the night also listened very carefully, he could not deny that Feng Qianxue was a good mother, although born a little bit ordinary, but to the children is played a lot of positive role.

It was just that being the daughter-in-law of the Night family was not enough.

“Great Grandpa, I’m not as good at martial arts as Erbao or as smart as Dabao, will you still like me?”

Yue Yue suddenly asked cautiously, her two little chubby hands twisted together, looking a little nervous.

“Silly child, of course Great Grandpa likes Yue Yue.” Old Master Night hurriedly took Yue Yue in his arms and said lovingly, “Yue Yue is the cutest little angel and princess, you don’t need to know martial arts or develop software, you just need to be the happy you!” Remember the website

“Even if I don’t know anything when I grow up, you won’t hate me?”

Yue asked innocently, tilting her little head.

“Of course not.” Old Master Night smiled lovingly and gently, “You are the little baby of our Night Family, Great Grandpa wants you to grow up happy and healthy and wants you to be happy, nothing else matters!”

“Great, then I don’t have to worry.”

Yue Yue finally breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest with her little chubby hand, her chubby little face raised in a cute smile ……

“Grandpa used to say the same thing to Mummy like you did, he wanted Mummy to grow up healthy and happy, so now Mummy has Daddy and we have us, Mummy is happy and so are we ……”

Hearing these words, Old Master Night was stunned, he never seemed to realise this, he seemed to have completely forgotten, when he disliked Feng Qianxue for being born, for not being able to do anything, for being nothing, that she was once someone else’s little princess, a little angel too!

Just like his Yue Yue ……

“Old Master, dinner is ready.”

At this time, Rong Ma came to report.

Old Master Night withdrew his thoughts and nodded absentmindedly, “Mm.”

“I’ll go get daddy and mummy to eat.”

Yue Yue immediately stepped on her short little legs and ran upstairs, her chubby back looked very cute.

“Grandpa Tseng, I’ll push you to wash your hands.”

Chen Chen put down his tablet and pushed Old Master Night to the washroom.

“Little Young Master, I’ll do it.” Night Sen wanted to step forward to help, “You’re such a small person, be careful of running over your feet.”

“Grandpa Sen, although I’m small, I’m not small in person.” Tilting his little head, Tatsumi said with a serious face, “What adults understand, I understand!”

“Haha ……” Old Master Night laughed proudly, “My Tatsu Chen is the smartest child!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Night Sen nodded repeatedly, “The little young master is a little genius just like the young master was when he was a child.”