Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 563-564

Chapter 563

Feng Qianxue was stunned in place with her mobile phone, her mood was very lost ……

But then she consoled herself in her heart, perhaps, Night Zhen Ting thought that the old man could not easily wake up, now he could not let his old man be stimulated ……

Feng Qianxue can only comfort herself in this way.


The stretch Rolls-Royce slowly drove towards the hospital, with two rows of convoy escorts in front and behind, in a huge formation.

The bodyguards were all very alert, keeping an eye on the outside the whole time to prevent any surprise attacks.

However, everything went smoothly and there were no ripples on the road.

When the car drove to the hospital, Night Zhen Ting himself got out of the car carrying the three children, and then, with Long Long, who had not yet recovered from his foot injury, sitting on his shoulder, holding Chen Chen and Yue Yue in his hand.

Dragon was excited and thrilled, and there was a special sense of superiority.

Little SiBao stood on the dragon’s head, eyes wide open, looking around like a curious baby.

“Daddy, I don’t want to hold hands.” Yue Yue broke away from Night Zhen Ting’s hand and said with a small beak, “You are too tall, I have to keep raising my hands to hold you, so my arms are too tired ……” Remember the website

“It does get a little tiring.” Chen Chen looked up at Night Zhen Ting, “Will I grow to be as tall as daddy in the future?”

“Will.” Night Zhen Ting bent down and picked up Chen Chen and Yue Yue, and also instructed Long Long who was on his shoulder, “Sit still!”

“Mmm.” Longlong held his head, afraid of falling.

“Wowse, I’m taller too.” Yue Yue clapped her little chubby hands and cheered happily.

“Suddenly I feel like the view is all different.” Tatsuya smiled too.

“I’m taller than you guys.” Dragon raised his little eyebrows, proudly showing off.

“I’m taller, I’m taller!” Little Four-Bo squealed as he flapped his wings on his head.

“Hmph!” Yueyue pointed her little fat finger at Little Four-Bo and beamed, crossing her eyebrows, “Little Four-Bo, if you keep screaming, I’m going to pluck your feathers!”

Little Four Treasures hurriedly covered its mouth with its wings, not daring to make any more noise, but its eyes darted around, that look comical and cute.

“Hahahaha ……” The three children burst out laughing all at once.

The corners of his lips lifted, ever since the three children were around, his world had a lot more laughter, and he couldn’t help but become smiley.

“The children are so cute!” Night Army couldn’t help but exclaim, “The Night King seems a little different since he became a daddy.”

“That’s right, much more humane.” Night Fai responded in a low voice.

“How nice.” Night Army smiled.

The group walked into the hospital through the side door, where the director and relevant leaders were already waiting, leading them straight to the special ward.

Night Sen was waiting downstairs, and when he saw Night Zhen Ting, he immediately greeted him and said excitedly, “Young Master, Master has woken up and has been thinking about you.”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting nodded, “You didn’t tell him, about the child, did you?”

“No no, you explained that you had to speak to him personally.”

Night Sen looked at the children with a smile, but then, his face turned grave again and he reminded meaningfully, “Young master, the master has just woken up, he can’t stand bad stimulation!”

This meant that good stimuli could be more than enough, but bad ones, it was better to hold off.

Night Zhen Ting naturally knew what Night Sen meant and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a handle on it!”

The family came outside the ward, and Night Thunder took the children to the germ isolation room to change clothes, Little Four Treasures also wanted to go in, but was ordered by Night Thunder: “Just stay outside, no running around.”

Little SiBao paused in his movements, then absently landed on NightFly’s shoulder, shrugging his little head with a resigned look.

“Don’t you poop on my shoulder.” Night Fai Ling frowned and made a fierce look, “Or else I’ll pluck all your hair ……”

“Daddy, daddy.”

Before Night Fai could finish his words, Little Four Treasures flew over to Night Zhen Ting and complained, “Plucking hair, plucking hair, scared, scared ……”


Chapter 564

“Night Fai?” Night Zhen Ting stared at Night Fai with cold eyes.

“My subordinate does not dare.” Night Fai hurriedly bowed his head and apologised.

Little Four Treasures shook his hips in triumph, fluttered his wings and flew to Night Fai’s head, raked his hair loose with his claws, used his head as a nest, and then sat down on his butt.

Just so arrogant and domineering and unbeatable!

Night Fai blackened his face and rolled his eyes to glare at the little four-pack above his head, hating to stew the little guy ……

The night army “pfft” laugh out: “This little parrot is quite humane, hahaha!”

“One day ……” Before Night Fai could finish his words, the little four treasures stood up and made a stand to sue at any moment.

The bird is also the little master.

He couldn’t be messed with!

After changing into his germ isolation suit, Night Thunder walked into the ward with his three little ones.

“I’m already awake, why am I still in this isolation ward? I’m not that fragile, hurry up and transfer me out.”

Just as he walked in, he heard Old Master Night’s unhappy low bellowing voice.

Although he had not recovered from his serious illness, his voice was not as mid-range as before, but it was still very powerful.

The doctor and specialist next to him scrambled to explain, “Don’t worry, old master, you’ve already had a full body check-up this morning, when the results come out, if all the indicators are OK, you will be transferred to the general ward immediately”

“There’s no such trouble, if I say transfer now, transfer now ……”

“Grandpa!” Little Yue Yue’s milking voice came, interrupting Old Master Night’s words.

Old Master Night shook his body and hurriedly turned his head to look over, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed, “Yue Yue, Chen Chen, Long Long ……”



The three children immediately shook off Night Zhen Ting’s hand and ran over in excitement.

“Grandpa, you are finally awake ……” Chen Chen choked out with red eyes, “Every time we come to see you, you are sleeping, we are so anxious, we so hope you will wake up soon.”

“Wake up, wake up, grandpa will never sleep again.” Old Master Night shook Chen Chen’s hand and said excitedly, “It’s so good to see you all as soon as you wake up!”

“Grandpa, you even said you would take me to play football.” Longlong’s eyes were wet, but there was a big smile on his face, “Now that you’re awake, you can keep your promise, right?”

“Of course you can.” Old Master Night smiled and asked, “Is your foot ready?”

“Almost done.” Long Long crossed his foot to show Old Master Night, “The plaster has been removed, the splint has been removed, and I can already climb the stairs.”

“Hahahaha, good!” Old Master Night laughed brightly, “When Grandpa gets out of hospital, we’ll take Long Long to play football.”

“Grandpa, you said you were going to take me to Disney to see the princesses.” Yue Yue pulled Old Master Night’s hand, milking and pouting, “Do you still count your words?”

“Count and count, of course it counts.” Old Master Night nodded repeatedly, “When Grandpa is discharged from the hospital, take Yue Yue to Disney right away.”

“Thank you grandpa ……,” Yue Yue raised her little chubby hands and cheered, “Long live grandpa!”

“Hahahaha, won’t you be an old goblin if you live to be 10,000 years old?” Old Master Night laughed.

“Grandpa is not an old demon, grandpa is the best grandpa ever.” Yue Yue tilted her little head and said with a serious face, “Grandpa has to watch us grow up, and we have to be filial to grandpa!”

“Good, good, good!”

Old Master Night nodded his head repeatedly and couldn’t help but wet his eyes.

Probably because of his age, or perhaps because he had experienced life and death, the old man was now particularly emotional, and when he saw the children, he would accidentally be touched by the softest part of his heart ……

“Tsk tsk, so eccentric!” Night Zhen Ting said sourly, “With great grandchildren, you don’t want grandchildren anymore!”