Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 539-540

Chapter 539

“Okay, time’s up, let’s go to class.”

With one on his back, one in his arms, and one twisted in his hands, Night Zhen Ting walked out in stride like a big tree crawling with little monkeys.

He also turned back to Zhu Ma and said, “Zhu Ma, please tell Feng Qianxue that we’re going to the study upstairs.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Zhu Ma answered and watched them leave, then knocked on the bathroom door, “Miss, Miss, are you alright?”

“It’s fine ……” Feng Qianxue slumped on the sink, her face turned pale with pain, but she tried to look calm, “Zhu Ma, I have some diarrhea, you go up first, I’ll come over in a moment. ”

“It’s alright, I’ll stay here with you.” Zhu Ma was relieved, “Did you eat too much at night? I’ll go and get you a cup of hot water.”


Listening to the footsteps outside, Feng Qianxue finally sat limply on the floor, her forehead kept slipping beans of sweat ……

She bit her lips to death, almost about to bite her lips to bleed ……

The pain was still spreading, she tilted her head and looked at her right shoulder, it didn’t look any different, just like there were bugs biting in her veins ……

She remembered the shot that the woman had given her and suddenly it dawned on her that the shot was never as simple as putting her in a coma. Remember the website

It should be a poison.

This poison was so powerful that even Lei Yu hadn’t detected it, so it was evident that it was hidden very deeply.

“Miss, how are you?” Zhu Ma called out from outside.

“I’m fine.” Feng Qianxue frowned, “I have to wait for a while, you can go out first.”

“Alright, I’ve put hot water on the table, drink some water when you come out, if you still feel any discomfort, you’ll have to take medicine.” Zhu Ma admonished.

“Got it.” Feng Qianxue tried to make her voice sound calm.

Zhu Ma left.

Feng Qianxue sat limply on the floor, and after half an hour, the pain finally dissipated.

She got up from the floor, washed her face, opened the door and walked out, picking up the hot water on the table and taking a few sips.

Looking at the sofa there was still Long Long’s jacket and one of Yue Yue’s shoes, and thinking of the warm and wonderful scene she had just had, she had very mixed feelings ……

“Knock knock!” At this time, there was a knock on the door from outside, followed by Lei Yu’s voice, “Miss Feng, can I come in?”

“Please come in.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly responded.

Lei Yu pushed the door in, carrying a medicine box in his hand, and asked with concern, “Zhu’s mother said that your stomach is not feeling well, what is the situation? I brought the medicine box over to see if you want to take some medicine.”

“No need.” Feng Qianxue shook her head hurriedly, “It’s probably just indigestion from eating too much at night, it’ll be better after I go to the washroom.”

“It’s good that it’s alright.” Lei Yu still gave her a box of medicine, “These are my homemade anti-digestion tablets, you can take some, it helps with digestion.”

“Thanks.” Feng Qianxue took it and took two tablets, pretending to ask casually, “Dr. Lei, both Zhu’s mother and my friend are being treated on your side, and I’ve heard doctors from other hospitals say that you’re very skilled in medicine.”

“Without being modest, I should be considered the leading medical practitioner.”

Lei Yu was very confident about his profession.

“Then, if even you can’t cure a disease, no one should be able to cure it?” Feng Qianxue asked tentatively.

“That depends on what the situation is.” Lei Yu was more objective, “Some surgeries still need to be done by peers in the relevant specialty, after all, everyone is limited in what they are good at, but I can solve general problems, and even if I can’t, I can still arrange for doctors from my hospital to solve them.”

“Oh ……” Feng Qianxue’s heart went cold, Lei Yu was so powerful in the medical world, even she couldn’t figure out what kind of poison she had, so it was clear that this problem must be very complicated ……


Chapter 540

“Miss Feng, Miss Feng!”

Lei Yu’s call interrupted Feng Qianxue’s thoughts.

A little distracted, Feng Qianxue changed the subject and said, “I’ll trouble you with Zhu’s mother and Gao’s mother’s condition.”

“Don’t worry.” Lei Yu nodded, “How are you doing now? Are your stomach and intestines better?”

“Much better.” Feng Qianxue smiled faintly, “I’ll go upstairs first, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, call me anytime if you need anything.” Lei Yu carried the medical kit and left.

Feng Qianxue gathered her thoughts and went back upstairs.

The door to the study was slightly hidden, and as she stood in the doorway, she saw that Night Zhen Ting was teaching Chen Chen about technology.

Chen Chen was listening very attentively, his little brow furrowed up in the exact same way as Night Zhen Ting’s expression.

Longlong and Yueyue were also listening along, probably because they couldn’t understand, and Yueyue went to the pink tent to the side to play with a Barbie doll.

Dragon also played with the little four-pack on the sofa.

“You’re a genius!” Night Zhen Ting was very surprised to discover Chen Chen’s talent, “I didn’t start getting involved in technology until I was six, you’re only three and a half and you already know so much, you’re better than me!”


Chen Chen was overjoyed, he used to love discussing this with his mummy, at first Feng Qianxue was able to talk to him, but soon Feng Qianxue’s knowledge base couldn’t keep up with him.

The rest of the family knew even less, and Chen could only study in solitude, but without anyone to teach him, he was a slow learner.

Later, when the old lady of the night gave him a computer and arranged for someone to give him online lessons, he learned more like a fish out of water.

But online lessons are never as straightforward as live one-to-one teaching. Tonight, when Timothy Night tried teaching Chen for the first time, Chen learned very quickly, almost as soon as he was taught.

Both father and son were particularly surprised and had a great sense of achievement.

“Uncle Night ……” blurted out Chen Chen.

“Hmm?” Night Zhen Ting raised an eyebrow in reminder.

“Daddy.” Chen Chen immediately changed his mouth, because he hadn’t gotten used to it yet, now it took courage to even call it up, his little face was red with shame, “I have other suggestions about the development of that new product for your company, can you show me the design process?”

“Of course.” Night Zhen Ting nodded, “I’ll take you to the company tomorrow.”

“Ah? To the company?” Chen Chen was a little flattered, “This, wouldn’t be too good? I just want to ……”

“What’s wrong with that?” Night Zhen Ting rubbed his hair with a proud face, “You are my son, in the future you will also have to learn to take charge of the company, early exposure, early adaptation, in the future you can work side by side with me!”

“Mm-hmm.” Chen Chen nodded his head repeatedly, his pair of clear and bright eyes filled with a gorgeous glow.

Seeing this scene, Feng Qianxue’s lips lifted up in a pleased smile, she felt that the way Chen Chen was now, was the way he wanted to be himself the most ……

Returning to the night family was the right choice for the child.

“Duh! Duh!”

The alarm clock went off and Dragon rolled up from the couch in a flash, saying eagerly, “Daddy, it’s time for Big Boy’s class, it’s my turn.”

“Good.” Night Zhen Ting put away his computer and instructed Chen Chen, “You can go back and rest now.”

“I want to look again.” Chen Chen took the computer and sat aside to look at it.

“Working so hard.” Night Zhen Ting raised the corners of his lips, “Not learning kung fu from your brother?”

“No, I’m not interested in that.” With his eyes fixed on the computer, Tenzin said loudly, “With a high IQ, people can create weapons that are invincible in the world, and any kung fu is a defeat.”

“Not at all, there are things that machines can’t deal with.” Dragon hastily retorted, “Besides, practicing kung fu can strengthen your body, that’s always something that machines can’t replace, right?”

“Makes sense.” Night Zhen Ting found this interesting.

“Daddy, who are you saying has a point?” Longlong was anxious to prove himself.