Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 521-522

Chapter 521

In no time at all, Little Four-Bo had drained a glass of wine, burped and collapsed comfortably into the glass to sleep.

“Little Four Treasures!” Long Long wrung Little Four Treasures out and shook it off, trying to shake the wine off of it.

Little Four Treasures looked a little dizzy, its little red tongue sticking out and its eyes dripping.

“Erbao, put it down quickly.” Yue Yue slid off the sofa and ran over on short legs, snatching away Little Four Treasures with a fierce, milky smile, “You can’t shake it, it’ll get dizzy.”

Yue Yue didn’t know yet, what drunken meant.

“Okay ……” Long Long furrowed his little brow and muttered unhappily, “Girls are so troublesome.”

Night Zhen Ting hooked his lips and pulled Long Long to sit next to him, “Tell me, what else do you like?”

“I like guns.” Long Long tilted his little head and said in a serious manner, “Also like planes, cars, ships …… anyway, everything that men like, I like, including pretty sisters.”

“Uh ……,” Night Zhen Ting froze, “You’re still so young and you already like pretty sisters?!”

“Yeah.” Dragon’s handsome little face was filled with pride, “I have three girlfriends in kindergarten ……”

“。。。。。” Remember the website

Night Zhen Ting cried and laughed, he never knew that their Night family had such genes, from his father to him, they were all love saints.

However, it was said that the old man was quite flirtatious when he was young ……

“Beep!” Just as he was thinking, his mobile phone rang, Night Zhen Ting looked at it and answered the call, “Hello!”

“Mr. Night, I ……”

“ZhenTing, it’s me.” Ling Long’s voice came from the other end of the phone, a little emotional, “How long are you going to avoid me? Even if you have something on your mind, you have to say it clearly in person, right?”

“I said, don’t go to my company.” Night Zhen Ting frowned unhappily.

“I had no choice but to call you, I didn’t answer your phone, my confidence didn’t return, and I blacklisted my number, so I had to use Wen Li’s phone to call you ……”

“It’s useless for you to call me, all matters, wait for grandpa to wake up and then make a decision.”

After saying these words, Night Zhen Ting directly hung up the phone and twisted his head to look at Long Long in his arms.

He seemed to be a little scared, curled up into a ball and looked at him timidly.

“What’s wrong?” Night Zhen Ting hooked up his lips.

“The way you looked just now was so scary.” Long Long said weakly.

“Well, it’s true that I’m more serious when I’m dealing with business matters.” Night Zhen Ting smiled faintly, “It’s only to you three, and your mommy, that it’s a different attitude.”

“That’s okay.” Dragon breathed a sigh of relief and tilted his little head, asking seriously, “So, are you Mummy’s boyfriend?”


Hearing this name, Night Zhen Ting didn’t know how to answer, say yes, he was actually their dad, say no, now that he wasn’t married, he should be the boyfriend.

“It doesn’t matter, my asshole dad doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive anyway, we can accept you if you can always be nice to mommy ……”

Long Long said to himself, completely unaware that Night Zhen Ting’s face had changed.

“Asshole dad?” Night Zhen Ting frowned and repeated the word, “What did your mommy tell you all?”

“Mummy never mentions daddy.” Speaking of this topic, Long Long was a little sad, “It was when we were laughed at in kindergarten and I went to ask my mother-in-law, who got excited and said that our asshole dad was irresponsible ……

Although she quickly changed her mind, but I have remembered, that person, is not a good person, but Uncle Night you are different, you are good to mommy’s and to us, and you are grandpa’s oldest grandson.

I’ve decided to accept you!”

Night Zhen Ting was speechless, he thought, he had to discuss with Feng Qian Xue as soon as possible and then formally identify with the children…


Chapter 522

“I’ve unlocked it!”

Suddenly, Tenzin exclaimed excitedly, his handsome little face full of excitement and a glorious glint in his eyes.

“Let me see!”

Night Zhen Ting immediately took the tablet and took a closer look, Chen Chen had actually really solved the blind spot in the development of Sheng Tian’s newly developed intelligent product.

“How did you unravel it?” Night Zhen Ting hastily hugged Chen Chen over and asked, pointing at the computer.

“This place has a system error, just change it to ……” Chen Chen pointed to the computer and carefully told Night ZhenTing about his solution to the problem, “Uncle Night, is this okay?”

“Yes, very much so.”

Night Zhen Ting nodded repeatedly, in fact, he had already solved this problem last night, this morning he just re-presented that difficult problem to Chen Chen, to test it out and see how sharp he really was with technology.

Little did he know, his son was a genius!!!

“So do I get a wish?”

Tenzin was overjoyed and immediately asked him for confirmation.

“Of course you can, what do you want?”

It was rare for Night Zhen Ting to be this happy, happier than if he had solved the puzzle himself.

Although Chen Chen did not look like him, this talent and instinct for technology was just like his ……

“I don’t know yet, I’ll tell you when I’ve figured it out.” Tatsuya wrapped his arms around his chest, looking like a young adult, “This wish is so valuable, of course we should make use of it!”

“Yes, yes, yes ……” Long Long agreed, “Just like Aladdin’s lamp, wait until the critical moment and then take it out and use it.”

“Hmm.” Tatsuya smiled and nodded his head.

“Haha, no problem!” Night Zhen Ting wrapped his arms around his two sons and laughed heartily.

“Hmph, go ahead and laugh.” Yue Yue puffed up her little mouth in defiance and muttered in a fierce, milky voice, “When we have music lessons at night, you’ll have something to cry about!”

“Hiccup~~” Little Four Treasures burped and rolled over, belly up, lazily sleeping.


Soon, the car drove to the kindergarten.

It was school time and school buses were driving into the school one after another.

The Night family’s stretch Rolls Royce drove in at the very back and parked off to the side, causing many people to gather around.

The security guards separated the children and did not allow them to come over for fear of causing danger.

A group of children got off the school bus, one by one, holding the clothes of the students in front of them and following the teacher like a bunch of grapes towards the classroom.

But the children all looked over curiously, wanting to know who was on the bus.

Several bodyguards got out of the car, opened the doors and took the three children out of the car one by one.

In the other car, three paramedics had long since come down to wait, and when they saw the three little masters, they immediately went forward to take care of them.

“It’s Feng Qianchen, Feng Qianlong, and Feng Qian Yue!”

A child from Sunflower class shouted out and all the children in the class looked over.

A few of the little ones shouted their names excitedly.

“Zhu Fei Fei, Huang Yan Yan ……” Yue Yue also shouted the names of her little friends happily.

“Uncle Night, Uncle Night ……” Long Long saw the class and hurriedly took Night Zhen Ting’s hand and introduced them, “Look, that one with the double ponytail is my first girlfriend!”

“Uh.” Night Zhen Ting looked up and saw a little kid, wearing a little yellow dress with a double ponytail, looking at Long Long while walking, and waving at him with a smile, “Feng Qian Long, come and line up here with me, I’ll give you the seat!”

Is this, is this love?

“That one, the natural curl hybrid sister is the second one.” Dragon pointed at the last little mixed-race girl again and said with a smile, “Mixed-race Chinese and French, called Julia!”

Night Zhen Ting turned his eyes to see the little girl with long naturally curly hair and wearing a pretty white dress, shyly glancing at Long Long, immediately withdrawing her gaze and following the group.

“This little girl is quite nice, why don’t you like it now?” Night Zhen Ting was a little curious.

“I like mature women now.” Long Long pointed at the music teacher on the other side, “That one, is my current one!”