Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5


Feng Qianxue and the petrol man fell to the ground together, causing a gasp of shock around them.

With her arm aching to the point of numbness, Feng Qianxue came back to her senses, while the Rolls-Royce Phantom from earlier had long since sped away.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the security guards rushed over to take the petrol man down as fast as they could.

“Night Zhen Ting, you shall not be allowed to die, I will not let you go even as a ghost-”

The man howled in excitement, but was quickly gagged and dragged away like a dog.

Feng Qianxue twisted her head to look at the man, her heart infinitely sad, her father had once told her that the shopping mall was like a battlefield, yet at this moment, she felt more like hell ……

The first time you’re not careful, you’ll fall into the abyss of doom!

And the mysterious man in the Phantom’s car is the devil who controls fate!

Unfortunately, when the poor don’t have food to eat, they still have to work for the devil.

Feng Qianxue had just walked out of the Shengshi Building when she received a bank debit message, spending 180,000 yuan on kindergarten tuition, with 3,988 left on her card! Remember the website

Kindergartens nowadays are really expensive, the tuition fee for three babies plus food costs for one year actually cost 180,000.

With only this much money left, I couldn’t even afford to buy milk powder, what should I do?

After a long struggle, Feng Qianxue finally turned around and walked into the Shengtian Group building.

It’s just a He Wenzhe, it’s broad daylight, he can still eat her?

In fact, He Wenzhe is right, she is not the same young lady anymore, she has to raise her family and children, her backbone is worthless in front of life!

Feng Qianxue was waiting for the lift in the lobby when she suddenly saw a group of bodyguards escorting a man towards the VIP lift not far away.

Everywhere that person passed, all the staff lowered their heads and greeted respectfully, “Good morning, Mr. Night!”

Because of the distance and angle, she couldn’t see that man too clearly, but she knew that it was the President of Shengshi Group, Night Zhen Ting!

However, why did she feel that the slender and straight figure was somewhat familiar?

She shook her head, reminding herself not to be a nymphomaniac.

Why did the sight of every tall and imposing man remind her of that duck back then?

How could this kind of domineering president who called the shots and ran the show in the business world be a duck of the night?


“Chief Night, the one who pulled Zhao Zixing away at the critical moment just now was an onlooker …… Oh no, she just checked in five minutes ago and is working as a clerk on the 13th floor, her name is Feng Qianxue!”

Night Hui reported.

The man’s seductively handsome face was expressionless, his gaze as cold as frost, and his signature movements did not pause, and only after processing the documents at hand did he respond, “Hmm!”


The monthly salary for the internship period is eight thousand, five insurance and one gold, and ten thousand after the regularization.

Feng Qianxue finished the entry formalities and was still calculating in her mind whether the money would be enough to cover the family’s expenses, the milk powder money for three babies a month would be almost eight thousand, right, and also the living expenses ……

She was worried when a few old employees came around to greet her: “Hi, Feng Qianxue, welcome to the administration department!”

“Thank you thank you.”

Feng Qianxue shook their hands warmly, this was her first official job and she knew that getting on good terms with her colleagues was a basic skill to get started.

“The usual rules, we have prepared a welcome ceremony especially for new employees, are you OK?”

“Of course no problem, I’ll treat you!”

“Just like you so knowledgable pretty sister, go over together after work!”



When she got off work, Feng Qianxue’s information at hand had not been sorted out yet, so her colleagues went downstairs to wait for her first.

She hurriedly took care of it before rushing to the lift with her bag, but the lift door closed directly a second before she rushed over.

At the same time, the VIP lift door on the other side opened just in time, and she rushed in without thinking.

“This is the president’s lift, please get out.” The bouncer chided.


Before Feng Qianxue could react, the mysterious man in the lift gave a wink, and the bodyguard immediately understood and stopped his repelling action.

Feng Qianxue glanced back and immediately turned her head away again, panicking in her heart, it was Night Zhen Ting, that legendary devil!


Chapter 6

The air was stagnant and the temperature plummeted.

The man’s slender and upright body was like a god, standing proudly behind him, carrying a strong sense of oppression.

Feng Qianxue bit her lower lip, not daring to breathe out. From the lift’s reflector, she saw Night Zhen Ting staring at her, those eyes sharp and pointed, with an unfathomable cold light!

Like a lion looking down at the prey in front of him ……

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up again ……

Feng Qianxue was looking forward to the lift arriving soon so that she could escape from this depressing space.

The lift numbers are slowly changing, 13, 12, 11, 10 ……

Feng Qianxue’s mood became more and more tense as the numbers jumped, behind her, Night Zhen Ting was slowly approaching her.

“Ding!” Finally, the lift arrived.

The door had just opened and Feng Qianxue rushed out, but because she was too fast, she tripped and fell on the lift door with a bang.

She fell to the ground like a frog!

There was an uproar outside the door as a group of staff who had come out of the ordinary lift let out a gasp of surprise at this scene, and many of them were hiding their mouths and sniggering.

Feng Qianxue simply wanted to find a crack in the ground, she scrambled up from the ground, covered her face and ran out ……

Behind her, the man’s gaze kept following her back, his lips curved in an evil arc.


Feng Qianxue thought the so-called welcome ceremony was to find a restaurant to have a meal, but did not expect it to be to go to the night for a drink, the most breathless thing is that He Wenzhe also went!

The administration department is having a dinner, what does the HR department have to do with it?

Feng Qianxue was unhappy, but she couldn’t afford to rush the guests as all her colleagues were there.

He Wenzhe had already mingled with his colleagues and had ordered a lot of expensive wine and set up a table full of them.

A male colleague couldn’t help but remind him in a low voice: “Manager He, this wine is more than 8,000 bottles, it’s not good for us to treat our new colleagues like this.”

“You guys don’t know anything.” He Wenzhe laughed, “Feng Qianxue is a rich girl, she has plenty of money, when she used to come to the night, not to mention these few bottles of wine, she could cover the entire bill!”

“Ah? Really?” Several female colleagues were immediately attracted by this big gossip, surrounded by Feng Qianxue and asked questions, “Feng Qianxue, you are a rich second generation, really do not see it, you are so low-key.”

“No, it’s not. ……”

“How not?” He Wenzhe interrupted her and sneered, “The only daughter of Feng Qianyang, the richest man in Haicheng, you guys wouldn’t have heard of it, right?”

“You’re talking about the Feng Qianyang who jumped to her death four years ago?” A male colleague dawned on me, “No wonder I think there’s something special about the surname Feng ……”

“I seem, seem, seem to have seen that news back then, it is said that the Wind’s thousand-year-old daughter was withdrawn from the marriage by the Si family that day and ran to the night to find a human demon duck …… cough …… Is it true?”

The colleagues all stared at Feng Qianxue with a curious, exciting and excited gaze, waiting for her answer.

These gazes intertwined on Feng Qianxue’s face, like a sharp edge on a thorn, she really couldn’t listen to any more and got up to leave ……

Yang Rui, the manager of the administration department, hurriedly pulled her back and scolded a few of her colleagues who were up in arms: “What’s wrong with you? How can you treat your new colleagues like this? We will all have to get along with each other in the future, so don’t poke people in the face.”

“Yes yes yes, sorry sorry sorry ……”

The colleagues hurriedly apologized to Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue looked at He Wenzhe’s smirking face and fled for her life to leave the compartment.

She had wanted to break away from the past and start a new life, but the shadow of the past always followed her, and she couldn’t seem to get rid of it ……

Feng Qianxue took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

“What? Can’t take it anymore like this?” He Wenzhe chased after him, sneering mockingly, “Then how can you still live in the future.”

“You did it on purpose.” Feng Qianxue glared at him angrily, “Deliberately making me join, deliberately encouraging my colleagues to let me treat you, deliberately embarrassing me …… just for revenge!”

“Exactly.” He Wenzhe smiled and nodded, “I also deliberately ordered more than a hundred thousand dollars to give you face.”