Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 483-484

Chapter 483

Night Zhen Ting has been standing by the testing department, waiting for the DNA verification results.

At this moment, nothing was as important as the answer to this matter.

He was very anxious, just like a husband waiting for his wife to give birth, anxiously waiting for the answer.

Lei Yu advised him to go and rest, saying that this result would take at least a few hours to come out and there was no need to wait in vain.

Night Zhen Ting asked his two bodyguards to stay here and keep watch, and he himself went to the paediatric ward again.

Although the results were not yet available, the more he looked at the three children now, the more he felt they were his own flesh and blood.

In the ward, all three children were asleep.

Tenzin was sleeping soundly, in a disciplined manner like his strict character.

Longlong was sleeping on his back, his foot out of the cast on the nurse’s leg, and his toy gun in his arms.

Little Yueyue is sleeping soundly with a pacifier in her mouth and an alpaca in her arms.

Looking at the three children’s well-behaved appearance, night Zhen Ting’s heart became soft, he used to think that these three children did not look like him, but now it seems that they also look a bit like ……

Especially the innate dominance between their eyebrows, and with the aura of their night family!

“Ooooo …… mummy ……”

Suddenly, Little Yue Yue woke up in fright and cried out for her mommy.

Little Zi was dozing on the side of the bed and didn’t hear.

Immediately, Night Zhen Ting walked in and followed the example of the previous medical nurse who calmed Tenzin, holding Yue Yue’s little hand and gently patting her shoulder.

Soon, Yue Yue quieted down, hugged Night Timer’s arm and went back to sleep.

Night Zhen Ting waited for Yue Yue to fall asleep and tried to pull his arm out, but she was holding on so tightly that she would wake up when he moved.

He could only let her hold him and then just keep bending over.

After a long time, he found it uncomfortable and squatted down again.

After squatting for a while, his feet went numb and he wanted to sit down, but although this carpet didn’t look like it had any stains, a place like a hospital must have a lot of germs.

Night Zhen Ting just squatted, an hour, two hours ……

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

This little one is full of milk smell, delicate little face looks exactly like her mommy, even the naive attitude when sleeping is the same.

He found Yue Yue very cute and could not help but gently pinch her chubby little face.

A smear of saliva escaped from the corner of Yue Yue’s mouth and slowly dripped downwards ……

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the smear of saliva and say in your heart, “Don’t drip down, don’t drip down.

But the saliva still dripped down, down her cute little chin and onto his arm, slowly trickling down ……

Night Zhen Ting, who has always been a cleanliness freak, couldn’t stand it a bit, he tried to pull out his arm again, but Little Yue Yue hugged her tighter, and her little face rubbed against his arm, this time, there was even more drool ……

The night ZhenTing’s eyebrows tightened up and he looked at the saliva on his arm with a disgusted face.

The heart seems to have a kitten scratching, scratching his body uncomfortably.

This was a psychological effect of a cleanliness addict.

If it was before, Night Zhen Ting would have pulled out his arm without hesitation and quickly went to clean it.

But now, he didn’t. He remained seated in his original position on the floor, although his brow was furrowed.

He looked around, trying to find a tissue to wipe his saliva, and finally saw a packet of tissues on a cabinet not far away, so he made every effort to reach the packet ……

Outside the door, through the transparent glass window to see this scene of the night Hui, can not help but freeze, the night king that all the skills, the ability to plan, but today used to do such a small thing?

This is really …… a wonderful little bleak!

Night Zhen Ting finally got the tissues and let out a long sigh, as if he had done something great and big.


Chapter 484

The night Zhen Ting pulled out a large handful of paper towels and carefully wiped the saliva from his arm.

Together with Yue Yue’s fleshy little face and cherry-like mouth, he wiped them clean and then prepared to throw them into the bin not far away ……

When everything was done, he sighed and could not help but sigh in his heart, bringing up a child is so tiring!

I don’t know how Feng Qianxue has come through all these years.

One was exhausting enough, but three more ……

“Dang!” Suddenly, something fell down.

Night Zhen Ting turned around and saw that the toy gun in Long Long’s arms had fallen off the bed, and Long Long rolled over and almost fell off the bed.

He almost fell off the bed, but the gun fell out of his arms.

This time, both his left arm and right leg were held by the two children in a deadly hug, and then, in this position, he was like an acrobat, frozen in place, unable to move.

Night Zhen Ting tried to pull his legs back, but when he moved slightly, Long Long hugged him even tighter.

He tried pulling his arm out again, and Yue Yue held him again with a death grip, refusing to let go ……

Very well, neither could be drawn back!

The old days, when he was in the market, he could easily solve any problem he encountered.

One minute, five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes passed ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Night Hui was ready to come in and relieve himself, when he suddenly noticed that Chen Chen was looking at Night Zhen Ting in silence with big, clear eyes!

That gaze was like looking at a gaijin hero!

Night Zhen Ting obviously didn’t notice that Chen Chen had woken up and was still holding on hard until Long Long farted at him ……


Night ZhenTing closed his eyes, frowned tightly and held his breath.

Inside, he was about to collapse.

Oh my god, what kind of creature was this?

Hugging arms and legs was no big deal.

And drooling and farting again !!!!

“It stinks, it stinks!” Tatsuya fanned himself with his hand and couldn’t stand it as he whispered, “Erbao must have eaten baked sweet potatoes yesterday.”

“Stinky stinky stinky!” Little Four Treasures, who had been sleeping next to Long Long’s pillow, also woke up, fluttering their wings and calling out.

Yue Yue rolled over and cried, “Oooooooooooooooo”, while she also let go of the little hand that was holding Night Zhen Ting’s arm and daintily rubbed her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Night Zhending’s arm was freed, but he did not relax, thinking that he had done something wrong to make Yue uncomfortable.

“Don’t pay any attention to her, get up.” Tenzin woke up Little Red who was lying on the edge of the bed.

Xiao Hong was terrified at the sight of Night Zhen Ting’s stance and scrambled over to break Long Long’s arm, asking in fear and anxiety, “Chief Night, are you alright?”

“Yes!” Night Zhen Ting had just moved his steps when he realised that his legs were numb and his whole leg was as stiff as if it had been frozen.

But thinking that Chen Chen was still looking at him, he stiffened his head and walked out in stride like nothing was wrong.

“Uncle Night ……”

As Night Zhen Ting walked to the door, Chen Chen suddenly called out to him.

“Hmm?” Night ZhenTing looked back at him.

“Thank you!” Chen Chen said softly, the words were simple, but his gaze had changed from his previous wary and guarded one to a friendly and cordial one.

“You’re welcome.” Night Zhen Ting faintly raised the corners of his lips, “Rest well!”

Then, he went out ……

As soon as the door closed, he frowned, inhaled and gently patted his legs, both of which were as uncomfortable as electric shocks whenever they touched slightly.

“Night King, are you all right?” Night Fai walked over quickly to support him.

“It’s fine.” Night Zhen Ting pretended to be cold and arrogant again, “What can happen to me?”

“It’s not easy bringing up a child, is it?” Night Fai smiled and joked, “Especially with three at the same time.”

“What’s not easy about it?” Night Zhen Ting retorted unhappily, “Three little ones, easy to handle.”