Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 417-418

Chapter 417

When Feng Qianxue woke up from her nap, she saw the messages from the babies and her heart warmed up.

It’s been almost twenty days since she was fired from Shengtian, and every day she leaves late and returns early, only being able to accompany the children for dinner and having to rush out to work.

When she returns at what time in the morning, the children are sleeping and there is not even time to say a word ……

Fortunately, the three babies are all very well behaved and know how to care for her and look out for her.

But Feng Qianxue still felt guilty and just wanted to earn money sooner to pay for Zhu’s mother’s treatment, then return to her normal life and spend more time with her children.

“Dingling ……” the phone rang and Gao Ting asked if Feng Qianxue was up yet.

Feng Qianxue hastily packed up and rushed out to meet Gao Ting at the city hospital.

On the way, Feng Qianxue asked about Gao Ting’s mother’s condition, and Gao Ting told her heartbreaking story – “When I was in junior high school, my father’s father was a patient.

“My father passed away unexpectedly when I was in junior high school, and my mother worked as a cleaning lady in a company in the city in order to pay for my education.

The owner of that company was very nice, and knowing my mother’s situation, he sponsored me to come to the city to study.

In my senior year of high school, something happened to the owner’s company and the police got involved in the investigation.

One day, a mysterious man broke into the company looking for the boss. My mother thought the man would harm him and tried to warn him, but then somehow she accidentally fell down the stairs ……

Although she fell on the terrace downstairs and recovered her life, she has been lying in a coma in a hospital bed for four years ……”

Hearing this, Feng Qianxue’s heart clenched, pulling Gao Ting to the side where no one was, and asked anxiously, “Ting Ting, what is the name of the company your mother works for? What is the name of the owner?”

“The company is called Feng’s Real Estate and the boss is called Feng Qian Yang.” Gao Ting said, “It has the same surname as yours, so when we first met and you told me the name, I felt very close to it.”

“。。。。” Feng Qianxue was stunned and didn’t respond for a long time.

“Sister Qianxue, what’s wrong with you?” Gao Ting looked at her in dismay.

“I never thought that we had such a destiny.” Feng Qianxue was very excited, “Feng Qian Yang is my father!”

“Ah?” Gao Ting was very shocked, “I did hear my mother say that Feng always had a daughter, but I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“My father passed away four years ago, did you know that?” Feng Qianxue asked with tears in her eyes, “He jumped to his death.”

“I know, I watched the news.” Mentioning this, Gao Ting’s eyes also reddened, “I remember very clearly, my mother had an accident on the 20th of April, and Feng was always on the 21st.”

“You just said that your mother saw someone trying to harm my father?” Feng Qianxue anxiously pursued the question.

“Yes. At that time, my mother called me, agitated that a mysterious person had broken into the company to look for the boss, and she thought that the person would harm him, and said she was going to warn him.

I was worried about her and advised her to go to the security guard first, but she hung up the phone before she finished speaking, and when I called again it was switched off, and that night I got the news that she had lost her footing and fallen from upstairs ……”

After saying all this in one breath, Gao Ting’s tears fell down ……

“When I rushed to the hospital, my mother was unconscious, and Mr. Feng was also outside the emergency room, he was so guilty that he took off his watch and stuffed it to me, then left without saying a word.”

“I was bewildered and it wasn’t until I watched the news the next day that I realised that Mr Feng probably had nothing left to give me at the time and that the watch was the last thing of value he had and he was trying to get me to sell it for money to cure my mum ……”


Chapter 418

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue’s eyes burst into tears, her father had been kind to people all his life and had helped many people, so there would be people who were grateful to him, such as Gao Ting’s mother.

“Sister Qianxue ……” Gao Ting took Feng Qianxue’s hand and said gratefully, “Feng is always a good person, he didn’t forget about my mother’s medical expenses at the last moment of distress.”

“Your mother also had an accident to save my father, we should have covered her medical expenses.” Feng Qianxue felt a little guilty.

“The watch that Mr. Feng left behind, I sold it for a million dollars, all these years my mother’s medical bills have depended on it.” Speaking of this, Gao Ting was a little ashamed, “Actually, to be honest, I shouldn’t have sold it, but I was still in high school and my mother didn’t have much savings, so ……”

“I understand.” Feng Qianxue nodded repeatedly, “Tingting, you and your mother are both kind people.”

“Alas ……” Gao Ting was very emotional, “I really don’t understand why fate is so unfair and why good people don’t get good rewards.”

“Yeah, I don’t understand either.” Feng Qianxue sighed, then followed up with, “By the way, did your mother say at that time, who was that mysterious person? Or what were the characteristics?”

“She didn’t say.” Gao Ting shook her head, “At that time, she was already in a hurry, how could she care about that, she hung up the phone before I could finish my sentence.”

“Well, let’s go in first and see auntie.”

Feng Qianxue dragged Gao Ting into the inpatient unit and found her mother’s ward.

Gao’s mother was lying quietly on the hospital bed, her body strapped with many tubes, skinny to the bone, only in her forties, but pale beyond recognition.

Gao Ting skillfully scrubbed her mother’s body, changed her clothes and handled the urinal ……

It can be seen that all these years, she has survived so much.

Feng Qianxue looked heartbroken and at the same time guilty, if Gao’s mother hadn’t tried to save her father, she wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.

Gao Ting had endured so much at such a young age, it was not easy.

She really wanted to help them.

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue dragged Gao Ting to find the doctor, find out more about Gao’s mother’s condition, and also printed out the case, then called Lei Yu.

In fact, Feng Qianxue did not want to bother Lei Yu, but for Gao Ting’s sake, she still wanted to try.

She felt that Lei Yu was very nice and apart from her relationship with Night Zhen Ting, Lei Yu could also be considered a friend. She would pay for the medical expenses as she saw fit, she just wanted to consult the situation clearly.

The phone rang for a long time before Lei Yu answered, “Miss Feng?”

“Dr. Lei, I have something to ask you for help, is it convenient for you to pick up the phone now?”

“It’s convenient, go ahead.” Lei Yu remained respectful to Feng Qianxue.

“I have a friend who has been lying in the city hospital for four years, he has been under treatment, and his condition has recently gotten worse, I know you are highly skilled in medicine, I want to ask you if you have any solutions.”

“Is there a case? If not, you tell me the identifying information of this patient and I’ll have someone check it out.”

“Yes, it’s a paper case, when is convenient for you? I’ll come to you and bring it to you in person?”

Feng Qianxue didn’t want to tell Lei Yu about Gao’s mother’s identity information, in case the incident back then was really related to the Night Family, this identity information would all be exposed once she checked.

Therefore, she took the paper case over, Lei Yu only looked at the condition, did not know the identity, and would not think much about it.

“I’ll be at the hospital tomorrow morning.”

“Good, then I’ll come to you tomorrow morning.”

Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue comforted Gao Ting, “This friend of mine is very skilled in medicine, maybe she will have a solution, don’t worry.”

“Thank you, sister Qianxue.” Gao Ting was grateful.

“We’re all among ourselves, don’t be polite.” Feng Qianxue patted her shoulder, “I’ll definitely try my best to help you.”

“Thank you ……,” Gao Ting cried and hugged her.

“Fool, don’t cry. Let’s go get something to eat and get ready for work.”