Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 413-414

Chapter 413

“Anything impossible could have happened to that stupid woman!”

Night Zhen Ting’s face was grim, if it was her she would be dead, dressed as that ghost and working here as a waitress, she was probably tired of living.

The thought of it made him a little annoyed, “Why isn’t she here yet?”

“The foreman said she’s gone to serve in C section.” Night Fai said cautiously, “Already went to look for it.”

“You go yourself.” Night Zhen Ting ordered.

“Yes.” Night Fai was about to go out when there was a knock on the door outside, to which Night Fai immediately responded, “Come in!”

A waitress knocked on the door and came in, wearing exactly the same clothes, exactly the same dress, the number on her badge was 118, looking no different from the girl just now.

Only, it felt like something was different ……

“Hello, what can I do for you?”

The girl lowered her head and asked respectfully.

Because of her nervousness, her legs were trembling slightly …… Remember the website

Ten minutes ago.

Feng Qianxue was serving in Area C with Gao Ting when Sister Hua hurriedly found her, saying that the people from the Supreme VIP Box were looking for her and asked her to go there immediately.

As soon as Feng Qianxue heard this, she knew something was wrong, Night Zhen Ting must have sensed something, and once she went there, she was bound to be discovered by him for her identity.

So she found a girl with a similar figure to her and used a large order as a bargaining chip to get the girl to change into her wig and badge and go to the box.

But as soon as the girl walked in, she was so intimidated by Night Zhen Ting’s arrogant aura that she didn’t even dare to look up at him.

“The wine is finished.” Night Fai instructed, “You did a good job of waking up the wine just now, come over and wake up another bottle.”

“Okay.” The girl hurriedly went forward to wake up the wine, usually when she had nothing to do, Feng Qianxue had taught her and Gao Ting to wake up the wine, she had practiced it many times and had signed many big orders because of it.

That was why Feng Qianxue was so relieved to let her impersonate herself.

It was just that she never expected the girl to be very clumsy in her techniques and movements because she was too nervous, and almost knocked over Night Zhen Ting’s gla*s of wine.

“Get out.” Night ZhenTing said coldly.

“Yes.” The girl left in a panic.

“This one seems to be …….”

“It’s not her.” Night Zhen Ting could tell at a glance that Feng Qian Xue was not afraid of him, she was always calm and collected in front of him, which was why she was able to be so elegant and skilful when she was sobering up just now.

Other women would tremble at the sight of him, and even if they had the same technique of waking up, they would still miss out because they were nervous.

“So, that …… one just now.”

Night Fai was about to speak when Night Zhen Ting suddenly stood up and walked quickly outside.

Night Fai immediately followed.

Feng Qianxue was still busy in Area C.

Qiu Bobo hurriedly ran in and said with a sobbing voice, “Little Feng, that man in the Supreme Box is so scary, I was shaking with fear as soon as I entered, his men told me to sober up, and he let me go before I finished.”

“Didn’t give you a hard time, did he?” Feng Qianxue asked hastily.

“That’s not true.” Qiu Bobo shook his head repeatedly, then pulled out a wad of money from inside his corset and said excitedly, “When I went out, his bodyguard handed me a wad of money, exactly ten thousand yuan.”

“Wow, is that a tip? It’s too generous.” Gao Ting was envious.

“Holy sh*t, how come I wasn’t given any when I went there just now?” Feng Qianxue was dying of greed.

“Hahahaha, get rich.” Qiu Bobo pulled out four and handed two to each of them, “This is divided among you, Tingting, thank you for introducing me to work here, and Xiao Feng, thank you for introducing me to that box.”

“You’ve got so many tips, so you don’t want that list, right?” Feng Qianxue asked with a smile.

“How can that be?” Qiu Bobo got very excited when it came to money, “I risked my life to go in, you don’t know how nervous I was just now, my heart was about to jump out ……”

Qiu Bobo was shaken before he could finish his words, “Xiao Feng Xiao Feng, that man seems to be coming this way.”


Chapter 414

Feng Qianxue looked back, and sure enough, Night Zhen Ting was striding this way with Night Hui and a few bodyguards ……

“Isn’t this the guy from the last time at the banquet?”

Gao Ting recognized it at a glance, at the previous banquet at Foothill Villa, this man was the target of all the noble and famous people vying for his attention, it was enough to see his noble status.

“What about it?” Qiu Bobo was so scared that her little face turned pale and her legs trembled, “Does he know that I’m impersonating you and is coming to get me in trouble?”

“Don’t be afraid.” When Feng Qianxue saw Qiu Bobo scared like this, she couldn’t bear to drag her down any more, she hurriedly exchanged her badge back with her, “Go and get busy, I’ll handle it.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll go.” Qiu Bobo ran faster than a rabbit.

“Sister Qianxue, did you offend that person?” Gao Ting was uneasy.

“Probably.” In her heart, Feng Qianxue was thinking that if she hadn’t recognised Night Zhen Ting or hadn’t mistakenly played him for a duck, perhaps they wouldn’t be so entangled now.

“They’re coming over soon, let’s go.” Gao Ting pulled her away with quick steps.

The two of them skillfully crossed the corridor of the box and returned to the A section, looking back, there was no one behind them and Feng Qianxue finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Today, Sister Hua transferred us to help in Area C. Now we are back in Area A. In case she finds out, will we be punished?” Gao Ting was a little uneasy.

“You go work in Area C quickly.” Feng Qianxue pushed her, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“Alright then, that person shouldn’t be able to find you now.” Gao Ting said, “There are also many customers over here, there’s nothing wrong for you to come back alone, just say there are familiar customers looking for you.”


Gao Ting left, and Feng Qianxue was soon called to take her order.

Business at Night is always this good, all the boxes are full every night and they have to be booked in advance, otherwise there aren’t even any boxes available.

Today, there was a party for a group in Area C and there was not enough manpower, so Sister Hua asked the two of them to go over to help.

The guests in this box had ordered a lot of good wine, and Feng Qianxue was very happy to see that a big order had come in, so she did her job very hard.

She pushed a trolley of high-cla*s foreign wine in and squatted on the floor to pour the wine for them.

A few businessmen each had a princess in their arms, drinking and flirting on the sofa and having a good time.

One of them had the princess in his arms, but his eyes were staring wistfully at Feng Qianxue, rubbing his toes against her thighs: “Pretty girl, nice figure, come along and have a few drinks!”

“Thanks boss, I don’t know how to drink.” Feng Qianxue moved to the side.

“How can you not know how to drink when you work in the night?” The man smiled wickedly badly, “How about a thousand dollars for a gla*s of wine?”

“Hahahaha, horses will always play.”

At once, several men laughed out loud and coaxed.

“Aiya, people are still little sisters, let’s accompany you.” The few princesses tried to relieve Feng Qianxue of her situation.

“Where’s little?” The man stared at Feng Qianxue with greedy eyes, “I don’t see her anywhere small.”

Feng Qianxue frowned tightly and got up to leave.

The man suddenly stood up and pulled Feng Qianxue, “Beauty, don’t take the punishment for your wine!”

“Please let go!” Feng Qianxue shouted coldly.

“I won’t!” The man shamelessly approached her, “Your body smells so good ……”

Feng Qianxue disgustedly avoided him and tried to shake him off, but he grabbed her wrist tightly and couldn’t shake it off.

At this moment, the door of the room opened and a slender and straight figure walked in.

The man was disturbed and shouted angrily, “Who the f*ck is that ……”

The man’s aura was like that of a god, and his dark eyes emitted a harsh, cold light in the dim light.

The few men behind him, all with cold, murderous faces.

Feng Qianxue subconsciously glanced back, and immediately turned back again, her heart pounding.

sh*t, how did he find his way here?