Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 347-348

Chapter 347

Feng Qianxue’s eyes flickered for a moment, wanting to tell a lie, but Zhu’s mother immediately said excitedly, “It’s really him, this beast, he’ll get his comeuppance!”

“No, you have misunderstood ……” Feng Qianxue tried to explain.

“Misunderstand what?” Zhu’s mother was so angry that her face turned red, “You have never lied since you were a child, I knew what was going on as soon as I saw it.”

“It’s true that he did it, but he didn’t hit me, he hit someone else and I blocked it, so it was ……”

“That’s not what he did?” Zhu’s mother said angrily, “Next time I see him, I’m going to teach him a hard lesson.”

“You mustn’t.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly discouraged, “He is a devil, the last time you hit him with a broomstick, it was already very dangerous, if you do it again next time, I am afraid it will ……”

“What? He will kill me?” I’ll give up my life and fight him.”

“He may not kill you, but he will punish me.” Feng Qianxue said something that worked.

“Huh?” Zhu Ma immediately got distracted, “Alright, then, then I’d better not provoke him.”

Saying that, she took Feng Qianxue’s hand and anxiously advised, “Miss, let’s stay away from him from now on, don’t want his house, don’t want the people he hired, and don’t go to his hospital, let’s go find Young Master Chu.”

“Have you not seen? How badly Zi Mo was beaten by him.” Feng Qianxue frowned, “Zi Mo simply can’t fight him.” Remember the website

“Even Young Master Chu couldn’t fight him?” Zhu Ma’s eyes widened in shock, “Is that bad guy that powerful?”

“You should not be thinking nonsense.” Feng Qianxue could only placate in a different way, “Actually, he’s not that bad, he has saved me many times, if it wasn’t for him, I would have been dead long ago ……”

“Really?” Zhu’s mother was very surprised, “When was this?”

“It was those times ……”

Feng Qianxue talked about the several times she had been in danger before, as well as when her house exploded and she was attacked, and it was all because of Night Zhen Ting who had saved her.

Hearing this, Zhu Ma was stunned.

Finally, Feng Qianxue added, “He’s not bad, he just has a foul temper, so we should never mess with him.”

“Okay, I know ……” Zhu’s mother sighed, “I wish we could return to a peaceful life sooner, we used to be poorer and more miserable, but we were safe and sound, not so much. I’m on tenterhooks every day.”

“I won’t do it again.” Feng Qianxue secretly made up her mind, “Don’t worry.”

“Miss, you must be good.” Zhu Ma pulled Feng Qianxue’s hand and said, choking back a sob, “Master said before the accident that he only wanted you to live in peace and happiness, and nothing else!”

“Yes, I know.” Feng Qianxue nodded with red eyes, “We all have to be well, you have to cooperate with the treatment and get well soon so that you can help me take care of the children!”



At noon, Lei Yu took Zhu’s mother back to the hospital, Dr. Huang and three medical nurses took care of the three children, and Feng Qianxue could take a short break.

Dean Liu called and asked Feng Qianxue if the three children needed to take a long leave.

Feng Qianxue asked the children what they thought and decided to start back to kindergarten tomorrow, with Dr Huang and the three medical nurses accompanying them throughout.

Longlong is a very active child and can’t stay at home at all.

Yueyue also wants to go out and play, and although Chen can be quiet, he also wants to go back to kindergarten to learn something new.

Life has settled down for the time being and tomorrow, Monday, Feng Qianxue decides to go back to work.

She had already made up her mind that she would not disobey him in the future, no matter what Night Thunder’s demands were.

As long as they don’t mess with him, only then will the family have a good life ……


Chapter 348

All day, Night Zhen Ting stared at his phone, waiting for Feng Qianxue’s call.

But she never called.

In the evening, Lei Yu came over to report the situation and said thoughtfully, “Miss Feng’s back injury has healed a lot, it will be completely healed after a while, by the way, I sent her a message this afternoon and she said she was going back to work tomorrow.”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting responded and asked rather casually, “What else did she say?”

In fact, he was tempted to ask if she had mentioned him.

“She, she also said that you made very thoughtful and careful arrangements ……” Lei Yu made it up carefully, “and also arranged a house for the doctor and the medical nurse, so that they could easily take care of the baby, which solved a lot of trouble for her, and she was very grateful to you ……”

“You’re getting bolder and bolder.” Night Zhen Ting interrupted her and stared at her with cold eyes, “Dare to lie to me?”

“The Night King is forgiven!” Lei Yu hurriedly bowed her head and apologized.

Night Zhen Ting’s brow furrowed up, it was really made up, that conscienceless dog woman, she wouldn’t be grateful at all, how could she say such words?

“Go down.” Night Zhen Ting lowered his eyes and continued to drink.

“Yes.” Lei Yu bent down and retreated, encountering the oncoming Old Master Night, he hurriedly bowed his head to the baggage again, “Good day Old Master!”

“Hm.” Old Master Night responded, walking over and sitting on the sofa chair opposite Night Zhen Ting, “Has the case died down?”

“What case?” Night Zhen Ting blurted out, only after he finished speaking did he come back to his senses, “Oh, it’s gone!”

“That’s good.” Old Master Night nodded, “Now that Shengtian is growing stronger and stronger, you need to pay attention to the impact of public opinion, I hope that my hit-and-run incident didn’t bring you negative news.”

“No, don’t worry.” Night Zhen Ting looked at him fully dressed and red-faced, and teased, “Dressed up in such a spirited manner, are you going on a date with some old lady?”

“Fuck you.” Old Master Night swung his cane and struck him, “Brat, how dare you flirt with me!”

“Oh ……” Night Zhen Ting laughed, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see my three little grandchildren.” A loving smile lifted up on Old Master Night’s face as he thought of those three children, “I just called them and asked them out for dinner.”

“。。。。。” Night Zhen Ting frowned, “You’re not, are you? How can you make it sound like you’re your own great-grandson when you just met the kids a few days ago?”

“These three kids are related to me.” Old Master Night said with a smile, “The first time I saw them, I felt particularly affectionate, and ah, I think they look a bit like you, and their personalities are also very similar, especially Dabao ……”

“Stop!” Night Zhen Ting interrupted also God’s words and said unhappily, “Those three wild ……”

His words suddenly stopped and he changed his tone, “Don’t identify my relatives indiscriminately, I don’t have that many affair debts!”

“Just know that you boy is very strict in that aspect, otherwise, I really suspect that it is your seed!” Old Master Night gave him a blank look and sighed ……

“In the past I always kept you in check and didn’t let you mess around outside, now seeing that this is three kids, and especially wishing you had messed around outside, even if it was just once ah.”

“Are you old and confused?” The face of Night Zhen Ting sank, “What’s all this nonsense?”

“Alright, alright, I’m too lazy to talk to you.” Old Master Night got up and walked out, “You brat is an old fogey, no fun, I’m going to meet my little grandchildren, they’re still cute!”

Night Zhen Ting was speechless, thinking of the old man being so affectionate with Chu Zi Mo’s children, his heart was uncomfortable, he picked up the glass of wine next to him and took a big gulp of wine ……

“Night King.” Night Hui reminded in a low voice, “Will the old man find out the identity of those three children? Should we alert Miss Wind?”

“It’s not like she’s brainless.” Night Zhen Ting said without good humour, “Can’t you think for yourself?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”