Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 337-338

Chapter 337

Night Zhen Ting held the phone, the corners of his lips curved in mockery.

He was laughing at Feng Qianxue’s stupidity in suspecting him of kidnapping her child.

He was also laughing at himself, for doing anything to force her to stay around ……

“Why bother?” Night Fai couldn’t help but sigh, “You’re obviously helping her find the child, yet you’re carrying the bad name of a kidnapper.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Night Zhen Ting said in a light-hearted manner, “She likes to suspect me so much, if I don’t follow through with the charges, wouldn’t I be letting her down?”

“You always have such a tough mouth, when you encounter things without explaining or communicating, the relationship gets stiffer and stiffer ……”

Night Hui blurted out, and then covered his mouth after he finished.

Night Zhen Ting’s face instantly turned gloomy as he stared at him with cold eyes.

He immediately slapped himself and bowed his head in apology, “I’m sorry, Night King, my subordinate spoke too much.”

Night Zhen Ting did not say anything, he just looked out of the window at the night scene and fell into deep thought ……

In fact, he himself did not understand why he treated Feng Qianxue so well, yet she always suspected him, feared her and always wanted to stay away from him?

Just now, Night Fai’s words reminded him.

Or was there really something wrong with his ways?

“Night King, it’s here!”

As he was thinking, the Night Army turned back to report.

Night Zhen Ting came back to his senses and only then did he realise that the car had already driven into One Happiness Street.

Night Zhen Ting got out of the car, and the medical staff and the kindergarten teacher had already carried the three children out of the car.

Yueyue was just about to walk over when she hid behind teacher Chen in a panic, her little hand tugging on teacher Chen’s lapel, revealing half of her face, looking at him timidly with one eye, her chubby little body trembling.

Cute and pitiful!

And that Chen Chen, unfolding his arms, bravely shielding his younger sibling, glaring at him with a stubborn, unyielding look.

Only that injured Longlong was still snoring against Principal Liu’s side, carefree as a fool.

Night Zhen Ting paused and looked at them from a distance of a few metres, barking at the doctors and teachers, “Take good care of them, and don’t leave an inch until the children’s mother returns!”

“Yes, Chief Night.”

Those policemen, teachers and doctors standing behind Chen Chen replied in unison with a very respectful attitude.

“Get a good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up tomorrow morning and you’ll be able to see your mommy!” Night Zhen Ting’s gaze fell on Chen Chen, his tone unconsciously softer, “Take care of your sister!”

Chen Chen frowned, not saying a word.

Night Zhen Ting took another glance at the sleeping Long Long and finally spoke to Yue Yue, “Your little parrot is very cute!”

“It’s called Little Four Treasures!” Yue Yue beamed back, unhappily.

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting pulled the corners of his lips, revealing an extremely ugly smile, and then turned around to leave.

The group of people were still standing in place, watching as Night Zhen Ting got into his car and watched his car leave, until the shadow of the car faded out of sight, only then did the crowd breathe a sigh of relief and withdraw their gaze, taking the three children upstairs.

“Dean Liu, why are you guys so scared of him?” Chen asked, inclining his little head in confusion.

“Because he’s the one who hired us at a high price to look after you guys.” Headmaster Liu replied with a smile.

“And what about you guys?” Cinnabar asked the medical staff.

“The same.” A few little nurses said with a smile, “Chief Night paid us a hundred times our salary to hire us to take care of you guys.”

“You guys wouldn’t ……” Tenzin looked at the policemen again.

“We are serving the people.” The policemen immediately replied, “It is our duty to protect the citizens!”

“Alright ……,” Chen Chen withdrew his gaze and looked back in the direction where Night Zhen Ting had left, his gaze somewhat complicated.

“Dabao.” Yue Yue pulled on Chen Chen’s small hand and said softly, “That big grandson of Grandpa’s is probably, like, not a bad guy, he invited so many people to take care of us, aren’t we being a bit rude to him?”


Chapter 338

“Yeah, I’ve just been meaning to say that Chief Night is quite nice to you guys, and you don’t seem to like him much?” Dean Liu asked curiously, “Is it because of the matter of finding the chip last time? Actually, although their posse was a bit intimidating, they were very measured and polite every time they did something.”

“That’s right, the night chief made careful arrangements, repeated instructions, and selected the best nurses in the hospital to take care of you, very attentive.” The paediatrician also said, “Maybe he’s a bit scary looking, but he’s Grandpa’s grandson, he won’t hurt you guys.”

“Mmmmmm, yes, he’s Grandpa’s oldest grandson, and if he bullies us, Grandpa will spank him.” Yue tilted her little head with a serious look on her face, “Today at the hospital, Grandpa spanked him with his cane!”

“Yes, they spent so much money, so much effort and so much time to send you back personally, you should at least be polite.” Dean Liu exchanged patiently, “Chen Chen, do you think teacher Liu is right?”

Chen Chen was a little ashamed, the teacher and the doctor were right, in fact, he should at least say thank you to that person ……

But soon, he puffed up his little chest again and said righteously, “This man is fierce and has caused us a lot of trouble before in search of chips, and Mummy is always getting hurt when she works for him. As they say, you can’t be too careful with people, so we’re always right to be careful!”

“Mmmmmm.” Yue nodded repeatedly, the flesh on her double chin about to fill out, “Dabao is right, listen to Dabao!”

“Good boy, let’s go home now!” Chen Chen took Yue Yue’s little hand and walked forward, “You won’t be afraid when you get home, brother will give you some milk!”

“Thank you, brother.” Yue Yue thanked him and asked expectantly, “Just now Grandpa’s eldest grandson said that when we sleep, Mummy will come back, is that true?”

“Did the eldest grandson say that? I was so focused on glaring at him just now that I didn’t hear him clearly.”

Tenzin unknowingly omitted a key word and changed his name for Night Zhen Ting. Remember the website

“It was said, that’s what the eldest grandson said.” Yue Yue followed Night Zhen Ting’s example and said with a stern face and cold eyes, in a decent manner, “Get a good night’s sleep, you’ll see mummy when you wake up!”

“Well, since the eldest grandson said that, then it should be true.” Chen Chen sighed deeply and said like a little adult, “I’m so tired these days, I hope I can get a good sleep tonight and I hope I can really see Mummy when I wake up!”

“God bless!” Yue Yue put her hands together and wished to the moon in the sky, “I hope I can see mummy when I wake up tomorrow morning ……”

“Mummy ……” A drowsy Longlong rolled over in Teacher Chen’s arms and drooled on his shoulder.

With one hand on Longlong’s back and one hand on Longlong’s buttocks, Teacher Chen asked in a low voice, “Dean Liu, Dean Liu, is it raining? Why is it wet on my shoulder?”

“Pfft, hahahaha ……”

The group of people couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Yue Yue and Chen Chen also laughed along with them, the two children holding their little bellies and laughing from ear to ear.

They were going to be home soon, they were going to see their mommy soon, they had a sense of security, and they could be truly happy.


The Rolls Royce Phantom sped off in the direction of home.

Night Hui asked cautiously, “Night King, how about telling Miss Wind almost immediately? Save her the worry, the children want to see him too.”

“The emperor is not anxious.” Night Zhen Ting glared at him and said coldly, “Tell her tomorrow at six in the morning and let her suffer for another night.”

“Uh, okay!”

Night Hui didn’t dare to say more, he just thought, this Night King’s temper was really stinky and hard.

However, just now, he was extremely gentle with those children.

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