Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 315-316

Chapter 315

“You’re right, I’ll consider it carefully.” Old Master Night smiled and nodded his head.

“Also, can you help transfer my sister over? I want them to be in the same ward, so I can take care of them easily.”

As Chen Chen spoke, a few paediatricians and nurses were pushing their sleeping sister in with quick steps.

“It’s all arranged.” Old Master Night smiled, “Any other comments?”

Chen Chen lowered his eyes, thought carefully and shook his head, “That’s all for now.”

“Well, since you’ve finished, can you do me a favour now?” Old Master Night asked seriously.

“What?” Chen Chen was a little curious, what could he help him with?

Old Master Night pointed to the two multi-layered lunch boxes and said lovingly, “My family has sent me a sumptuous vegetarian meal, I have a weak stomach and can’t eat it, and I don’t want to waste her kindness, can you help me?”

As he spoke, Night Sam placed the lunchbox on the table and opened it layer by layer.

The smell of food hit him.

Fragrant vegetable congee, shrimp dumplings, dumplings in soup, pearl balls, corn cakes, three fresh dumplings …… and a variety of other snacks were laid out in front of them, still steaming.

The food was still steaming, and Tatsun’s stomach immediately let out a “gurgling” sound, and he couldn’t take his eyes off the food.

“This is a bit much food.” Old Master Night looked like he was having a hard time, “Oh, maybe you can’t finish it all by yourself, you need your younger siblings to help too.”

“They’re not awake yet ……” Before Tenzin could finish his words, Yue Yue’s milky cries came, “Mummy, Mummy ……”

“San Bao!” Chen Chen immediately ran over and gently patted Yue Yue’s shoulder, soothingly saying, “San Bao don’t be afraid, brother is here.”

“Dabao ……” Yue Yue jumped into Chen Chen’s arms and cried sadly, “I want Mommy!”

“Don’t be afraid, Mommy will be here in a moment.” Chen Chen wiped her tears, “You’re hungry, right? Let’s eat first.”

“Mmm, hungry.” Yue Yue stuck out her little tongue and licked her pink lips.

“You wait a moment.” Chen Chen helped Yue Yue sit up, then walked over and bowed to Old Master Night, saying gratefully, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

“Don’t be polite, don’t be polite.” Old Master Night said hastily, “You’re doing me a favour.”

“Anyway, it’s always a good idea to eat your food.” Chen Chen tilted his little head and said very seriously, “When my mummy and my mother-in-law come, I will ask them to give it back to you, my mother-in-law’s vegetable porridge and small snacks are delicious, and when the time comes, I will pay you back double!”

“Good, that’s a deal, you have to return two copies!”

Old Master Night was very touched, the boy’s emotional intelligence was quite high.

“Let’s pull the hook!” Chen Chen held out his finger.

Old Master Night bent down, held out his finger and pulled the hook with Chen Chen.

And sighing in his heart, this was probably the only childish thing the boy had done tonight!

“Alright, go and eat.” Old Master Night lovingly reminded, “Sister is all hungry!”

“Mmmmmm.” Chen Chen hurriedly went to get something, and the little nurse who had taken care of Yue Yue before immediately came over to help, “Let me help you, you go wash your hands.”

“Okay, thank you sister.”

As Chen Chen washed his hands, that nurse sister had already set dinner on the dining table on the hospital bed, and another nurse brought Chen Chen a chair, and also wiped Yue Yue’s hands with sterile wet wipes.

“It’s time to eat.” Tenzin picked up the vegetable porridge, “San Bao, I’ll feed you.”

“I can eat by myself.” Yue Yue rubbed her red and swollen eyes and said thoughtfully, “Dabao, eat quickly, you must be hungry, I can hear your stomach rumbling.”

“Hehehe ……” Tatsuya rubbed his little tummy in embarrassment.

“Thanks grandpa!” Yue Yue couldn’t get up on the hospital bed, so she bowed her head, bowing to Old Master Night, “Mummy said that good people will be rewarded, you’re a good person, Grandpa!”


Chapter 316

“Aigoo ……” Night Sen felt his heart melting, “This little girl, she’s so cute!”

“Thank you little boy!”

Old Master Night had a bit of a sour nose, this was the first time he had seen the sober Yue Yue, somehow he felt a special affinity for this exquisite doll-like little girl.

As if, they were originally his family.

“San Bao, these are reserved for Er Bao, you eat these, you eat first and I’ll eat when you’re full.”

Tenzin first parted out a portion for Long Long and the rest was eaten first close to Yue Yue.

“I haven’t eaten the takeaway I ordered for my little sister earlier.” The chubby little nurse said softly, “Or else ……”

“Don’t give them any takeaway.” Old Master Night immediately said, “Children, I will have food sent over right away, you can eat in peace, don’t save, as long as your little tummy won’t burst, as much as you want.”

“No need ……”

“Thank you grandpa!”

Chen Chen was just about to push back when Yue Yue said thank you in a milky way, and picked up a bean paste bun with her little fleshy hands covered in grease and handed it to Old Master Night, “Grandpa, here’s one for you!”

“Uh ……” Night Sen was about to refuse.

“Haha, good.” Old Master Night walked over, took the bean paste bun and took a big bite, “Mmm, it’s delicious!”

There had never been a moment when he felt that the bean paste bun was so delicious.

Although Yue Yue’s hands were covered with grease stains, Old Master Night didn’t mind at all and ate especially well ……

The last time since he ate so well was twenty-two years ago, when Night Zhen Ting was six years old ……

Tonight, the old man of the night’s memories were repeatedly stirred up, and the softness deep inside was repeatedly touched by these three children, strengthening his determination to press for marriage and birth.

Go back and make sure that that boy Night Zhen Ting gets married as soon as possible and give him a few heavy grandchildren to play with.

Look at these three little babies, how cute they are!!!

“Old Master, it’s getting late, let me take you back to rest.”

Night Sen was afraid that the old dowager would stay up too late and his body wouldn’t be able to take it.

“I’ll wait for them to sleep before I leave.” Old Master Night instructed, “These three cots, are there enough quilts? Will it be cold at night?”

“Old Master, there are enough blankets, if you are not sure, I will go and bring another bed over for them to spare.” The head nurse immediately said, “Dean Huang has been waiting outside and he has instructed that these three little darlings must be taken care of.”

“Well, there should be nurses on 24-hour shifts at night, no neglect.” Old Master Night admonished.

“Don’t worry, we’ve made all the arrangements.”

“And ah ……,” Old Master Night suddenly remembered something and seriously asked Chen Chen, “Do you want milk for the night? I’ll ask them to prepare it ……”

“San Bao wants milk ……,” Chen Chen blurted out, and immediately after saying that, he puffed up his little chest and added, “I’m already a big man, I don’t drink.”

“Hahahaha, drinking milk doesn’t stop you from being a man.” Old Master Night couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hehehehe ……” Night Sen and the nurses also covered their mouths and laughed.

Chen Chen blushed in shame and hurriedly explained, “I, I want to drink milk in the morning, but I don’t need a bottle ……”

“I want to use a bottle.” Yue Yue pouted and said in a milky voice, “I’m not a man anyway!”

“Pfft, hahahahaha ……”

Old Master Night couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and under his lead, a hearty laugh came from the ward.

The originally depressing and dreary atmosphere suddenly became light and cheerful.

When Night Sen looked at Old Master Night laughing so happily, his heart felt relieved, how long had it been since the Old Master had laughed so much?

Almost, twenty years.

Night Zhen Ting used to be this cute when he was a child, but that childishness ended when he was six ……

Now, the old man has regained that sense of happiness in these three children ……

It’s a kind of fate, I guess!