Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 303-304

Chapter 303

“You sinful beast!!!” Old Dowager Night was so furious that her body shook.

Ling Long covered her forehead, speechless to the extreme, she still thought that inciting her father to invite the old dowager over would shock Night Zhen Ting and achieve the great joy of union at an early date.

Unexpectedly ……

The first thing that she thought was that if she said these words, the old dowager would be angry and drive her away, and then order Night Zhen Ting never to see her again.

Then she would be free from his clutches.

Unexpectedly ……

she had still underestimated the demonic nature of Night Zhen Ting!!!

“Don’t be angry, grandpa.” Night Zhen Ting got up and walked over, pounding Old Master Night’s back, “What can you do if you get angry and break your health? In case something happens, we won’t see our heavy grandson being born.”

Feng Qianxue’s heart trembled, she must not let the old man know about the three children, or else he would definitely snatch her children away.

“You sinful animal-”

Old Master Night gave a punch to Night Zhen Ting in anger.

“Grandpa don’t be angry, don’t be angry.” Ling Long hurriedly got up to appease, and also shouted angrily at Feng Qianxue, “It’s all your fault, why don’t you get lost?”

Feng Qianxue came back to her senses and hurriedly got up to leave.

Lei Yu stepped forward to help her.

When she got into the car, Feng Qianxue leaned back in the seat with a lifeless look on her face.

This last chance was gone, was she not going to be able to get rid of Night Zhen Ting in this lifetime?

“The Night King is also desperately trying to get rid of the marriage alliance, and is deliberately fighting against the Old Dowager.” Lei Yu laughed, “At this juncture, you should be on the same side as him.”

“Me?” Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly helplessly, “I can’t wait for him to marry Ling Long and let me go sooner.”

When she said this, she was a bit against her heart.

Wanting to get rid of him was true, but marrying Ling Long was something she actually didn’t want to see ……

That woman, with her bad heart, didn’t deserve him.

“Miss Feng, the Night King treats you with sincerity.” Lei Yu couldn’t help but sigh, “I’ve never seen him so devoted to a woman before.”

“He’s just fresh for a moment.” Feng Qianxue was distraught, “Besides, it’s better to forget about such violent intentions.”

“But ……” Lei Yu was about to speak when Feng Qianxue’s mobile phone rang, it was Zhu’s mother.

She hurriedly answered it, “Hello, Zhu Ma!”

“Hello, this is the property of Happiness One, your old man has fainted at the entrance of the district, are you a family member? Please come to the Renxin Clinic across the block as soon as possible.”

“I am I am, I’ll be right there ……”

Feng Qianxue was terrified and hurriedly said to Lei Yu, “Quick, send me to the Renxin Clinic.”

“You take it easy.” Lei Yu immediately instructed the driver to rush over.

On the way, Feng Qianxue confirmed the details with someone from the property: Zhu’s mother had returned from grocery shopping this morning and fainted in the lift, which the property saw through the CCTV and immediately sent her to the hospital.

Feng Qianxue hurried to the clinic, saw Zhu Ma lying on the hospital bed, and hurriedly jumped over: “Zhu Ma ……”

Because of her anxiety, her waist was once again pulled in pain and she was sweating like rain for a while.

“Miss, what’s wrong with you?” Zhu Ma’s face was pale and weak, but she was concerned about Feng Qianxue.

“I’m fine.” Feng Qianxue held Zhu Ma’s hand and asked anxiously, “How are you? Where are you not feeling well?”

“Maybe I just didn’t sleep well last night, I’m a bit dizzy, I’ll go back and drink some ginger tea, I’ll be fine after a good sleep.” Zhu Ma lifted the blanket and was about to get out of bed, “Miss, let’s go home.”

“No, you have been looking bad lately, you must be properly checked.” Feng Qianxue immediately said to Lei Yu, “Doctor Lei, please!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements.”

Lei Yu immediately had someone send Zhu’s mother to her hospital for an all-round check-up.

Feng Qianxue also went over with her, treating her back injury in the process.

Zhu Ma repeatedly reminded her, “Miss, the children finish school at 3:30, there’s no one at home, you must remember to go back early.”

“Don’t worry.”


Chapter 304

Zhu’s mother was wheeled into the examination room and Feng Qianxue waited anxiously outside.

The medical nurse told Feng Qianxue to go and take care of her back injury, but she refused to even go, stating that she would wait here for Zhu Ma’s examination results to come out.

“Feng Qianxue, a full examination is not that quick, it’s useless for you to wait here in vain, you’d better go and treat your back injury.” Lei Yu advised in a serious tone, “Your back injury needs to get better quickly so that you can have the energy to take care of your family.”

“Alright.” Feng Qianxue thought it was right, so she followed the medic to treat her back injury.

Lying on the Chinese doctor’s bed, she was still a little uneasy in her heart and asked, “Dr. Lei, there should be nothing serious wrong with Zhu’s mother, right?”

Lei Yu thought for a moment and said politely, “Zhu Ma’s situation may not be too optimistic, you should be prepared.”

“What do you mean by not optimistic?” Feng Qianxue asked hurriedly, “Is there something seriously wrong?”

“I found out over at the Renxin Clinic, Zhu Ma had recently been to their clinic and said she was often dizzy, the doctor asked her to have a detailed examination, she said again that she didn’t have time and would go back when she was free, but before she could go for the examination, she fainted in the lift …… This means that her problem has existed for a long time. ”

Lei Yu said the general situation.

Feng Qianxue listened to it with an even harder heart: “It’s all my fault, I’m only busy with my own affairs every day, I lack care for Zhu Ma, she helps me take care of my three children alone, she’s busy from morning to night every day, she doesn’t even have time to see a doctor ……”

“Don’t worry, just let her heal at ease with me.” Lei Yu said soothingly, “I will arrange for medical care to take care of her.”

“Thank you, Dr. Lei.” Feng Qianxue said apprehensively, “When Zhu Ma’s test results come out, please let me know at the first opportunity.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry about the treatment first, I’ll bring it to you later.”

Lei Yu reassured Feng Qianxue and went to run his errands first.

At 12 noon, Zhu Ma was wheeled out from the examination room and settled in the inpatient ward.

By now she was dazed and confused, with a needle sticking out of her hand in an infusion, but her mouth was slurring, “Miss, Miss ……”

“Zhu Ma, I’m here.” Feng Qianxue held her hand tightly.

“Dabao, Erbao, Sanbao ……” Zhu Ma chanted in a daze, “Remember to pick up the baby.”

“Mm-hmm, I know.”

Feng Qianxue was touched and guilty, Zhu Ma was so sick and still thought about the three children.

She owed Zhu Ma too much ……

Feng Qianxue looked at the time, it was still early, she was afraid of delaying the pick up of the children, she specially set an alarm clock for three o’clock.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Lei Yu came to Feng Qianxue with a stack of examination reports and brought her to an unoccupied office to officially announce that Zhu’s mother was suffering from a moderate brain attack.

The news was like a bolt from the blue, and Feng Qianxue almost fainted in shock ……

Lei Yu hurriedly held her up, “Don’t worry, I will use the best plan to treat her.”

“How can this be?” Feng Qianxue’s eyes burst into tears, “Zhu Ma is so kind, so optimistic and cheerful, why would she get this disease? She must have been too tired, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault ……”

“Miss Feng, don’t be too sad, as long as it’s not advanced, there’s a lot of hope.” Lei Yu soothed, “Zhu Ma has to arrange treatment right away, you’d better go back and settle the child first, leave this place to me.”

“Dr. Lei, no matter how much it costs, you must help me get Zhu’s mother cured.” Feng Qianxue said anxiously, “I’m going back to get the money.”

“Don’t worry about the money.” Lei Yu patted her hand and reminded, “It’s getting late, I’ll send someone to take you to pick up the children.”

“No need, I’ll go by myself.”

Feng Qianxue didn’t want anyone from the Night family to get too close to the child.

She looked at the time, it was already fifteen minutes past three, she hurriedly left the hospital and took a taxi at the entrance to rush back to Happiness Street.

Happiness Street number one to ten was a high class residential area, surrounded by a greenway where no outside vehicles could enter, so the kindergarten’s school bus could only leave the children at the street corner and wait for their parents to come and pick them up.