Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 279-280

Chapter 279

Feng Qianxue took a look at Qiao Qinghai and felt greatly insulted.

A little older? Looking at Qiao Qinghai like this, with a bulging belly and a face full of folds, he should be about the same age as her father, right?

This was a great move by Ling Long, deliberately pushing an old man on her, trying to settle her as a love rival once and for all.

Was it necessary?

She didn’t fight or grab, and it didn’t interfere with her flirting with Night Zhen Ting, so why deal with her like this?

Last time she deliberately made things difficult and stepped on her hand, she didn’t even count it and gave the cheque to Wen Li to help return it, and now she’s looking for an old man to disgust her?

“Little Feng looks very young, how old is he?”

Qiao Qinghai’s eyes lit up and looked at Feng Qianxue with more content.

Feng Qianxue didn’t say a word, her expression was on the verge of being collected.

“Mr. Ling is really good at joking.” Wen Li hurriedly relieved her, “Our little Feng is just a fledgling kid, how can he be worthy of Mr. Qiao.”

“How can you not be worthy of ……”

“Didn’t you say you were hungry?” Night Zhen Ting suddenly spoke coldly, interrupting Ling Long’s words, “And so much talk?”

Ling Long’s face instantly turned stiff, Night Zhen Ting was clearly defending Feng Qianxue.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, after playing ball all morning, you must be hungry.” Qiao Qinghai was very discerning and immediately greeted, “It’s time to serve the meal.”

“Come, Secretary Wen, Xiao Feng, Chief Hui, please sit down, all of you, please sit down.”

Qiao Qinghai invited one by one to take a seat, and also chatted with Wen Li and Night Fai in an attempt to break the stiff atmosphere.

Night Fai and Wen Li were also rounding up.

Night ZhenTing sat in the main seat, elegantly sipping his wine.

Ling Long had been disgraced by a remark made by Night Timothy, and now he had a fire in his heart, his face was very ugly as he picked up his glass and drank it down.

Feng Qianxue couldn’t sit for a minute, but she couldn’t leave, so she could only sit silently in her seat and drink water.

“Mr. Night, this is a red wine that I have treasured for many years, you try it!”

Qiao Qinghai personally poured half a glass of wine for Night Zhen Ting, and then poured wine for Ling Long, “Mr. Ling, the chairman also tasted this wine last time, but it was highly praised, you try it!”

“Mmm, not bad.” Night Zhen Ting took a sip.

“Mr. Hui, Secretary Wen, you guys try it too …… and Xiao Feng!”

Qiao Qinghai poured half a glass of wine for the others as well, and when it was his turn to pour for Xiao Feng, a foot suddenly stuck out from under the table and deliberately hooked him.

He almost tripped, and with a shake in his hand, all the wine from the sober drinker was splashed on Feng Qianxue.

“Ah!” Feng Qianxue cried out in shock and scrambled to her feet.

The red wine stain splashed down her collar and soaked all her white shirt, her white bra-wrapped breasts were hidden, as delicate as a flower bone.

“Sorry sorry sorry.”

Qiao Qinghai hurriedly apologized, while picking up a napkin to wipe Feng Qianxue, his hand about to touch her breasts ……

Night Zhen Ting frowned, a chill surfaced in his eyes ……

“I’ll do it myself.” Feng Qianxue took a half step back.

“Is everything alright?” Ling Long asked with seeming concern, “Aiya, Chief Qiao, why are you so careless.”

“I ……” Qiao Haiqing had a hard time speaking, he knew in his heart who had tripped him just now, but he didn’t dare to say.

“Your clothes are all wet, go to my room and change one.” Ling Long beckoned and ordered, “Take her to change her clothes!”

“Yes.” A waitress came over, “This way please, Miss Feng.”

“No need ……,” Feng Qianxue did not want to wear Ling Long’s clothes, let alone be set up by him again.

“You’ve already been exposed.” Ling Long said with a wry smile, “Mr. Qiao’s eyes are burrowed in and he can’t pull them out, don’t you want to change your clothes, do you want to show people?”

“This this ……,” Qiao Haiqing smiled awkwardly.

“You ……,” Feng Qianxue could not bear it.

“Get a room for her.” Night Zhen Ting finally spoke, “Prepare another set of clothes.”


Chapter 280

“Yes.” Nightfury got up and went to do it himself.

“Accompany her.” Night Zhen Ting instructed Wen Li.

“Yes, Chief Night.” Wen Li hurriedly pulled Feng Qianxue away.

At this moment, Ling Long’s face was completely hanging, and he questioned in front of General Manager Qiao: “Zhen Ting, is it just a secretary? Why are you defending her so much?”

Night Zhenting ignored her and instead stared coldly at Qiao Qinghai: “Mr. Qiao, you don’t have to be in charge of this project anymore!”

Qiao Qinghai was shocked and hastily apologised, “Mr. Night, I… if I have done something wrong, please criticise and scold me, please give me a chance!”

Without a word, Night Zhen Ting threw the wine glass on the ground.

“Bang!” There was a crisp sound, and the wine glass broke into pieces.

Qiao Qinghai was frightened and collapsed limply onto the chair.

Ling Long’s face was pale and he didn’t dare to let out his breath, his hand shaking as he gripped the wine glass.

Night Zhen Ting did not say more than half a word, but the murderous aura in his eyes poured out like the broken wine glass.

“Change the bottle!” Night Zhen Ting commanded.

“Yes!” The waiter hurriedly replaced the wine and the wine glass, just like replacing Qiao Qinghai.

Qiao Haiqing stood up and bowed to Night ZhenTing and apologised, “I’m sorry, it’s my eyes that are blind, please raise your hand, Mr. Night.”

After saying this, he bowed to Ling Long again, before leaving in disgrace.

Ling Long sat there, his face blue and purple, unusually ugly ……

Qiao Haiqing was a smart man, and from this move of Night Zhen Ting had already seen that he had a great relationship with Feng Qianxue, which was why he was furious.

When he said that he had eyes, he meant that he had not seen Feng Qianxue’s relationship with Night ZhenTing at first and had a glimmer of a thought, so he had angered Night ZhenTing.

No matter how Ling Long caught him, he, Qiao Haiqing, should not have thoughts ……

Once an evil thought arises, even if it is only for a minute, it is a death sentence.

The words he said to Night Zhen Ting before he left were his hope that Night Zhen Ting would be noble and let him off the hook!

Those who are involved in the high-end business circle are all human beings with exceptionally clear heads.

This was also the case with Qiao Qinghai.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Night Zhen Ting cut his steak and said to Ling Long, “Still not eating?”

Ling Long no longer had his previous arrogance and bowed his head, silently cutting his steak.

“Don’t hook other people’s feet under the table in the future.”

Night Zhen Ting said indifferently, passing a piece of steak into his mouth.

Ling Long’s body shook, the movement of cutting the steak paused, his hand, slightly shaking.


The Foothill Manor has a horse farm, a golf course, and a spa hotel.

The place where Feng Qianxue and the others dined was in the hot spring hotel.

The waiter gave her a room, and Night Fai brought her a fresh change of clothes with a maid.

Wen Li took the clothes, thanked her, closed the door of the room and said with a smile, “Mr. Night is so kind to you, he even had new clothes sent to her, even underwear, how thoughtful.”

Feng Qianxue sat on the sofa in a daze, not hearing her words.

Wen Li walked up to her and gently patted her hand, “Go take a shower and change your clothes, you’re not comfortable like this.”

“Sister Wen, I want to go back.” Feng Qianxue looked back, “Let’s go back together after I’ve changed my clothes.”

“I ……” Wen Li was about to speak when her phone rang, she immediately answered it, “Mr. Hui, huh? What’s going on? Okay, okay, okay, I’ll be right over.”

Hanging up the phone, Wen Li whispered, “Mr. Qiao has been kicked out of the project, I have to go over right away and prepare new information.”

“Huh?” Feng Qianxue was very shocked, “That General Manager Qiao, is the Senior Vice President of Ling Yun Group, how could ……”

“You should be clear about the reason.” Wen Li smiled faintly and said meaningfully, “Mr. Night treats you, not ordinary!”

Feng Qianxue’s mood was very complicated, she couldn’t figure out, what was going on with Night Zhen Ting?

He said he liked her, but now he was with another woman and didn’t care about her.

Said he didn’t like her, and now he kicked out Ling Yun’s senior vice president because of her ……