Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 2224

“You’re still too young.” The aunt shook her head helplessly, “You don’t understand that the best relationship between a man and a woman is not to have anyone interfere.

Many young couples nowadays, when the two were living well, if the girl’s maiden family gets involved and asks the man to give a lot, then sooner or later there will be problems.”

“It won’t.” Hua Xiaofo laughed, “Leng Di Feng is not that stingy, besides, all this is within his ability.”

“You’re still thinking too simply ……,” Auntie laughed bitterly, “There are many things that seem to be within his ability now, but they could have a fatal impact on him later.

For example, one day, the Leng Group’s property is cut off and the major shareholders unite to attack Leng Di Feng, and at this time, five percent of shares is the decisive key.”

“Meaning ……” Hua Xiaofo’s eyes widened in shock, “that five percent of shares he gave to the old king will most likely put him to death in the future?”

“Exactly.” Auntie nodded heavily, “Also, now that he has offended Dark Night in order to save your Uncle Ball, there is a chance that Dark Night will heed him in the future when something happens to him.”

Hearing these words, Hua Xiaofo was even more uneasy: “Meaning, all these things, in the future, may bring him back trouble ……”

“The aftermath is endless.” Auntie frowned, “Leng Di Feng really cares about you, otherwise, with his insight, he really shouldn’t leave himself so much trouble, this is simply like putting a few powerful time bombs around!”

“When you say so, I really ……”

Hua Xiaofo immediately felt incomparably ashamed, she never knew that all these things that Leng Di Feng did for her would actually bring so many hidden dangers.

She hurriedly asked, “Auntie, the chances of these hidden dangers happening shouldn’t be too great, right?”

“It’s impossible to say.” Auntie shook her head, “Hidden dangers are like hidden diseases in a person, you are a doctor, can you guess when they will break out?”

A question that left Hua Xiaofo speechless ……

“Once these things break out, it will affect your relationship.” The aunt said in a serious tone, “People can only fall in love properly when they are in good times, once they encounter adversity, life or death is a problem, how can they fall in love?

Besides, both of you, carrying so much responsibility on your shoulders, when something really happens, both have to take their own responsibility, love, it will have to be put aside ……”

Hearing these words, Hua Xiaofo was silent, she used to think too simply, thinking that liking was enough, but now she realized that marriage was so complicated.

“If there was no us, no such things involved in it, things would be much simpler.” The aunt felt a little guilty, “A person can pull away without guilt, but you now, owe him more and more ……”

“That’s okay.” Hua Xiaofo immediately said, “Even if there was no guilt owed to him, if something happened to him, I wouldn’t pull away, I would still face it with him! But I didn’t think that he would cause so much trouble for himself by helping me out ……”

“So yeah.” Auntie sighed, “Auntie has often taught you not to mind your own business, not to meddle, and you can’t seem to listen.”

“Yes ……” Hua Xiaofo was very ashamed, “I really owe Leng Di Feng too much this time for William’s sake.”

“I still say the same thing, stay away from people in the royal z community.” The aunt reminded again, “Think about it, that Prince William, from the beginning to now, has been constantly causing you trouble ……

Wasn’t the lesson from Blackfield enough? You now have Leng Di Feng behind you to get out of the tiger’s mouth time and time again, without Leng Di Feng, there is no way you would have left dm alive.”

“Yes, I know.” Hua Xiaofo nodded his head repeatedly, “I will definitely remember the lesson and will never do it again.”