Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 2222

When Hua Xiaofo saw the man clearly, she couldn’t help but be overjoyed and hurriedly pushed the door to get out of the car ……

“Hey, Miss Hua, the car is not yet parked.”

The attendant called out and hurriedly stopped the car.

Hua Xiaofo couldn’t care less and got out of the car in a heartbeat, shouting, “Auntie!”

Auntie had just gotten out of the car when she heard the familiar shout and turned around to see Hua Xiaofo running towards her excitedly and jumping into her arms at once.

“Good boy, good boy!!!”

The aunt hugged Hua Xiaofo tightly.

“Wooooooooo ……” Hua Xiaofo was on the verge of tears, “Finally we meet, I was worried sick!”

Through life and death, and still able to meet, the two people are very emotional.

“Yes, it’s good to still see each other again.” Auntie stroked Hua Xiaofo’s hair, her eyes full of love, “Your hair has grown so long, you look like a girl now.”

“Pfft.” Hua Xiaofo laughed in embarra*sment, “I was already a girl.”

“The old brat is gone, hahaha ……” her aunt touched her face, “She seems to have put on a bit of weight.”

“No way. I’ve been busy as hell every day lately and I’ve actually gained weight?”

Hua Xiaofo hurriedly checked herself against the gla*s.

“Miss Hua, let’s go inside first.” At this time, Leng Gang came over to greet her, “It’s windy outside, auntie’s injuries are not yet healed, she needs to recuperate properly.”

“Her injuries are not yet healed?” Hua Xiaofo hurriedly pulled her aunt and examined her, “What’s wrong with you, aunt? Where are you hurt?”

“It’s already better.” Auntie took Hua Xiaofo’s hand, “Let’s go in first.”

“Okay.” Hua Xiaofo was ready to help her inside.

At that moment, Meena came over to greet her aunt, who smiled and nodded, and Hua Xiaofo chatted for a few minutes, telling her to go back early and take care of William.

Mina hurriedly left.

Auntie looked back and asked, “This Mina, is the fbi detective who saved you in Switzerland?”

“Yes, it’s her.” Hua Xiaofo nodded, “You still remember?”

“She’s one of Prince William’s people, isn’t she?” Auntie asked again.

“Yes ……” Hua Xiaofo spoke briefly about their relationship and recounted roughly what had happened recently, before concluding, “William is recuperating over here now and I go over there every day to treat him. ”

“I didn’t expect that ……,” the aunt deeply lamented.

“Didn’t expect what?” Hua Xiaofo asked.

“I didn’t expect Leng Di Feng to be so profoundly righteous.” Grandma Aunt said with an exclamation, “His feelings for you are far beyond my expectations.”

“Haha.” Hua Xiaofo laughed, “I was telling you about William, why are you suddenly making this sentiment?”

“You can tell from this incident.” Auntie said solemnly, “If Leng Di Feng didn’t love you so much, he wouldn’t have gotten involved in the dm royal family’s affairs at all, not to mention putting so much effort into saving Prince William, do you know how much he had to pay?”

Hearing this, Hua Xiaofo’s smile disappeared and he hurriedly asked, “The price?”

“He’s a businessman, why should that old fox of a king give him that much face?” The aunt asked rhetorically, “It’s not the ability to pay money?”

“Are you saying that Leng Di Feng gave the old king a lot of money?” Hua Xiaofo pursued, “But he said he didn’t give money, was it an investment?”

“Money is a small thing, and investments are not set in stone.” Auntie laughed, “If I’m right, it should be a share of Leng’s that was given.”

“What? Shares?” Hua Xiaofo’s eyes widened in shock, “It can’t be?”

Even if she didn’t understand, she knew what shares meant, the three big families were fighting over the shares, wasn’t that what they were fighting over?

Having a share of Leng’s was like sitting at home every year waiting for a share of money.

This is a very large amount of money ……

Such a price is still too big.