Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 2220

“No way?” Hua Xiaofo still found it unbelievable, “In the presidential palace, who would dare to do it? Besides, what’s their motive?”

“That we would like to know too.” Mina frowned and said, “Miss Hua, although we don’t have any evidence now, there is something suspicious about this.

“Well, it’s good to be careful.” Leng Gang nodded, “But don’t worry too much, just bring someone in and out. Everyone knows who you are and wouldn’t dare to mess around.”

Hua Xiaofo didn’t think much about it, but Mina was deep in thought ……

When we got home, Auntie Nora had already prepared breakfast.

Hua Xiaofo ate something, took a bath and went to bed.

Mena went back and went straight to William’s room, who had been up waiting for her to return to report on what had happened.

Mena gave William a detailed account of what she had seen and heard.

William came to the conclusion, “There must be something wrong with the President’s wife, you must guard Little Buddha more carefully from now on, don’t let anything happen to her.”

“Yes, I know.” Mena nodded, “But I don’t understand, why is the President’s wife doing this? Is it because she wants to eliminate Miss Hua and keep Miss Dai with Mr. L?

She is in a high position of power and should have a very high profile, doesn’t she understand how Mr. L could possibly marry her mentally challenged daughter? Why would she do that?”

“There is no single reason for a decision on a matter, there could be many ……” William lowered his eyes in thought, “so I asked you to check the identity of that Miss Day’s ex-husband and lover, maybe you will find something. ”

“Yes.” Mena nodded, “And do you think that the President knows about this? If he knows, he shouldn’t allow it, should he?”

“Not sure ……” William said faintly, “I don’t know them well enough to make an accurate judgement, let’s take a step now and see what happens.”



The President’s House.

The president’s wife was fuming in her room, “How outrageous, such a good opportunity has been missed, and that Mina has brought Leng Gang here, it must have raised the alarm, it will be difficult to strike next time.”

“That Mina is a real pain in the a*s.” The personal bodyguard said indignantly, “She’s not a member of the Leng family, what’s the point of worrying about that?”

“She’s the one who dm Prince William, right?” The president’s wife asked.

“Yes.” The personal bodyguard nodded, “I’ve checked, she was an fbi detective before, she was removed from her post to save Prince William, she’s very loyal to that Prince William, but if she’s one of Prince William’s people, why is she meddling in Hua Xiaofo’s affairs?”

“Nonsense.” The president’s wife sneered, “The reason why William was able to turn around was all because of Leng Di Feng, and the reason why Leng Di Feng stepped in was all because of that Hua Xiaofo ……

Now Hua Xiaofo is William’s talisman, if anything happens to Hua Xiaofo, not only will his illness not be cured, Leng Di Feng will no longer care about him either.

In that case, those cousins of his would immediately retaliate against him, and he would be powerless to fight with this crippled body.”

“Understood.” The personal bodyguard nodded his head repeatedly, “Protecting Hua Xiaofu is to protect himself!”

“That’s right.” The president’s wife sighed, “I thought that with Leng Di Feng gone, I would have a chance to strike, but I didn’t expect that Hua Xiaofo had a Prince William by his side, although that man doesn’t have much power, his mind is not simple, with his protection, we can’t touch Hua Xiaofo at all.”

“So what now?” The personal bodyguard asked.

“I’ll think about it again ……” The President’s wife was very despondent, “To solve Hua Xiaofo, we must do it before Leng Di Feng comes back, once he returns, I’ll never have a chance.”

“Tomorrow she should still come to treat Miss, right?”

“Come and not move her again either ……”