Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 215-216

Chapter 215

Seeing this, Feng Qianxue hurriedly rolled over and sat up, asking Little Green anxiously, “Little Green, where did you read all these news? Which media outlets are sending them out?”

“It’s all over the internet, it’s everywhere, the top five Weibo hot searches are all taken up by you! Before, they were still subtle about Shengtian’s little secret writer, but then they all started naming names.”

Feng Qianxue scratched her hair, her heart burning, how could she prove that the leading lady was not herself?

I’m afraid it’s hard to prove ……

Not to mention that Chu Zimo never shows his face in front of the media, even if he makes an exception to come out and testify for her, who will believe it?

I knew I should have stopped that couple last night, why did they go to a hotel?

Why did they go to the beach to have a car shake? If they wanted to have a car shake, they would have been filmed and she would have been involved ……

The actual fact is that the woman’s face is clearly visible, but the woman’s face is not.

There is something fishy about this.

“The company’s image will be affected by cheating within marriage and even the stock market of the whole group, will the president refuse to divorce and marry you in order to save his reputation?”

Little Green asked gossipingly. Remember the website

“That’s not how things work at all.” Feng Qianxue explained anxiously, “I have nothing …… with Mr. Si.”

“Oops, the video is already there, what else do you have to cover up. Besides, we are all sisters, I won’t go out and say anything, what are you afraid of in front of me.”

“No. ……”

“Wait a minute, there’s new news coming out.” Little Green interrupted Feng Qianxue’s words and exclaimed excitedly, “Oh my god, Qianxue, I can’t believe it, you used to be a night club princess, and you even played with Thai male models, you can ah you ……”

“What did you say?” Feng Qianxue gave a jolt and her whole body froze.

“I’ll send you the news link, take a quick look.”

Little Green started to become serious –

“This matter has become a big deal, I’m afraid there will be countless media exposing your black material next, you have to hurry up and deal with it, otherwise it will not only affect your relationship with Mr. Si, it will also make you leave a very bad impression in front of his family, and it will be difficult to marry into a rich family ……”

The latter words, Feng Qianxue did not listen carefully, she immediately opened the news link sent by Little Green to check –

#Shi Hao Xuan’s secret lover has a rotten private life, hanging out at nightclubs every day and having one-night stands

#Shi Hao Xuan’s secret lover, Feng Qianxue, had a night out with a Thai male model four years ago

#Who is Feng Qianxue and how did she manage to turn the richest man in Haicheng upside down?

#At 12 noon, Weibo headlines reveal the mystery of Feng Qianxue’s identity

#At 1pm, the mystery man will reveal the whole process of Feng Qianxue’s duck call on Shake Sound Live

Feng Qianxue trembled as she opened the links one by one to check out the intimate photos and videos of her and the Thai man, Tai Hu, calling ducks back then, all attached to the news ……

The evidence is overwhelming and cannot be denied.

Just hide Bai Lu’s voice and figure, leaving only the drunken and unconscious Feng Qianxue and Thai Tiger ……

Some self-publishers have made a point of linking all the news from the past few days to put together a detailed story.

The story is about how Feng Qianxue seduced Si Hao Xuan in a debauched manner, how she forced him to abandon his wife and son with a vicious heart, and how she lured him to have a car sex with her ……

The company is also saying that Feng Qianxue is doing this to create public pressure to force Mrs. Si to step down and force Si Hao Xuan to marry her!

In short, all the news pointed the finger at Feng Qianxue, writing off Si Haoxuan as a lost sheep who was bewitched by beauty, while Bai Lu was a good wife who begged and endured humiliation ……

Tens of millions of comments, all abusive to Feng Qianxue, and some people who know her jumped out to reveal her private affairs.

Including company colleagues, neighbours from her previous rented room, former friends and relatives, and even parents of kindergarten classmates ……


Chapter 216

Now, it was as if Feng Qianxue had been stripped naked and left in public, with nothing to hide.

People all over the world were watching her ugly behaviour, pointing their fingers at her nose and cursing her parents, saying that they should not have brought such a tumour into the world ……

And those who once knew her were too ashamed to be around her, and even felt it was a shame to know her.

At this moment, Feng Qianxue is being insulted by millions and spurned by the world.

She has become a target, and everyone wants to shoot an arrow at her, hating to break her into pieces ……

The hand of Feng Qianxue holding the phone kept shaking, her heart pounding.

Her whole body was in chaos, panicking, not knowing what to do ……

What to do?

What to do?

“Qianxue, Qianxue ……” called out Little Green anxiously on the phone.

“Hello!” Feng Qianxue was already in disarray and her voice choked up, “Little Green, I’ve been wrongly accused, what should I do? What should I do?”

“Qianxue, I’m sorry, at first when I saw the video of you and Mr. Si, I really thought you did that on purpose, trying to force your way out, but now it seems that it won’t do you any good at all if things go too far.

If you continue like this, you will be killed by the society, so hurry up and talk to Mr. Si, don’t delay, or those netizens will flesh you out online and expose more of your privacy and past, and then you will be finished.

Okay, I have to go to work, you call Chief Si quickly, this kind of thing has to be handled by a man ……”

Little Green hung up the phone after the admonition.

Feng Qianxue held the phone, her heart was in turmoil, of course she couldn’t call Si Hao Xuan, nor could she call Night Zhen Ting, calling Duck Duck was useless too ……

So, her only savior now is …… Chu Zimo!

Feng Qianxue was ready to dial Chu Zimo’s phone number ……

but found that the number Chu Zimo used four years ago had long since stopped working.

She then remembered that yesterday Chu Zi Mo was using Chu Zi Han’s mobile phone to contact her and she didn’t even know Chu Zi Mo’s new number.

Unless she contacted Chu Zihan ……

But would Chu Zihan help her find Chu Zi Mo?

You know, the real culprit is Chu Zihan ah.

Anyway, it was still necessary to try.

Feng Qianxue dialed Chu Zihan’s phone.

The phone rang for a long time but no one answered, she was discouraged, and rightly so, how could Chu Zihan answer her call at this time?

She was about to give up, when the phone suddenly picked up.

Chu Zihan’s voice came through, “Qianxue!”

“It’s me ……”

At this moment, when Feng Qianxue heard Chu Zihan’s voice, her heart was complicated beyond words ……

The events of last night flashed through her mind, and countless doubts flashed through her mind ……

The first thing that I want to do is to ask if Chu Zihan is behind this news exposure.

However, Feng Qianxue did not dare to ask, she was afraid of losing this last straw.

“Is there something wrong?” Chu Zihan’s voice was calm, friendly and polite.

Feng Qianxue could not even hear any clues, and she admired Chu Zihan’s mental quality in her heart.

At the same time, she laughed at her own ignorance in her heart, she actually thought before that Chu Zihan was a good girl with a simple mind who treated people sincerely ……

In fact, compared to Bai Lu, Chu Zi Han was just hiding deeper.

“I’m looking for Zimo.”

Feng Qianxue tried to make her voice sound calm and composed, not wanting to mess up in front of Chu Zihan.

“Brother Zimo is sick.” Chu Zihan was quite sad, “He was not feeling well when he came back last night, in the morning my daddy went to get him for breakfast and found that he had passed out with a high fever and immediately took him to the hospital, now my daddy’s mommy is still guarding him in the hospital.”

“How did that happen?” Feng Qianxue was shocked, “He was fine when we parted last night ……”

“I was about to ask you.” Chu Zihan questioned back, “You should know that brother Zi Mo has had a bad heart since he was young and is also allergic to some foods, did you take him to eat something unclean? Causing him to get sick?”