Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1940

The aunt said in a serious tone, “I know that you are a healer with a benevolent heart and do not want to refine poisons, but think about it, poisons and antidotes are actually both tools, sometimes antidotes can be used to harm people, and poisons can be used to save people just as well!”

“Mm, I know.”

Hua Xiaofo casually responded without saying more.

She always remembered her master’s teachings that as doctors, their mission was to save people, not to refine poisons.

So all these years, she hadn’t practiced any other skills apart from summoning beasts and car skills.

Her aunt, formerly a secret agent, had long asked her to use medicine combined with chemistry to refine some poisons for self-defence, but she had never been willing to do so.

“Alas, you child.”

Auntie knew she was reluctant in her heart, so she didn’t persuade her any further and changed the subject, “Take a rest while I go explore the situation and map out the terrain here.”

“Don’t run around, Auntie.” Hua Xiaofo hurriedly stopped, “Bai Hao has already been captured, in case you are also recognized by them and locked up again, it will be troublesome.”

“Haha, silly child.” Auntie laughed, “Do you really think that big ice cube doesn’t know I have a problem?”

“Eh?” Hua Xiaofo froze.

“People like them who have been through a lot of battles are all human beings with eyes like a clear mirror.” The aunt sneered, “I guess they knew I was with you a long time ago, otherwise how could it be such a coincidence that Bai Hao was captured and I, a person of unknown origin, was brought back by you?”

“They knew? Then why didn’t they reveal it?” Hua Xiaofo asked hastily.

“I suppose it was conceited enough.” The aunt smiled knowingly, “He thought that even if there was something wrong with me, it wouldn’t make a wave, with so many people under him, he was still afraid of an old lady like me?”

“That is indeed him.” Hua Xiaofo dawned on him.

“You are very smart and well thought out, nothing can escape you, only, you are simple-minded and do not like scheming ……”

Auntie patted the back of her hand and said, “Just be a naive child, auntie protects you!”

“Thank you, auntie.” Hua Xiaofo was very touched.

“Alright, get some rest, I’m going to scout the bottom of it.”

Aunt Granny barked out a warning and left in a hurry.

Hua Xiaofo lay on her bed to rest, thinking about her aunt’s words, still thinking in her mind ……

In fact, with her knowledge of drugs, if she were to develop some poisons that could be used for defence, it would simply be a breeze.

But she remembered her master’s teachings, so she had never done so, only now at a special time, if necessary, she might actually be able to use it ……

Nora had arranged a separate guest room for her aunt.

The servants were amazed and couldn’t understand why they were giving this new healer such a good deal.

Nora’s reasoning was that this was the only healer Miss Bao had handpicked, so special arrangements had to be given.

The maids didn’t dare have any more comments, after all, right now, the sky is the limit and Miss Bao is the biggest!

With special treatment in the castle, the aunt was able to move around even more freely, and on various excuses she started wandering around the castle, and in a day’s time she had mapped out the route of the Imperial Wind Castle.

In the next few days, Hua Xiaofo stayed at home to recuperate from her injuries, eating and sleeping every day. Helen came to check on her three times a day and could only treat her wounds and stabilise her condition, and wait for the divine doctor to operate on the rest.

Leng Difeng, on the other hand, was leaving early and returning late these days. Every morning when he went out, Hua Xiaofo was still awake and he would watch her quietly by her bedside and then brand a kiss on her forehead before leaving.

When he came back at night, Hua Xiaofo was already asleep, he would gently lie on his side next to her, resting his head in his hands, quietly watching her, and then secretly kissing her to wake her up ……

Like a bad boy who got his way ……